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The “shellfish” that resembles a bird's beak… Chewy and sweet winter delicacy - Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

The “shellfish” that resembles a bird's beak… Chewy and sweet winter delicacy

Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Winter is a delicious season. Although it seems relatively weak due to the richness of autumn and the scent of spring, there are many delicacies that can only be tasted in winter. The frozen river stalks are smelt, wild, and trout, and the salty waterfront offers oysters and fish filled with snow crab and guamegi. This winter, overflowing with delicious food, the 'flavor' of traveling is cold even on cold days. Gilson's worries are gathered in one way in the face of the true 'Gourmet Season'. Go where you go and taste something!

Under the premise that there is no difference in 'taste', let's prepare a winter gourmet trip. It is cold, so I wish I could do it on a day trip. First, whether it's fresh or salty, that's the problem. The fresh water is good, but I decided to choose the beach in anticipation that the food would be richer in salty water. Why is the winter sea so attractive to people on land? First, I plan to taste the chewy winter sea and shoot the sea breeze in my body and mind, which I finally put on my lower neck. Now, let's go to the delicious beach where you can take a day trip!

Delicious West Coast Stem's representative winter delicacy, cockle

The Korean Peninsula, with three sides in the sea. Today's destination is Namdang Port in Hongseong, South Chungcheong Province. It is a prosperous town that offers a variety of foods in each season because it touches Cheonsu Bay, which is dug deeply between Anmyeondo and Cheon. Before the new clam season begins, in the fall, people who want to taste Daeha, trout, and blue crabs are gathered.

Winter scenery of Hongseong Namdang Port

Take the West Coast Expressway to Hongseong IC and run for 20 minutes to reach Namdang Port. It is a delicious port where 'festivals', featuring local seasonal food as the main character, unfold every season. During this cold windy season, the main character of the Namdang Port Winter Festival is the new clam. The Hongseong Namdang Port Bird Clam Festival, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, will be held until March 31. This year, the catch was reduced due to the cold, and the price increased, but there are still many who are looking for a fresh clam in the mountains.

Winter scenery of Hongseong Namdang Port
Let's take a look around Namdang Port for a while before going on a full-scale bird clam tour. A beach that, like any coast of the Southwest Sea, reveals a sensual feeling depending on the tide, and hides it with seawater. Far away, some fishing boats are slumbering with the sea breeze over the tidal flats that shyly exposed even the breakwater. Soaking in the peaceful view of the West Sea is a short while, and the path continues to the exciting new cockle festival.
Winter scenery of Hongseong Namdang Port
Dozens of stalls are lined up around the Namdang Marine and Fisheries Complex, which is scheduled to open in March. Like a food festival, the atmosphere is exciting. The hula hoop competition is taking place on the outdoor stage because it is a weekend, but there are more people filling the stalls than the stage. Where to enter? The prices are all the same, so you can just go where you like it.
A restaurant owner is grooming a cockle
The owners of the stalls have no hesitation in handling the cockle, and every house is full of people who come to taste the cockle. The shell of the cockle that is being groomed is the shape of a beak of an eternal bird. It's like the name 'bird clam. But where did it look famous only? The chewy and sweet taste is also excellent. If you are a lover, you will be eager to think of a drink in this passage.
A cockle in a basket
The owner of the stand at Namdang Port said, "It is best to catch the cockle between January and March." Also, don't forget the promotion of "The cockle is a little expensive, but come to taste a lot."
The brown flesh looks like a bird's beak.
A chewy, sweet flesh, resembling a bird's beak
Let's take a moment to look at his identity before tasting the cockle. It is often said that it resembles a bird's beak, but it is said that it is said that swimming in the water is as fast as a bird. Unfortunately, this part has not been confirmed. All the new clams that I met at the Namdang Port were piled up in the barrel and kept in constant care. Still, the nature seems to be unusual. When I touched it, I aggressively squirreled the brown beak. It is your own body with a look, taste, and a tough personality.
Another reason to increase its value to the fullest is that it is impossible to form. A new clam that lives only in clean waters is taken out of the boat by scratching the floor with a mesh. It is a delicacy that goes hand in hand in many ways.
The basic idea that comes out when you order a new clam

Those who have tasted the chewy and sweet cockle, which has a distinct difference from other shellfish, will never forget it. It is the same reason that those who confront the cockle and flock to the Namdang Port in winter. It is popular as a diet food due to its low calorie and fat content as well as taste and aroma. It is also rich in essential amino acids, taurine and calcium. The explanation is enough now, so let's taste it.

Scallops and oysters come first with broth
It is best to eat the cockle with a soft chocolate beak cooked in water (soaked). You can eat it raw according to your taste, but why not eat it as the winter food poisoning 'norovirus' is polar? If the broth added with radish and cabbage comes out first, you can boil it with a little bit of seaweed and add it to taste, adding soy sauce, soy sauce, and ssamjang.
When the trimmed cockle comes out, cook it in broth
At first, the broth that had been mingling has a new clam, and it turns into a 'rich broth' with a rich taste and coolness. If you add garlic and peppers to be added to ssam, the broth becomes more delicious. If you add the broth just before eating Kalguksu, the taste is Doromita. It is better to add them in advance. If you want Orot to taste the scent of bird shellfish, you can taste it.
When the trimmed cockle comes out, cook it in broth
The cockle is delicious. It is crisp in life and has a stronger taste. The shabu-shabu wrapped in cooked cabbage is also excellent. It tastes good, it's comfortable and it's good for your body. However, the price is a little expensive. To taste the cockle, you need to eat 1kg for 2 people. Don't eat all the shabu-shabu, but leave a few points and add it when you add Kalguksu-sari to the broth.
Raw cockle
Oysters and scallops are served as a service in addition to new clams. It is also special to cook them while waiting for a new clam. You can still taste the fresh jukkumi at 40,000 won for 1kg even though you haven't taken it yet. The extra noodles are 3,000 won.
Slightly cooked cockle
If you're immersed in the charm of the new cockle, go to Gwangcheon Market, which is not far away. You can buy various chopped salts aged in crypts at low prices.
Cooked cabbage and added clams
Hongseong is mostly inland except Namdang Port, so if you want to travel the winter sea, it is good to move along the west coast of Chungnam, which extends up and down. The destination expands across the coast of Chungnam. If you're with a lover, I recommend you to take a look at the grandmother's rock at Anmyeondo Beach.
Bird clams eaten in the grass
This winter, there is also Boryeong Cheonbuk Guldan, not far from Namdang Port if you are with friends. Didn't there be an old saying, "It's good to have a ghost when you eat and die?" Let's go hand in hand with a friend. It is delicious in winter.
Lastly, add the noodles to the broth.
Travel information


* Self-driving

Metropolitan West Coast Expressway → Hongseong IC → National Road No. 29 → Hongseong

* public transport

Metropolitan Area → Hongseong Operates 8 times (06: 40 ~ 20: 40) daily from Central City Terminal (02-6282-0114). Rate Normal 9100 won, 13,400 won. It takes 2 hours.

2. Restaurants around

Every year, in winter, the 'Sea Shell Festival' is held at Namdang Port in Hongseong. Many people are looking for a precious cockle as a food festival that can be enjoyed in the mountains. You can taste the cockle in about 30 stalls spread out in front of Namdang Port. If you don't like stalls, there are several restaurants nearby. You can go anywhere you like, as it provides services similar to the same price wherever you go. Eating locally is 50,000 won per kg, and packing is 40,000 won. Prices fluctuate little by little every year.


Namdang Hill Pension: Namdang-ri, Seobu-myeon / 041-634-7723
Namdang Port S Motel: Namdang-ri, Seobu-myeon / 041-634-9222
Yongbongsan Natural Recreation Forest: Yongbongsan 2-gil, Hongbuk-myeon / 041-630-1785
Hongseong Hot Spring Tourist Hotel: Ohseong-eup, Hongseong-eup / 041-633-7777

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