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The season of the hut is here. - Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

The charm of the rich tidal flats of Namdo

The season of the hut is here.

Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Cock. Before I called his name, he was just one of many fish and shellfish. However, when he calls his name, which starts from the name, “Kokmak”, born and raised in the volcanic Namdo tidal flat, turns on. Regardless of where you come from, it's just nice to be a kid, but there is no way to hide your excitement because the best companion “Beolgyo” is added. 'Bolgyo Komak', called the highest peak of Komak. How can we turn away from having a small festival there? In the autumn wind, a real cold energy is added, so we go to Bolgyo in season.

Namdo's tidal flats are rich in taste. When the cold breeze blows, I started to go to Boseong beolgyo to taste the chewy cock.
Beolgyo Cockle Festival celebrated 13 times this year
The “Beolgyo Kok Festival”, which has already opened the gates of Kokcheol Cheol, which has already reached the 13th, has been held for three days since October 31st. The festival has passed briefly, but it is not necessary to be disappointed as the start is from now on.
It has been going on for three days since October 31st.
Let's go for a taste of the chilly wind that gets more chewy!
For those who are still curious, let's take a moment to take a look at the Kkot Festival. The annual Beolgyo Coal Festival held from the end of October to the beginning of November is the main festival along the Beolgyo Stream.
Daepo Village where various experience events were held
Hands-on fishing, running in the tidal flats are held in Daepo-ri, a small fishing village. If you really want to collect the cockle, you have to go to the farther sea, but on the day of the festival, sprinkle the cockle in the mudflat for an experiential event.
Daepo Village where various experience events were held
All experience events are free to participate, and even the smallest ones can be tasted in full.
Beolgyocheon Stream held the opening ceremony of the Beolgyo Kok Festival on November 1st.
Exciting experiences are overflowing. If you aren't afraid that your whole body will be mud-filled, you can challenge 'Kokkakki' if you can only allow the amount of salty water on your hands. Also, don't miss the “Let's boil the tasting”, which is the most expected of everyone who participates in the Kolk Festival.
On the day of the Kokmak Festival, an experience event was held around Bolgyocheon.
Various experience streets are waiting for you to enjoy the rugged tidal flats of Namdo Island, such as a boat ride experience and running a tidal flat.
On the day of the Kokmak Festival, an experience event was held around Bolgyocheon.
Let's just eat it as a cock festival. Events that awaken the five senses, such as the K-pop festival, the novel <Taebaek Mountain Range>, a literary tour, and a small song show, add to the depth of the festival.
Poomba Performance

Now that we have looked at the past festivals, let's go on a full-scale trip. No matter how ‘Beolgyo’ is ‘Kokmak’, ‘Kokmak’ is ‘Beolgyo’, but where can I taste it? In addition to Kokmak, Yangdae Mountain Mountain and Daeha Fiction <Taebaek Mountain Mountain>, which represent Beolgyo, cannot be overlooked. Between Suncheon and Boseong, the beolgyo, which embraces the warm tidal flats of the women's and Suncheon bays, is the actual stage of Jung Tae-rae's novel <Taebaeksanmaek>, which deals with the tragedy of cognitive conflict caused by ideological confrontation. It has been loved as a literary destination since. The Kokmak Festival was also held under the theme of ‘Takbaek Mountain Range Literary Tour according to the taste of Kokmak at Beolgyo’.

Korean Traditional Music Event
The actual stage of the novel <Taebaek Mountain Range>
right. <Taebaek Mountain Range> comes first if you enter the 'Bulgyo' land. In the novel, 'Kok-mak', which the bee-gyo bears, appears to stimulate the imaginative imagination. Let's take a look at <Taebaek Mountain Range> for a moment. The background of the novel was the year of the Yeosun incident in 1948, when the punishment of the left wing occupied the military again and was confused. It starts with a scene where left-wing secret party member Jung Ha-seop enters the punishment.
Beolgyo, the first literary tour that can travel on both feet
The house of fire hydrant and Hyunbu Pines, where Jung Ha-seop was hiding, also keep their place. If you know <Taebaek Mountain Range>, you must be glad. The scene where the background in the novel and the movie unfolds in front of the eyes adds 'uniqueness' to the trip to beolgyo. It has a meaning of multiplicity, adding to history and culture, rather than just a travel destination. The bridges over Beolgyocheon that penetrate the town of Beolgyo greet travelers. Even looking at these ‘legs’ can make a great beolgyo trip. An iron bridge where Yeom Sang-gu competes with a double sword to take control of the fist world of punishment. The bridges I saw in the novel, such as the Buyonggyo, where many people died due to conflict between the North and the South, are hanging on the beolgyocheon.
Beolgyo, the first literary tour that can travel on both feet
Buyonggyo, also known as the ‘Sohwa Bridge’, is not just a bridge. A number of people died here during the Yeosun incident and when the rebels were suppressed. Now, a new bridge that allows vehicles to pass is added. When you go upstream of the digestive bridge, you will see Honggyo (Treasure No. 304), which Yeom Sang-jin stacked up to distribute to the tenants the rice they stole. It is said that this place has a bridge made of rafts, and the place has been named “Bulgyo”. Honggyo, located on the foot of a raft bridge, was built as a stone bridge in 1729 by a draft missionary. It became the Rainbow Bridge since the bridge was repaired in 1737 (Yeongjo 13).
Beolgyo Market where you can see various marine products
In addition, there are also middle school rooms, night school clubs, Namdo inn, and Kim Bum-woo's home, which were used as lodging units for the Tobal University. It is a space that embraces the modern and contemporary history of Korea, where the ideology in conflict with the sorrow lost to the country aimed at the sword.
Beolgyo Market where you can see various marine products
Hand is going, hand is going, on the chewy little cock!
Now, following the <Taebaek Mountain Range>, we took a tour of the history of Bolkyo, so it's time to taste it. In the novel <Taebaek Mountain Range>, a small cock also appears. This is a scene where the firefighter who met Jeong Ha-seop is preparing for breakfast and regrets that there is no kid, and Yeom Sang-gu compares the outsider's house to 'it looks like a winter kid'. In particular, after digesting Jeong Ha-seop, after one night, preparing for breakfast, he regrets that there is no skewer.
Bokkocheon boasts a chewy taste and grows best in the tidal flats around the Gaet River where fresh water flows from the sea. Is that so? With the tidal flats that only contain women, the people of beolgyo are called ‘Cham 뻘’. Here I am a cockerel. The wrinkles are deep and the skin is hard. It's chewy, chewy, and even smells of the sea. It is delicious just to eat and delicious as a side dish.
The left side of the picture is a true black
It's not just that there's a true little. There is also a new style of cock called a cock of a cocky name. The wrinkles of the shell are relatively shallow compared to the true corn. Some people say that the taste is slightly deteriorated. Looking at the true and new cock, you can clearly distinguish them only by their appearance. Chamkomak is the most delicious from Chuseok to New Year's Day, but it is hard to taste chewy and firm komak until early March in spring.
The left side of the picture is a true black
There are many specialty shops around the festival grounds located around Beolgyocheon. You can taste Kokmak as a side dish at a restaurant in the town of Beolgyo, but it is still unfortunate to pass a Kokmak restaurant. The komak set meal is about 15,000 won per person. Various kinds of small dishes such as boiled buckwheat and fresh buckwheat, simmered skewer, and simmered skewer come out.
Kokjeong set Korean food at Bolgyo
Don't let your feet fall off with a delicious cock. I am sorry to find out the price. Even during the festival, it is a small cock boasting of a reasonable ransom price. Chamkomak is 15,000 ~ 7000 won per 1kg, and the new komak is cheaper than that.
Spicy seasoning with spicy and sour sauce
Remember that you can buy a small price at the beejangjang on the 4th and 9th, and at the morning stand in front of the beolgyo station every morning.
Fried chicken with vegetables and eggs
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