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Gourmet Tour of National Road No. 2 ④Boseong ~ Jangheung, Boseong Green Tea, Beolgyo Komak, Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap - Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

The main characters of Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap are Korean beef, clams and mushrooms.

Gourmet Tour of National Road No. 2 ④Boseong ~ Jangheung, Boseong Green Tea, Beolgyo Komak, Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap

Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Passing through the Seomjin River and entering the Honam region, a feast of authentic taste unfolds. After passing Hadong, he entered Jeolla-do Land, which is commonly known as 'Namdo' through Gwangyang. From Gwangyang, where you have finished your last taste tour, you will go directly to Boseong along National Highway 2. It's time to enjoy the taste of Boseong (Beolgyo) and Jangheung. The sky rises and the horses begin to eat in this season, the foodies of Namdo.

Gwangyang's bulgogi also tastes good, but maybe it's probably from now on that you feel the food of Namdo. Anyone who has visited Namdo will have a memory that was fascinated by a side dish with a land, sea, and sea ball that would fill up a statue even if only one hundred and a half were ordered. Even if you don't have to look for delicacies, what is the taste of naro from this land that is delicious enough? The saliva goes beyond just imagining how generous it will be.

Boseong first. If there is Hadong in Yeongnam, there is Boseong in Honam. All are famous for cars. Boseong, famous for its green tea fields, has been successful in commercializing green tea not only as a “landscape” but also as a “flavor”. When asked, "What is the best thing in the Boseong green tea field?" The sensation of touching the tongue is more clearly remembered than seen with the eyes. The soft ice cream with a rich green tea flavor kept me looking for green tea ice cream while I was in Boseong. Not only that. Pork raised with Boseong green tea. Boseong green money is also indispensable.

At the same time, pigs raised by feeding green tea are added with green tea powder, so they feel less and the greenness of green tea is added. (Even though it's hard to understand) Even those who don't eat pork well have a difference when they see chopsticks if they are Bosung green beans. It is not difficult to see around Dawon in every corner of Boseong.

Boseong Daehan Dawon
Once you taste it, you can't forget it

And there is another place, Boseong, which Boseong embraces. The first thing that comes to mind before saying 'Don't be proud in punishment' is a short story. It is a beolgyo that has been recessed inland even in South Island. Thanks to this, only a woman, such as a woman, had a generous tidal flat, and here it is a stiff cock.

People here are proud of the scampi, saying, “Three months in the cold, the taste of the scampi doesn't change even if it tastes like a predisposition.” Thanks to its exceptionally chewy and deep flavor, it has also been awarded to the King Surasang, the small school of beolgyo. The season starts in late October when the cold breeze begins to blow. In the market located in Beolgyo, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and the people who try to taste it are also continuing. Of course, the world is now better. You can taste anything at any time, regardless of season, but still, the taste of the cockle taste in season is different from that of frozen.

Boseong Bridge, the delicacy of Boseong Sea
In the past, it was overflowing in November, and it was said that “after the water seal, the generous one was the cock seal”, and now it has become so famous that it has become a precious body weighing more than 10,000 won per kg. Remember that this also depends on how much you get each year.
Difference between true cock and new cock
It is divided into three types: the natural kommak, the new kommak, and the pikomak. The persimmon comes from the name, but it beats the true name. Some people say that the new cock is better. It is said that a new cock with few goals and only stripes is a shit cock. Boil and serve as a side dish. When you go to the restaurant, the side dish that you serve is the new side. Relatively large blood cork is added to the seasoning and eaten in circuit. The crispy texture is delicious.
Difference between true cock and new cock
No matter how you eat it, how will the people here taste it? Marketers say, "Just eat boiled skewer, eat grilled skewer, eat it even if you boil it."
You can taste boiled and simmered skewer if you order a skewer set meal of 12,000 won per serving.
A small battle
Hanwoo met the key shell and mushroom, Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap
“Feast of Taste” is probably a word for him. Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap, who adds high quality Korean beef to fresh clams and mushrooms, is a longing for tasting sometime for those who know his existence. The reason why such hot food was born can be seen by looking at Jangheung for a while.
Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap Hansang
Jangheung is considered to be the nation's largest producer of Korean beef that produces and consumes 56,000 Korean beef a year. In the sea he harbors, another key shellfish, which is considered as another delicacy in Jangheung, appears. As the representative delicacies of the land and the sea have met, the expectation will definitely increase. Add some mushrooms that are good for your body! What can you say before you taste it?
Jangheung Hanwoo

If you want to taste Korean beef in Jangheung, Jeonnam, you can visit Jeongnamjin Saturday Market, where Korean beef streets are created. It is said that Janghung has more Korean beef than Jangheung Gunmin, so Jangheung is the hometown of Korean beef. When looking for a Saturday market, “Korean native cattle”, which was only heard in words, comes into contact with the skin. Samwoo Restaurant as well as Korean beef wholesalers are located all over the place, making it easy to buy and taste only ingredients.

Key shells and mushrooms of Janheung Korean beef

The main ingredients of Hanwoo Samhap are Korean beef, clams and mushrooms. If you buy ingredients and enter the restaurant, you can enjoy Samhap at a small price. If there are not a lot of people, it is wise to go directly to the 'meat shop' that serves as a restaurant. Select the desired amount of Korean beef from the desired site. Key clams and mushrooms are tied together, so you can prepare them according to the amount of meat.

How to enjoy Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap

There is nothing enviable in the world at that moment if you put a key shell, Korean beef, and mushrooms on a heated plate. Although it varies slightly depending on the site, even if you choose the finest flower sirloin, you can enjoy Samhap as much as any glutton if it costs 30,000 to 40,000 won per person. Tall clams and mushrooms cost 15,000 won per pack.

How to enjoy Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap

Key clams and mushrooms catch the taste that can be felt with Korean beef alone. It is difficult to cook too closely to preserve the taste of each ingredient. The song comes out at one point in Samhap. Namdo's customs are not in vain.

How to enjoy Jangheung Hanwoo Samhap
Travel information

1.Nearby Restaurants

▶ Bosung
Chamok Arboretum
: Nokdon / Hoecheon-myeon / 061-853-5558

Special Hall : Nokdon / Boseong-eup / 061-852-4545


The original small restaurant : Komak / Beolgyo-eup / 061-857-9919

Cock small restaurant : Komak / Beolgyo-eup / 061-858-2255

Beolgyo Small Restaurant : Komak / Beolgyo-eup / 061-857-7675

▶ Jangheung
Sinnokwon Hall
: Traditional Korean meal / 10-33 Donggyo-ro, Jangheung-eup / 061-863-6622

Sea House : Kijogaemuchim / 139 Sumun Yonggok-ro, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun / 061-862-1021

Village Restaurant : Grilled beef sirloin / 36 Mullebanganggan-gil, Jangheung-eup, Jangheung-gun / 061-863-2584


▶ Bosung
Boseong Da Beach Condo
: Hoecheon-myeon / 061-850-1114

Dahyang Motel : Hoecheon-myeon / 010-5347-8733


▶ Jangheung
Jinsong Tourist Hotel
: 1, Donggyo 2-gil, Jangheung-eup / 061-864-7775


Cypress Forest Woodland : 180 Woodland-gil, Jangheung-eup / 061-864-0063
Spa Resort Andante : 270, Sumunyonggok-ro, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun / 061-862-2100

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