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Yeosu's famous bread tour from Dolsan Fresh Bread to Geomundo Sea Bread - Yeosu, Jeonnam, Korea

It's unique since the name of bakery called Yeosu Fresh Baked

Yeosu's famous bread tour from Dolsan Fresh Bread to Geomundo Sea Bread

Yeosu, Jeonnam, Korea

Yeosu is famous for its seafood as it is located along the sea. You can find Seodaehoe and restaurants selling crab on white. In fact, '10 Yeosu 'includes Seodaehoe, crab baekban, Yeosu Korean set meal, grilled eel, grilled eel, cutlet stew, clam sashimi, shabu shabu, new clam shabu shabu, Dolsan gad kimchi, sashimi and grilled. Most are seafood. But you can't just taste seafood. You'll also need a Juburi to refresh your mouth while you try some of the signature dishes. You can enjoy Yeosu's specialty breads, which include Yeosu's specialty Dolsan Gad and Geomundo, which are made of sea wormwood, as well as the turtle-shaped bread that symbolizes the history of Yeosu and the bread that contains memories of Yeosu.
Special bread and pie with Dolsan freshly baked Yeosu fresh baked
Dolsangat Kimchi, which is included in Yeosu 10 rice, is already famous nationwide. The bitter taste of Dolsangat is commonly enjoyed with kimchi, but now it can be tasted as a new food. It is bread made with Dolsangat.
The place I visited to taste unique bread is the Yeosu Fresh Baked Bakery. Bakery is located near Dolsan Bridge, near Bongsan Crab Street. When you enter the bakery, you will see three different bakery profiles with different kinds of bread. Since it is a bakery in the Republic of Korea, the belief in taste goes first.
There are a variety of breads, but the first thing that catches your attention is Dolsangat Odong Bread and Kappa. Odong bread has various modifiers such as 'unique world', 'patent technology' and 'development of sediment.'
We sell pies made from Korean wheat and organic dolsan
On top of the paulownia bread is a topping made with Dolsan Fresh. The bread contains red bean sediment with nuts and cinnamon. Nut grains add to the chewing taste, and cinnamon adds flavor. Surprisingly bitter, the smell of gat is not felt at all. Kappi is also sweet and crispy without smelling.
Yeosu Fresh Baked Bakery has a variety of breads
We studied and prepared for 3 years until we made bread and pie that everyone can enjoy deliciously with freshly made ingredients. Add eco-friendly Dolsan fresh powder to bread, pies and cookies. Also, Kappi used our wheat to add health.
Paulownia Bread with Dolsan Fresh
Odong bread and Kappi make the trip to Yeosu even more special. 1,800 won for paulownia bread and 1,300 won for goat pies.
It tastes chewy with nuts in sediment
Geomundo Grand Piape with bread full of sea wormwood flavor
This time it's time to taste the bread made with sea wormwood. Geomundo Haepoong Mugwort is famous for being a healthy eco-friendly wormwood grown in the face of sea breeze and seaweed. In recognition of its geographical characteristics, it was designated as a geographically registered registered agricultural product. If you go to the Grand Piaf at the roundabout in Yeosu-dong, Yeosu, you can find delicious bread made with sea wormwood. It is filled with specialty bread made by a baker who is from Japan's East Economics Academy and has over 20 years of experience.
A baker with 20 years of experience presents a variety of breads
While eye-catching bread is full, first look for bread with Geomungdo sea wormwood. Geomun also has pancakes made with sea wormwood, red bean bread and castella. The wormwood is not strong in general and can be enjoyed by everyone. Sea wormwood pancakes are made with the traditional Japanese style of Dorayaki. On the outside of the bread is the word 'Geommoondo Haepoong mugwort'. The bread is green with mugwort, and inside is a cow mixed with red beans and cream.
Pancakes with the words ‘Geomundo Haepoong mugwort’
In red bean bread, red bean sediment is added to the bread added with Geomundo sea wormwood. Red beans are usually boiled directly in stores, but only processed red beans are used in the hot summer months. However, red beans in red bean shaved ice are cooked directly throughout the year. Haipung mugwort pancakes cost 1,200 won and sweet red bean paste 1,500 won each.
Seaweed mugwort is added to red bean bread and becomes light green
Yeosu specialty bread and turtle sun bread next to Yi Sun Shin Square
Let's go to Yi Sun Shin Square, which was built in the old port of Yeosu. The cool sea and the 2nd Dolsan Bridge can be seen at a glance. It is a good place to take a walk and relax while facing the sea breeze. There is a turtle ship at Yi Sun Shin Square, and there is a turtle turtle shop near Yeosu specialty bread. It sells bread made in the shape of a turtle ship in harmony with Yi Sun Shin Square. It wasn't long before, but it was already word of mouth among travelers.
Turtle Sun Bread Shop near Yi Sun Shin Square
There are two types of bread, turtle-shaped bread and turtle-shaped citron bread. Turtle Sun Bread recently attempted a slight taste change. It adds a crispy texture to the tart, and adds a little more variety to the taste.
Turtle bread made in the shape of turtle
There are five flavors: sweet pumpkin, blueberry, chocolate, milkshake, and green tea. Choose your taste and have fun.
There is turtle bread with sweet pumpkin sediment
On the other hand, yuzu bread has a completely different shape and taste from turtle sun bread. It is fresh with yellow and round shape. If you make a bite of natural citron juice, the citron will spread in your mouth. Yuzu was also added to the cream slightly above. Yuzu bread doubles its flavor, especially when eaten cool.
Citron bread with fresh yellow color
There is another place where you can taste this yuzu bread, Tongyeong. This is because the owner of Tongyeong's “Turtle Line Honey Bread” is the same. The turtle sun bread is made by the owner every morning in Tongyeong and brought to Yeosu. Because they sell only a fixed amount a day, they are often sold out in the morning on weekends and vacations. It is open at 9am on weekdays and 8:30 am on weekends. Turtle bread is not available individually, and a box of five is 9,000 won.
Citron bread with fresh yellow color
Rustic bread that brings memories, single bungle bakery
Single Bungle Bakery is a simple neighborhood bakery where you can taste the old bread of memories. It is such a bakery that I saw in front of school. In fact, Yeoju Joongang Elementary School, Yeosu Girls 'Middle School, and Yeosu Girls' High School are gathered near Single Bungle Bakery. There are only six kinds of bread. They sell salad bread, croquettes, red bean donuts, sausage bread, cream bread and steamed bread. Salad bread with cabbage and pink sausage mixed with mayonnaise is a nostalgia for its shape and taste. Bread costs 800 won each. It is not expensive because it is aimed at students. The store has more than 20 years of history, and it's only 600 won higher than it used to be. Compared to the fort inflation rate, it is a slow climb.
'Single Bungle Bakery' makes you smile even by name
The taste is nothing special. Is it special to memorize the taste? And like the name, the kindness of the owner who always welcomes guests with a single face is special. Travelers can also be guided in detail on the Yeosu travel course. This is the information we hear from locals who have love for Yeosu. The reason why travelers come to this small bakery in the corner is not just the taste of bread, but the special atmosphere where you can feel the memories and affection.
Hot steamed buns that are delicious even in summer
Travel info

Yeosu Fresh Baked
Address: 35, Bongsan 1-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam
Contact: 061-643-0303

Grand Piaf
Address: 156, Yeseo-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam
Contact: 061-653-5051

Turtle Bread
Address: 68-1 Jungang-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam
Contact: 061-666-9997

Single Bungle Bakery
Address: 15, Gwanmun 1-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam
Contact: 061-663-8797

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2. Accommodation

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