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Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea - Wear 'Tal' and stop 'Tal'! A fair world given for a long time

Man, Seonbi, and Butcher Fighting Over the Urang

Wear 'Tal' and stop 'Tal'! A fair world given for a long time

Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea

There were many disasters in Hahoe village. Then one day, the spirit of the village residents Heo-Ryeong dream appears and says, 'If you make 12 masks, the disaster will disappear.' Heo Do-ryeong, who entered the mask making, unfortunately dies while making the last Imatal. The reason is that they could not keep the spirit of the San Spirit that 'no one should see it when making masks'. The neighbor's maiden (who knows nothing) admired Hur Do-Ryung stole him for a mask and the two die. Hahoe mask was born like this.
When looking at Hahoe Village, one of Andong's representative hot spots, there are two things that are unfortunate. One is the Hahoe Star Shinguthal Play, and the other is the view of the Hahoe Village looking up at Buyongdae. Today's protagonist is Hahoe Star New Good Play. We will focus on Byeolshingut and Hahoe Mask and look at Hahoe Village where the Good Pan was held. Follow the ancestors who wrote 'Tal' and wished for 'mutal'. Into the exciting story told by 'Tal' that felt only fun. Earl!
Hahoe Stars Sin Good Tal Nori is a talol that has been held since the middle of the 12th century in Hahoe Village, Andong, Gyeongbuk. At the same time, it was a village gut to pray for the well-being of the village, Daedong and a good harvest. Residents believed that farming and well-being depended on Dongshin's protection of the village. Bakshingut is a special gut that is held every period to cheer up the gods and free the anger. Hahoe Star Singuthal Play was also a festival to relieve body and mind exhausted from social status and farming.
View of Hahoe Village from the Buyongdae
Desire to wish for goodbye and goodbye
Nature was a powerful entity in agricultural society. This is because life and death have been determined by what happened for a year of farming. It could be said that the peace of the village, including PungNong, depends on nature outside the human realm and on the will of God. Because of this, our ancestors held a ritual that they would like to ask the patron god this year if it is full moon. This is called 'sugar' or 'copper'.
Moodong Madang, where Gaek Clown enters the village via Mudong
Wanting a good harvest to God is the same, but the star Shingut was held at regular intervals. Every 5 to 10 years, or when there was a trust 'byeolsingut' was unfolded. As the name suggests, 'Busin Gut' is the same, in that both Dongje and Byunsin Gut wish for goodbye and good farming. If there is a difference, Star Shin Gut is a large gut plate that is held at regular intervals to solve them when the god's experience of protecting the village is reduced or when God's anger is bought. Byshinshingut was the main character or villagers.
The main character of Baekjeong Yard that entertains the audience.
Another way to enjoy Hahoe Village, Hahoe Stars New Good Play
In the 21st century, the festival and the Hahoe Stars Shin Guktalol, which encompassed the local community in the traditional society, continue to be held. It's also in Andong Hahoe Village where the old and exciting Hahoe Star New Goodtal Play took place! The performance is held four times a week (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun) until December, and during the weekend from January to February.
Most performances will be like that, but it is best to see Hahoe Stars New Goodal Play. The dwarf, which had been worn by villagers for more than half a century, conveys laughter, satire, and comfort to modern people in the 21st century. Half a century later, the Hahoe Star New Goodal Play is held only once (14:00) on the day of the performance. There are some fluctuations in the high season and low season, so you should check it beforehand. You can catch the line by looking around Hahoe Village in time for the performance. The boat going to Buyongdae overlooking the town of Hahoe operates until 5 pm.
Ferryboat to and from Bouyongdae and Hahoe Village
Therefore, if the arrival time of Hahoe Village is full of boat times, it is better to go up to Buyongdae. By ferry, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get up to Buyongdae. Go up to the Buyongdae, meet the view of Hahoe Village, and slowly take a look around Hahoe Village. Hahoe Village, known as Pungsan Ryu's Village. This space has become famous for its 600-year-old tradition, but the ball of water flowing through the village is large. The name Hahoe came from here. In feng shui geography, it is a softening float, a lotus that floats on the water.
Hahoe Village Yangjindang
Hahoe Village, home to various old houses from the early to late Joseon Dynasty, is still a space where people live. Among the many old houses, the treasures of Hahoe Village, Yangjin-dang (Treasure No. 306) and Ryu Seong-ryong Jong-taek Chung Hyo-dang (Treasure No. 414), where Iam Ryu Jung-young and Ryu Un-yong stayed, are worth a visit.
Jong-ae Chung Hyo-dang of Seo-ae Ryu Sung-ryong
It's a pity not to forget Byeongsan Seowon, which is located between Hahoe Village and Volcano (271m). Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong's pupils and larvae built a shrine here and became a formal vow. The peaceful stream of water and rock formations overlooking Mandalu is awesome. After receiving the sum of Byeongsan Seowon in 1863, he survived the abolition of Seowon of Heungseondaewon.
Byungsan Seowon Admission Hall
Shoulder dances are a must for satire and humor throughout the times
Hahoe Stars Singuthal Play starts at 'Mudong Madang', where play cards received a new game in Seonangdang. Each corner, supported by the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, appears on the shoulders of the mover without stepping on the ground. This scene symbolizes the welcome of the village guardian deity. It has peace and abundance.
Halmi Madang, Synthetaling of Khalmi
Following this, Juji Madang is opened. 'Juji' is a sacred and scary imaginary animal. Female winning means praying for fertility and farming.
Humor and poignant satire
The humor and satire of our ancestors are revealed in earnest from the 'Baekjeong yard', where Baek Chung grabs cows and removes salt shakers and urang (bulbs). Bunetal, also called Gwabutal, is a `` Pagye Riding Yard '' that shows off its fine appearance. The monk, buried in the urine of Bune, dancing with excitement, abandons religion and visits human nature. Subsequently, Yangban and Seonbi appeared in an argument about the fireball that is 'good for Yang', showing the hypocrisy and pretense of the ruling class.
Monk against Bune
As such, masked dances show the contradictions of society and the hypocrisy of the ruling class. There are scenes of laughter and piercing in the eyes of the 21st-century descendants. At least during the full unfolding of the New Singut would be free regardless of status, gender and wealth. Of course, after the end of the end, you had to go back to your original status, but you might have enjoyed the freedom and blown away the stress for a while.
Audiences Enjoying Hahoe Star New Goodal Play
A world of fullness and equality permitted to the oppressed. This is a Daedong festival and special gut that eased the conflicts and made the village unity. Hundreds of years later, Hahoe Stars New Guttal play is the reason why.
Audiences Enjoying Hahoe Star New Goodal Play
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