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Would you like to leave 'Carphenol' to Chuncheon? Geoduri Cafe Street - Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

Aromatic coffee and sweet dessert

Would you like to leave 'Carphenol' to Chuncheon? Geoduri Cafe Street

Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

But what if it's not necessarily a coffee city? A number of trendy cafés have been popping up all over Chuncheon for several years, leaving Chuncheon IC and forming a café street in Geodori, a 10-minute drive away. It was around 2011 and 2012 that cafes began to open in the neighborhood where new apartments and detached houses were located. It may not be as gorgeous as Garosu-gil in Seoul, Jeongja in Bundang, or Cafe Street in Yongin Jukjeon. The number of cafes does not reach dozens, and the cafes do not stand in line. However, there is no shortage of enjoying 'Carphenol' because a private cafe in the alley alley is perfect.
Aromatic coffee and sweet dessert
There are various types of cafes such as a roastery cafe, a bakery cafe, a dessert cafe, a brunch cafe, and a large franchise cafe. When you walk along the alley, you can see cafes like this and there is a cafe street. Here, we introduce three cafes that are popular for their skill, taste, and atmosphere.
Aromatic coffee and sweet dessert
Where there is a pie that touches the heart, Arles Pie
The moment you enter this house, your mind and body become disarmed. The savory pie smell relaxes the tense muscles.
Arl pie, popular as homemade pie
The smell of the pie baked in the oven and the refreshing pies placed on the display case irritate your nose and eyes and shake your heart.
It's sunny and always full of warmth
A young boss, who is satisfied with this small town where I flow and has a quiet garden, creates a hearty pie and tart.
It's sunny and always full of warmth
The size of the pie is also large, and the main ingredients are also faithfully eaten and everyone is satisfied. Along the season, apples, sweet potatoes, sweet pumpkins, etc., are often seen in boxes on one side of cafes. This is because the main ingredients are put in the pie.
Hot pie freshly taken out of the oven
Apple pie, sweet pumpkin tart, cheese tart, pecan pie, etc., enough ingredients to match the name. So, the original taste of the ingredients is still alive.
Delicious pie brings happiness
Not the sweetness that dazzles the mouth at the moment, but the deep flavor of the main natural ingredients remains in the mouth for a long time. There are many people who become addicted to the savory pie taste that is completed with sincerity, skill, and good ingredients.
Delicious pie brings happiness
The principle of using good ingredients to give an honest taste is not limited to pies. Coffee, tea, and beverages also use optimal ingredients.
Honest-flavored pies with plenty of ingredients
The atmosphere of the shop that the owner envisioned and decorated one by one is as adorable as pie. On the day when the spring sun shines through the large window surrounding the room, a crispy pie and a cup of fragrant coffee touch the heart.
Honest-flavored pies with plenty of ingredients
The coffee taste of the man drowned in coffee, Mr. Beaver
When I go to this cafe, I think, 'I have a good name for the cafe.' This is where Beaver, who is immersed in coffee, makes delicious coffee.
Cafe full of personality from the name
'Beaver' is the owner of the cafe. He became a beaver because of his resemblance to beavers.
Various desserts made by the owner
The beans that are distributed in Korea are not enough for the sex, so the beans you like are imported and used directly. Constantly research and study good beans and blending. In some cases, it is possible to obtain and use award-winning beans at an international convention.
Inside the coffee beaver
I use the 'double list reto' method, which extracts about 25ml of espresso in a short time with 20-25g of beans. The blend of beans to make Americano and espresso, cafe latte and cappuccino is different. At this point, people from 'Chuncheon know a little coffee' come to Chuncheon.
Inside the coffee beaver
But coffee isn't the only place. Other menus are as affectionate as coffee. Green tea latte and black tea latte also use green tea stock and quality black tea instead of powder.
A roasting room where Mr. Beaver always studies coffee
The popular seasonal menu, Snow Bingsu, and winter-only red bean porridge, are made by picking domestically made red beans.
Pleasant owner with the nickname 'Beaver'
Coffee syrup is also made with unrefined sugar. Brownies made with high-quality chocolate and chewy cheesecakes are also popular.
There are lots of funny Beaver characters throughout the cafe.
It's fun to find the character of Beaver, who resembles the owner who decorates the cafe.
There are lots of funny Beaver characters throughout the cafe.
The temptation of colorful and sweet desserts, the real kitchen cafe
It opened in the fall of 2012, a little later than Arlpie and the coffeemaker Beaver.
Dessert cafe with stylish appearance
Because of the name 'kitchen', some people misunderstand it as a place to sell food such as pasta, but this is a complete dessert cafe.
Various desserts made by the owner
The boss who studied in Japan makes all the desserts himself. You can find European desserts such as macarons, tiramisu, eclairs, and tarts. The taste is deep like a traditional European style, and the shape is pretty and pretty like a Japanese style.
Various desserts made by the owner
The president of the restaurant says, “Our house is the main character of desserts such as cakes and bread, and coffee and drinks are supporting roles.”
Cool yet charming cafe interior
Each has its own specialty, and coffee experts will taste better, and I focus more on desserts. However, this does not mean that the taste of coffee is neglected.
Cool yet charming cafe interior
As with the chef, there is a lot of greed for good ingredients at the party. Even if customers don't know, they use quality ingredients such as balo or chocolate, and choose the beans with care. Various tea types, bottled drinks and beer are also available.
Cool yet charming cafe interior
When you open the door and enter, the open space is cool. In the space where the seating table is placed, it is refreshing to see a small park through a large window. It's enough to enjoy a sweet break with sweet desserts.
Cool yet charming cafe interior
Travel information

Address: 80-62, Oesol-gil 19beon-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si (Geodu-ri)
Contact: 033-262-0065

Coffee Beaver
Address: 93-1 Geodutaekji-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si (Geodu-ri)
Contact: 033-264-7744


The Real Kitchen Cafe
Address: 65-1 Geodutaekji-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si (Geodu-ri)
Contact: 033-264-0282


* Self-driving

Olympic Boulevard → Seoul Chuncheon Expressway → Chuncheon IC → Gojiro National Chuncheon Museum, turn right towards Chuncheon Gyodae → Geodu Taekji-gil

* public transport

[Bus] Operates at any time (06: 00 ~ 24: 00) from the East Seoul General Terminal, takes 1 hour 10 minutes
[train] ITX service from Yongsan Station and Cheongnyangni Station every 1 hour (Cheongnyangni Station is 30 minutes apart in some time zones), from Yongsan Station to Chuncheon, takes about 1 hour 15 minutes

2. Restaurants around

Dowon Ttukbaegi Champon: Ttukbaegi Champon / 65-9 Geodutaekji-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-262-5999
Madre: Pasta and Steak / 49-28, Oesol-gil 19beon-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-263-1188
Daeryongsan Makguksu: Makguksu / 181, Dongnae-ro, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-261-1421
1.5 Chicken Ribs: Chuncheon Chicken Ribs / 77 Human-ro, Chuncheon-si / 033-253-8635
Landscape Chicken Ribs: Chuncheon Chicken Ribs / 9 Anmasan-ro, Chuncheon / 033-255-7891


Chuncheon House (Kim Jong-eun's house): 44 Sotbal 1-gil, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 010-2582-2923 / 033-263-1182

Benikea Chuncheon Hotel: 12, Jungang-ro 68beon-gil, Chuncheon-si / 033-257-1900


Chuncheon Sejong Hotel: 31 Bonguisan-gil, Chuncheon-si / 033-252-1191


Nabiya Guesthouse: 15 Seomgol-gil, Seomyeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-243-1970

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