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When darkness falls, Santa appears! Qingdao provence photoland - Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongbuk, South Korea

Snowman in Qingdao Provence

When darkness falls, Santa appears! Qingdao provence photoland

Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongbuk, South Korea

The end of the year, when the carols rang around. Does your heart flutter in the dark? Is there a child who can't sleep because he wants to meet Santa? Then this year-end destination is right here. Let's go to Qingdao Provence, a place filled with beautiful lights.
Romantic love story told by light
If the sun is falling, tell them to shout out together, and the countdown will begin. When we shout '5, 4, 3, 2, 1' together, the world before our eyes transforms into another romantic world.
Beautiful romantic tunnel, Rain Road
It is the largest light theme park in Korea, Qingdao Provence Photoland (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Provence), where the whole village is dyed by 10 million colorful lights.
A feast of beautiful lights just by looking
Provence, southeastern France, famous for a town loved by world-famous artists such as Gogh, Cezanne and Chagall. A place full of idyllic abundance for growing grapes and raising sheep in the warm sunshine. Qingdao Provence captures the romanticism of southern France, which is so familiar to us that the 'Provencal interior' is so popular.
A feast of beautiful lights just by looking
If you want to enjoy Qingdao Provence properly, visit the afternoon before sunset. Camera is a necessity here! Like Photoland, more than 100 different photo zones welcome visitors.
A picture of a sweetheart taking pictures
There are also sledding slopes and simple rides that run all four seasons.
Sledding all year round
Real beauty begins when the ground spider falls. When the small bulbs start to shine in different colors with the countdown, the shutter is continually pressed.
Romantic Qingdao Provence
In particular, as the darkness grows deeper, such as Love Road, Cupid Road, and Proposal Road, the colorful tunnel of light is like a holy place for lovers. Visiting with your family is perfect.
Feast of Colorful Lights
In the Forest of Lights, where cute feasts of animals and feasts of animals made of light unfold, as if from a fairy tale, children fall into a fascinating conscience without forgetting the cold.
Feast of Colorful Lights
Rovaniemi Santa Village in Qingdao
Santa, a big fan of children all over the world. Rovaniemi Santa Village in Finland is a place where even adults dream. To. Anywhere in the world. If you write a letter with Santa Clous, you will go to Rovaniemi. The rumor that "Santa lives in Rovaniemi's town of Corvatun Turer" spread on a Finnish radio came true to the children and became one of the must-visit places for Christmas.
Welcome Santa Grandpa
But instead of Finland, you can dream of Qingdao Provence this winter. The light festival changed once again for Christmas.
I'm excited about Santa and my kids taking pictures
Santa, who reads books, Santa who carries gifts, and Santa who skis, waits for the children in the light with Rudolph's sleigh, and the sparkling tree keeps everyone excited. Snowman standing up here and there is no excitement even if it doesn't snow.
Santa prepares sweet cake as a gift
Not only that. A variety of paid experience halls, such as “Tale of Luminous Fish,” which decorates the unknown with the night sky, and the thrilling ghost trains that make you scream and sit down with mirror images that are hard to break out when you enter, present conscience for not only children but also adults.
Mysterious Undersea World Shining with Glow
Qingdao Provence is new in winter. If you haven't decided on a year-end trip yet, let's go out to enjoy the romance of night, as the darker it adds to the mysterious experience in fantastic light.
Spooky Ghost Train
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Qingdao provence christmas light festival
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