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Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea - Trip to keep me in 1.5 pyeong, prison in me

'Prison within me' located in Hongcheon

Trip to keep me in 1.5 pyeong, prison in me

Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

8 o'clock in the evening. Lock with a 3rd visit outside. The only way to connect to the outside is to serve as a food court. It is time with myself from the moment. When you're running too hard and you don't want to move too tired, let's leave everything and pause. 1.5 pyeong small space in the prison inside of me.
Face with me
The battery is charged when it runs out, and the burned candle is replaced by a new one when worn out. How can a dead person regain energy? Fallen power can be replenished with meals and exercise, but mental exhaustion is not the way to find it. However, if you are in a prison in me, located in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, you may be able to lift a limp soul.
Prison training in me that looks over the pampas grass
The prison in me is a reflection program that looks back on you. Through Prison Stay, staying in a solitary period for a period of time, Father Hwang Ji-yeon's' Prison within Me 'who breaks habitual daily life through anneagram and meditation,' Kim Kang's' Uncertainty 'who look inside, and plays himself There are various programs, such as Hei Ji-hyang's "Pleasant Prison".
A picture of the history of the Happy Factory, which runs the 'Prison within me'
The prison head of the prison in me is Kwon Yong-suk, a lawyer from the prosecutor's office. The period behind the creation of a 'prison' that anyone is reluctant to go back to the late 1990s. During the prosecutor's case at Jeju Prosecutor, he worked nearly 100 hours a week, and he needed to recharge both his body and mind. It was prison that caught his eye at that time. His request to spend a week in prison for the prison warden was now the seed of 'the prison within me'.
Jail in me where you can find good writing here and there
The Hongcheon Training Center, where 'the prison within me' is located, consists of three buildings: the training center, the Gangdang-dong, and the administrative building.
Prison training in me
Suyeon-dong, a reflection space for residents, is used as a solitary classroom and 32 cozy rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors. Group activities such as recreation and meals take place in the auditorium building, and managers stay in the management building.
The entrance to Suyeon-dong's iron gate is blue with snow.
The special feature of the program is that the participant is kept in solitary like a real prisoner. Toiletries and writing instruments are all you can carry. Not only mobile phones but books are also allowed. A small table and a single futon occupy me inside of a room that is full.
Inside view of the training center
1.5 pyeong is wider than 15 pyeong
The winter in Gangwon-do is more peaceful than I thought. Instead of rippling streams, you'll be able to jump on ice and, if you're lucky, you'll find elk that's been running through the mountains. However, the concentric filling begins for a while in a small 1.5-pyeong room with a blue jumpsuit and a number instead of a name, with a pit under the door.
The space where you meet me, 1.5 pyeong solitary
The room is large enough for five steps for a man and six steps for a woman. In a room that doesn't even fit a single bed, there's a small drawer and desk, a single teapot and an electric pot, and a toilet and a small sink. It may be frustrating, but if you go through it, space is left. Things that seemed inconvenient because of it are rather cumbersome.
Feeling warm happiness in a cup of tea during the morning sun
When you enter the room after the group schedule, the visit will be locked outside with 3 kinds and you will start your own time. Before going into a solitary confinement, let's leave the worldly thing as possible for full concentration. The anxiety that arises from the loss of the concept of time is brief. Only the sound of the bells, the bells ringing in time, the rice coming in through the pot, and the relaxed nature of the sun rises and falls.
The appearance of the monk Keumkang
The first time he spends in the silence is 'But'. The surroundings are quiet, but the head is eaten with the sounds of various thoughts. I want to run out of the world wondering about it. But at some point I find myself immersed in myself instead of regretting the outside.
When it's time for meals, you'll get meals through the visiting pit.
The programs that make the most use of training centers are short-term programs for homeless people and non-communities. A non-communist means a monk, who is a monk and a monk who concentrates on the topic for several years in a solitary cell. It starts at 108 times every day for seven nights and eight days, and during the morning, he frees his head while listening to the Kumgang monk's broadcast lecture, which releases the public commentary `` Munjikan ''. In the afternoon, only beginners will be interviewed with beginner lectures. If you are not willing to attend, you can immerse yourself in a 1.5-pyeong single room for seven nights and eight days. Your day will be an unfamiliar experience that no one disturbs.
If you visit in the winter, you can stroll on a frozen river.
There is a moment where you stop and wander in front of you. In that case, let's get out of the world and lock yourself in solitary confinement. It's time to listen to what you want, not the world, to give you a richer inner life than you think.
Participants enjoy the nature lying on the ice
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-Address: 674 Namnoil-ro, Nam-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Inquiries: 02-6084-1016

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