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Trip from Samcheok to a tricolor sea - Samcheok, Gangwon, Korea

Trip from Samcheok to a tricolor sea

Samcheok, Gangwon, Korea

There are many tourist attractions near Samcheok and the sea that are good for travel. Among them, Isabu Lion Park, which has works of art and history, a marine rail bike that cools the winter sea and the sea breeze, and the legend of the Samcheok fishermen and the Haesindang Park with a unique atmosphere. It is called 'Samcheok Sea Close'.

Samcheok has an important meaning of advancing into the East Sea and defending marine territories in Korean marine pioneers. After the Imjin War, a more specialized military position 'warrant' was placed in Samcheokpojin, and Samcheokpojin was also an important starting point for overseeing Gangwon-do and Gyeongbuk coastal defenses until the 35th year of King Gojong (1898). In search of the history that can be said to be the beginning of 'advancing into the East Sea', I headed to Isabu Lion Park.

'Isabu Lion Park' near the sea with Ulleungdo and Dokdo in the Silla period

Isabu Lion Park is a family-style theme park built to promote the pioneering spirit and ear of Isra, the general of Silla. Crafts in the form of lions are displayed around the park. Who is the director and what is the relationship between him and the lion?

Samcheok had a country called Unemployed. The unemployed nations were destroyed by Silla, and the figure of Silla, who came to Samcheok in the sixth year of King Jijeung, is General Isabu. He went to the sea toward Ulleungdo and Dokdo in the 13th year of King Jijeung and conquered Sowangguk, the Usan Island of Ulleungdo and Dokdo. This is the case where Ulleungdo and Dokdo belong to Silla's territory. At that time, the momentum of expansion of Silla's territory would have been great.

Lion sculpture with a smile

So what role did the lion play? There was a wooden lion in the boat of Isabu, ahead of Usan-gu. He carried a carved lion to threaten Usan-guk. Based on this history, Samcheok City established a park with General Isabu and a lion as symbols of marine development.

Glass craft experience

The lion crafts around the park are said to be the winners of the National Tree Crafts Exhibition. The high degree of completeness and expression are vivid. Some lions are delightful, and some lions are prevalent. If you go to the observation deck, the main building of the park, you can experience glass crafts. Also, don't miss the view of the East Sea from the upper floor. The spacious arms of Chuam Beach are just warm.

Chuam Beach
'Marine Rail Bike' near the healthy sea

From Isabu Lion Park, go down about 20km south along the coastline and you'll find the offshore rail bike palace stop. You may be wondering what rail bikes mean for this weather, but there are many more active people at this time. Isn't it really a leisure reporter who knows how to enjoy the chilly wind?

Gungchon Station Departure
Inside the tunnel

Samcheok's rail bike has a long course, and above all, it has a good atmosphere with pine forest and sea. The course consists of 'Gungchon Station → Haesong-gil (Wonpyeong Beach) → Chogok Rest Area → Chogok 1 Tunnel (Hwangyeongjo Tunnel) → Chogok 2 Tunnel (Shinbi) → Yonghwa Tunnel (Welcome) → Yonghwa Station'. It tastes honey. In addition, each tunnel has a different theme, using lights and lasers, to enhance the taste of turning the wheels. Experience shows that the energy consumed in completing the 5.4km of all sections is considerable. If you are going to be a lover, the man should have enough lower body endurance in advance.

The freshness of the sea and the pine forest is good.
The freshness of the sea and the pine forest is good.
'Haesindang Park' near the interesting sea

From Railroad Yonghwa Station, head to Haesindang Park, about 5 km south of the park. The park has many attractions to see, such as the Fishing Village Folk Museum, Wetland Ecological Park, and Penis Sculpture. Among them, the legend of Haesindang is the main atmosphere of the park.

Haedindang Park

"In the old Shinnam village, a bachelor, a virgin who promised to marry, was living. One day, a maiden rides a ship that the bachelor picked up to get to a nearby rock, but suddenly a strong wave and a strong wind blowd the virgin into the sea and died. From this time on, it is said that the rock on which the virgin worked seaweed was called 'Aebawi'.
After that, there was a rumor that the village was not caught because of the virginity of the virgin. One day, a fisherman, who was in distress because the fish was not caught, peeed toward the sea, and only his fishing boat returned. So, people tried to soothe the dead virgin's original spirit and cut the juniper into penis shape, and since then, a lot of meat has been caught.

Fishing Village Folk Museum Entrance
Fishing Village Folk Museum

There is a ship-shaped building between the park and the sea. This is a fishing village folk exhibition hall, where various information of fishing villages such as fishermen's lives, boats, and marine life are displayed. At the end of the exhibition, you can get a glimpse of sex culture from around the world. If you follow the road leading from the exhibition hall to the sea, you can enjoy the clean scenery of the East Sea and the rock formations. It's a rare place, so it's full of waves that wave outside the promenade, so it's time to go by sitting on the railing and just looking at the sea.

There are deck walkways on the beachfront of the park.
There are deck walkways on the beachfront of the park.
Travel information


* Self-driving

Donghae Expressway Donghae IC → Gongdan Intersection (turn left toward Industrial Complex) → Isabu Lion Park → Gongdan Intersection Donghae-daero (to Samcheok, Uljin) → Sajik Intersection → Dongmak Intersection → Offshore Rail Bike Gungchon Station → Yonghwa Station → Samcheok-ro (To Uljin) → Sinnam Port → Haesindang Park

2. Delicious

Samcheok Port Center: Hoe, 033-570-3414 (Marine and Fisheries Division)
Gondre: Gondre rice set meal, 033-574-7585
Persimmon tree: Hanjeongsik, 033-575-5733
Manwoljeong: Oyster rice set meal, 033-572-8835
Jukseotu copper house: Chueotang, 033-574-5535


Seaspoville Condo: Sangmyeonbang-gil, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si, 033-570-5000
Samcheok Onsen Tourist Hotel: Samcheok-dong, Samcheok-si, 033-573-9696
M Motel: Dangje-dong, Samcheok-si, 033-573-5800
Yeongdong Motel: Namyang-dong, Samcheok-si, 033-573-0066

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