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Train theme park to enjoy various train rides, Samcheok High One Chuo Park - Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

High One Chuchu Park Chuchu Station

Train theme park to enjoy various train rides, Samcheok High One Chuo Park

Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

The train theme park, Samcheok High, where you can ride a variety of trains, including the Swiss mountain train incline train, the nation's fastest rail coaster, a mini train that takes a miniature train that scales down the world's most famous trains, and a switchback to increase the altitude by moving forward and backward. It is a two-day, one-night trip to Conechu Park.

Swiss Mountain Train Encline Train and Rail Coaster
In 1939, the railroad was built to overcome the altitude difference between Sampok-si's Simpo-ri and Taebaek-si's Tongli and operate the train. It was a way to raise the train with wire rope. A wire rope was installed on the sloping railroad at 15.6 degrees and the train was raised. People had to walk on foot to reduce the weight of the train. When people came and went frequently, there was also a bearer who took the elderly on the road and climbed the road.
Incline Train
The Gangsak railway was demolished in 1963. Recently, this section was restored, and the mountain train of Jungfrau, Switzerland, began operating. From Chuchu Station Incline Train Station to Sky Station, the average speed is about 5km per hour, and it takes about 20 minutes. (Currently the incline train is suspended. Normal operation will be announced on the website later.)
View from the rail coaster boarding area
Sky Station is located at 720 meters above sea level. You can capture the magnificent greatness of Baekdu-daegan at a glance when you stand at the observation deck.
Rail Coaster
After enjoying the view from the observation deck, ride the rail coaster. The rail coaster is a rail bike that descends a hill at a maximum speed of 25 km / h.
Rail Coaster
There are 12 tunnels in this section, and you can see the light and sculptures created with different themes for each tunnel. Among them, the image of the tunnel composed of large watch weights and clock sound remains strong. In the tunnel, it seems to move to the time of the tunnel, not the time of the world, to lead the traveler to a new imaginary world. There are tunnels that increase tension with the sound of lightning and light, or where trees are shaped with optical fibers, etc., you can feel the atmosphere of a fantasy forest. You will enjoy the 7.7km section to the arrival point for about 25 minutes.
The rail coaster passes through 12 tunnels
Children's favorite mini train
Once you have enjoyed the view from Sky Station on the Incline Train and then came down to Chuchu Park on the rail coaster, it's time to enjoy the mini trains that kids love.
Mini train steam train
The mini train is a miniature train made by shrinking famous trains from the UK, Japan, and Russia to 1/8 of the actual size. A small train rides around the 700m section of Chuchu Park, which children love, especially with two steam trains and two electric trains, but currently only electric trains. The time required is about 7-10 minutes.
Steam train on the left, electric train on the right
Miniature sculptures are installed throughout the mini-train section. I feel like I'm in a small country by looking at the small train as well as the mini train.
Mini train next to the ecological pond
A variety of character photo zones are popular, where you can stick out your face and take pictures. If you are with children, you can spend a long time on the mini train.
Mini train is running around the course
Switchback train running to the crossroads

In accordance with the name of the train theme park, there is also a switchback train in Chuchu Park. A switchback is a railroad train that is shaped like a strip to operate a train on a sloping section of a mountainous area. Repeat the forward and reverse steps to increase altitude.

Switchback train
In Korea, there was a switchback railroad between Heungjeon Station and Doohan Station in Gangwon-do. In 2012, a tunnel to replace the switchback section was opened, and no trains were allowed in this section. Chuchu Park operates a switchback train in that section. The switchback train is composed of a presidential carriage, a stove carriage, and so on, providing a different atmosphere for each carriage. The round trip from Chuchu Station to Nahanjeong Station takes about 80 minutes.
Switchback railway line
Take the switchback train to Nahanjeong Station and stop for 20 minutes. At this time, tourists can browse the gallery at Nahanjeong Station, enjoy the scenery of the old town around history, or use a pump-type trolley or a pedal-type trolley.
The switchback train is passing Nahanjeong Station
Theme accommodation
There are four types of accommodation in Chuchu Park. First, 15 villas in the form of private villas and 7 cube cubes with grass on the roof. Both facilities are a comfortable place for families. Trainville, a train accommodation, has eight rooms. Up to 3 people per room. Since you are at the train theme park, it is also a good idea to sleep overnight in Trainville. An auto camping site with 31 sites is also operated for campers.
There is also a food station where you can eat. In summer, guests can enjoy swimming in the mini-pool. On the main square of Chuchu Station, a fountain show is held with LED lights.
After staying overnight at Chuchu Park, it is okay to visit a nearby beauty waterfall the next day. The road from Chuchu Park to Miin Falls was not maintained. You can take a car to Tongli and go from Tongli to the beautiful waterfall.
At the beginning of a mountain road to Miin Falls, you pull a car and fold into the mountain road. If you go down a steep mountain path, you have to go through a small temple to reach the beauty waterfall. A passing box was placed at the passage of the temple, and the phrase “Insert 1,000 won” was written to manage facilities. No one keeps it, but thinks it as a cost to manage the surroundings, and puts 1,000 won into a beautiful waterfall. It's hard to go up and down the steep downhill to the beauty waterfall, but it's worth the effort by seeing the beauty of the beauty waterfall and the symposium.
Auto camping site
Travel information

High One Chuchu Park
-Address: 99, Simponam-gil, Dogye-eup, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
-Inquiries: 033-550-7788
-Price: Rail bike 28,000 KRW for 2 people, 35,000 KRW for 4 people. Mini train 4,000 won. Switchback train round trip 10,000 won.

Restaurants near
-Hiwonchuchu Park Food Station: Albab Set / 99 Simponam-gil, Dogye-eup, Samcheok-si / 033-550-7851
-Donghae Cauldron Seolleongtang: Seolleongtang / 468 Gangwonnambu-ro, Taebaek-si / 033-554-3600
-Taebaek Hanwoo Goal: Hanwoo raw ribs / 35 Taebaek-si Daehak-gil / 033-554-4599

-Hiwonchuchu Park: 99, Simponam-gil, Dogye-eup, Samcheok-si / 033-550-7788

-Alps Motel: 16-11 Seohwangji-ro, Taebaek-si / 033-552-2620
-Taebaek Kowon Natural Recreation Forest: 153, Maorigol-gil, Taebaek-si / 033-582-7440

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