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Three cafes next to the Seoul Museum of Art with attractive winter scenery - Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Cafe Mott's Earl Gray Milk Tea

Three cafes next to the Seoul Museum of Art with attractive winter scenery

Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

It is not as easy as it seems to take time to enjoy art in a busy day. One of the thoughts of walking through an art museum on a winter day is a simple luxury that you want to enjoy a cup of tea after communication with art.
On the terrace of 'Motte' next to Gana Art in Pyeongchang-dong, the picture of Bukhansan is a picture, the snow-covered trail of the 'Sunggok Tea House' in the city center is impressive, and the cafe 'Penguin' that meets after a stroll in Leeum Museum in Hannam-dong is a cake of art. A cafe tour next to an art museum suitable for winter, the more attractive you leave.
Cafe Glamorous Penguin's Cafe Latte
Cafe Terrace has a picturesque North Korean mountain, “Café Motte” next to Gana Art

Located on the hill road in Pyeongchang-dong, the Gana Art Center is a complex cultural space where exhibitions, performances, academies and auctions work together. In addition to the three large exhibition halls, on the 3rd floor of the building next to the Gana Art Center, which has an outdoor performance hall, there is a “cafe motte” that has been in place for 15 years. Café Motte, named after the architect who designed Gana Art, is famous for its stunning views of the terrace, thanks to its location on the foot of Bukhansan Mountain. In particular, the night view of the Pyeongchang-dong residential area from the terrace on a fall night is beautiful enough to admire it.

On the terrace of Cafe Motte, a picture of a North Korean hem is shown.
Unfortunately, it is only open until November, and the Christmas tree occupies the terrace in winter, but there is also a calm winter landscape with a full glass on a snowy day.
Gana Art Center permanent exhibition hall
There are many regulars over 10 years old that Lee Sook-hee's expression “the customer and the cafe are coming together” is appropriate. Thanks to the consistent coffee taste and unchanging scenery, it is good to be able to rest comfortably at any time.
Cafe Motte located on the hill road in Pyeongchang-dong
Milk tea, which is not an instant tea bag, but rather an earl gray tea leaf, is popular because of its subtle, deep aroma. In winter, especially chai latte and blueberry tea, which make organic tea directly, are also popular. In the evening, there is also a wide variety of meal menus such as Pomodoro pasta, so there is always a window seat where you can enjoy the scenery at sunset.
Milk tea with a subtle scent that brews earl gray tea leaves
While listening to the curator's explanation, you can enjoy art and art tours at the same time, enjoying art and art, including galleries, meals, and concerts. Group reservation is possible. Parking is available, closed on holidays, and business hours are from 10 am to 10:30 pm.
Cafe Motte's Pomodoro pasta is also loved.
There is a wonderful sculpture hidden in the promenade next to the cafe, a tea house next to Seonggok Art Museum
From Gwanghwamun Crossroads, enter the back alley of the History Museum and walk for about 10 minutes to see the Seonggok Art Museum. On the way up, you can see that there are unique cafes and restaurants, and you feel like it's not an ordinary alley. Calmness comes to the scenery of an art museum that is unbelievable that it has escaped the noise of downtown Seoul in about 10 minutes.
Promenade where you can meet wonderful sculptures
Seonggok Art Museum consists of the main building, annex, memorial, sculpture park and art shop. In addition to contemporary art, it is a place where creative planning exhibitions are held across various genres such as photography, fashion, design, and video. The outdoor sculpture park created on the hill behind the art museum is 3,729㎡ wide, and over 100 trees form a forest. Along the narrow wooden walkway, works of famous domestic and foreign sculptors, such as Armand and Ku Bonju, are on display.
Snow was piled up on the promenade from the tea house.
After walking around the trail along the sculptures installed in the forest, you can see a small house with a glass slope, which is Seonggok Tea House.
Seonggok Tea House
Like a log cabin in a fairy tale, there are three or four tables placed on the edge of a glass with a lovely appearance and outdoor tables on the terrace overlooking the museum. A terrace with lots of trees and a nice view in the clear air is a place that is always loved except in winter.
Seonggok Tea House is full of cute accessories
Seonggok Tea House has a hot cup of coffee in front of Tongyuri on a snowy day, so you can enjoy the snow scene to the fullest. When you order an espresso, the coffee is placed in a small cup displayed on the window sill. Americano, red ginseng latte, and red ginseng honey tea are popular in winter.
A knee blanket is a must if you want to sit outside for a while
It is relatively cheap because it costs 5,000 won only if you use the sculpture exhibition and cafe. Visitors to the planning exhibition can visit the exhibition halls 1 and 2 for an admission ticket of 8,000 won and use the Seonggok teahouse. It is a pity to close the door with the museum at 6 pm. Parking available, closed Mondays, business hours from 10 am to 6 pm.
A terrace that is always crowded with people from spring to autumn
Indulge in a chocolate cake in an alley next to the art museum, cafe 'Glamus Penguin'
The road to Hanum-dong Leeum Museum is quite different from Itaewon's gorgeous and exotic scenery. Small cafes and restaurants full of personality are gradually increasing, but there is still a quiet and friendly atmosphere on alleys.
Sculpture placed at the outdoor exhibition hall of Leeum Museum
Walk along the sign of Leeum Museum at Hangangjin Station Exit 1 and you will see a modern building on the hill. The Leeum Museum of Art is divided into a Korean Art Exhibition Hall, where national treasure-class artifacts such as the Geum-Dong Mi-Chang Vansang are exhibited, and a second Exhibition Hall, which displays modern and contemporary art and world modern art. The gallery walk has already begun when you see the sculpture “Tall tree and the eye” that you encounter outside the museum and enter the entrance to the artistic museum.
The entrance to the Leeum Museum is also artistic
When you leave the Leeum Museum and enter the alley down to Itaewon, you will see a blue dessert cafe called 'Glamorous Penguin'. The penguin cafe, with its penguin-loving owner's sense of interior, stands out as a dessert café so that it can be selected as a <Blue Ribbon Survey> called <Michelin Guide>.
Chocolate banana cake loved for its sweet, moist taste
The signature menu of 'Glamourous Penguin' is chocolate banana cake and red velvet cake. Chocolate cakes made from Belgian chocolate each morning are less sweet and moist, so they are often sold out as soon as they come out.
Carrot cake and cheesecake that go well with coffee

Above all, we focus on desserts that go well with coffee, and in addition to carrot cakes and cheesecakes, we present new cakes every month. The strawberry latte, which was developed by making strawberry jam, is also a popular menu. After walking around the museum, if you can afford to taste even a piece of homemade cake in a cup of warm cafe latte with a more relaxed sensibility, there is no other luxury in the city center. Parking is available, closed on holidays, and business hours are from 10 am to 10 pm.

The interior decorated in vintage style is clean and comfortable
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Glamorous Penguin
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