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Theme Park, Children's Library, Songpa, Seoul - Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Olympic park where kids can play on the green lawn at any time

Theme Park, Children's Library, Songpa, Seoul

Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Hanseong Baekje Museum (between 2 and 3 south of Olympic Park) → Walk. 5 minutes → Soma Museum → Walk. 2 minutes → Mongchon Moat (Mongchon Falls) → Walk. 10 minutes → Mongchon Saturn (solo tree) → Car (car). 10 minutes 3km → Lotte World (Lotte World Mall, Lotte World Tower)
Songpa-gu, Seoul is full of children's happy playgrounds. From the Olympic Park where you can feel the clean nature of the city center, to Songpa Children's Library where you can talk with books, to theme parks where children and adults alike confirm their concentricity. In addition, there are historical spaces and traditional markets hidden all around, so there is no time to get bored. Let's go on a trip to Songpa, Seoul, where you can see your child's smile.
Olympic park where you can feel the clean nature in the city center all day
Olympic Park, a green resting place in the city center, is a space where children and parents can enjoy sniping. It has a wide lawn, a chubby tiger train, a museum and an art gallery with informative exhibitions, a playground and a performance hall, and food to satisfy the child's instincts.
The work of architect Joong-up Kim honoring the spirit of the Seoul Olympics
Half day is basic, there is no time to get bored even if you stay all day. It is free of charge, open year-round and open from 5 am to 10 pm, which is early in the morning, so admission time is not limited.
Family walking through park together
Since the scale reaches 1,149,000 ㎡ (approximately 430,000 pyeong), it is recommended to check the park guide map in advance on the park website. There are 10 entrances to the park: 2 east gates, 2 west gates, 4 south gates, and 2 north gates. If you are not watching the performance, we recommend that you enter the “3 South” with the Hanseong Baekje Museum or “1 West” with the Gate of World Peace.
The park can be rented for a 4-wheel bike.
Climb the sky garden and embrace the park
If you visited the Hanseong Baekje Museum with infants and toddlers, take the lift from the lobby on the 1st floor to the sky garden on the 3rd floor. The view of the Olympic Park at a glance makes your heart open. Children are happy simply by jumping up and down slopes.
A child looking at the park from the sky garden to the observation deck
In the Sky Garden, there is a Ucha sculpture that restores the Minorets that were used by the kings and nobles of Baekje.
View of the park from the sky garden
It's fun enough to get on the right car and hit the cool breeze and jump through the grass. The landscaped garden is well-equipped in the sky garden, so it's perfect for taking pictures with children.
Children running towards Sosore
Inside the exhibition hall of the Hanseong Baekje Museum, it is worth taking a look around to avoid the midday sun and use the toilet. It is forbidden to predetermine, 'What history does a child know?' The child's potential will not know when and which experiences will develop. It's good to have an experience of exploring the museum from an early age, as the habit of three years goes up to eighty.
A view of the Hanseong Baekje Museum reminiscent of Saturn in Baekje
The exterior of the museum building is unique. The motif was Mongchon Saturn and Pungnap Saturn. The building is 3 stories above the ground and 2 stories above the ground, and the walking path along the roof of the museum is connected to the trail in the Olympic Park, and it seems as if it is going up and down 'Saturn'.
The sky garden promenade is connected to the park promenade
One step closer to art, Soma Museum of Art
Walk through the sculpture park from the main gate of the museum and you will see the Soma Museum of Art. The Soma Museum of Art in the Olympic Park, one of the world's top five sculpture parks, is a large green space. You can see a variety of outdoor sculptures by walking along the path of the sculpture park, which is a natural connection from the entrance to the museum.
Soma Museum and Art Museum
The art museum on the second floor above the window has natural light transmitted through it, and bright and transparent lighting effects stand out depending on the time, weather, and size of the window. The exhibition hall consists of four exhibition halls, centered on the 2nd floor, a total of 6 exhibition halls, including Nam June Paik Video Art Hall and the Drawing Center Exhibition Hall on the 1st floor.
Children gathered on a lawn in front of the art museum and went on a group picnic
The most worrisome part of watching a child and an art museum is viewing etiquette. It is difficult to focus on watching because the child has to catch it every time he runs and repeats, "You can't touch it! You can't run!"
A child watching a work
Because of this, it is often the case that people give up on visiting art galleries, but visiting art galleries is a great help in broadening their thoughts by bringing children to various works of art.
Explaining manners to children
Children instinctively want to touch the work with their hands, but if you can teach the manners in the art museum, that is mountain education. Moreover, there is a park to play in front of you, so why not go outside!
Cafeteria connected to the museum
Enjoy every corner of Olympic Park
The hodori train, a specialty of Olympic Park in front of the Soma Museum of Art, is really fun for children.
The road to Soma Museum of Art
There are about 2.5km one-way and round-trip courses from Peace Gate Square to the picnic area.
Children riding on the Hodori train
You can also go around the park on the train and enjoy artworks. Also, boarding is useful when you need to move to the other side of the park.
U-turn train at picnic area
Charges are paid. Weekdays start at 10:30 am and run every hour after 11:30, 13:00, and the last run at 6 pm. It runs every 40 minutes on weekends.
Playground in front of the ticket office
The playground is well equipped in front of the ticket office at Hodoli, so you can spend time at the playground with your child while waiting for the train.
Children playing seesaw
You can't miss 'Olympic Park 9 Views', which is one of the most beautiful scenery of Olympic Park. Walk along the Mongchon Moat and Mongchon Falls at the Soma Museum of Art.
Mongchon Moat's Fountain
Mongchon Moat is an artificial lake in the Olympic Park. There are 30,000 plants planted in the lake, such as water silver grass and yellow irises, and various plants and animals inhabit the area, making it a great place to watch and enjoy with your children.
Children watching Mongchon Moat
Mongchon Falls on the left side of Mongchon Moat is also worth seeing. It is an artificial waterfall installed to improve the water quality of the lake, and it is a space that children especially like running without water.
Children looking at Mongchon Falls
It is recommended to sit down on a wooden lawn and rest. It is a space that will be a comma for the blue sky, a wide field and a heart. The tree alone is a filming spot, so people are always crowded. If you visited the Olympic Park with infants and toddlers, you can prepare a stroller even if it is a little burdensome. Rentals are also available at the information center. If you want a rental, be sure to bring your ID card.
Mom resting on a hill with a tree alone
A world of dreams and adventures, Lotte World
A place always welcomed by children. If you come to Songpa, you can't pass the Lotte World theme park. Lotte World consists of 1 basement floor, 4 floors above ground, and outdoor magic island. Most play facilities for infants and toddlers are gathered in the Adventure Kiddy Zone on the 1st floor.
A child riding on a merry-go-round
It is a good idea to get the park guide from the information center and check the facilities that can be boarded. If the child's height is less than 110cm, you need to be accompanied by a guardian to board, or there are many facilities that have boarding restrictions.
A happy child in a fantasy forest
Since it is always crowded with users, you can use the Magic Pass app to save waiting time. Just install the 'Lotte World Adventure Magic Pass' app on your smartphone, register your ticket, and find and book the attractions of your choice.
Child watching an insect in a fantasy forest
If you are with children, I recommend the 'Fantasy Forest' on the first floor of the adventure. It is a natural ecology experience hall where you can see, hear, and feel natural creatures. A total of 75 exhibited creatures can be found in nine zones, including the insect zone, cave zone, reptile zone, animal zone, amphibian zone, bird zone, and fairy forest zone.
Squirrel eating prey
It is structured to be closer to animals. Land turtles, hedgehogs, longevity scarabs, guinea pigs, iguanas, etc. are exposed to various creatures, and their children twinkle their eyes.
You can see the squirrel inside the barrel.
When the interior feels frustrating, take a monorail to the outdoor Magic Island.
Panoramic view of magic island
Make sure to ride the Geneva cruise ship, a cruise ship where you can enjoy the scenery of Seokchon Lake.
Geneva Cruise Ship
The operation time is short, about 7 minutes, but in a short time, you can see the beautiful atmosphere of Anne Lake, Lotte World, and the newly built 123th floor of Lotte World Tower.
Lake view from a cruise ship
"Mom, play with the book!", Songpa Children's Library
It is the heart of every parent in the world who wants to raise a child close to a book. The Songpa Children's Library is a space to understand the mind. Although it is called a children's library, there are various books ranging from infants who have just started crawling to infants, elementary school sisters, mothers and grandparents.
Songpa Children's Library is a fun time for children to read.
Even children who do not like books will enjoy the library-like atmosphere of a playground. Recognizing books as a play, not as a tool of learning, and naturally becoming familiar.
A library like a playground
Songpa Children's Library is an eco-friendly library designed to help children read books in a safe environment, such as ondol floors, birch bookshelves, eco-friendly paints, and eco-friendly carpets. It is like a specialized children's library. When I spend time here, I said, 'If there was a library like this right next to my house ... 'My heart is like a chimney.
Rooftop sky garden with wildflowers
You can go up and down the stairs, build a castle with a book, and sunbathe in the sky garden where wildflowers bloom. Since the recommended books are selected and displayed every month, the worries of 'what books should be read' are solved at once. Every Friday at 4:00 pm, animations for children are screened to provide another fun.
Kids looking through recommended books
The Songpa Children's Library opened in 2009 on a scale of 1 underground and 3 above ground. The first floor consists of a 'baby room' and a 'story room', which is a space for children to read books. If you climb the stairs past the story room, the attic room is full of English books.
Children reading books in a comfortable position with mom
The baby room is equipped with a variety of books suitable for the child's level, as well as a nursing room and a separate toilet, which is convenient for families with infants.
Toilet in baby room
On the 2nd floor, there is 'Seulgibang' with various newspapers and magazines, and the 'World Zone' with books from around the world.
2nd floor Seulgibang view
Anyone can use the library, and if you want to borrow books to read, you need to register as a member. If you are a Seoul citizen, you can sign up, and you can get a membership card on the 2nd floor according to the membership registration process. In the case of a child member under the age of 6, the guardian must present the guardian's identification card and a copy of resident registration.
You can go up and down the stairs with bare feet and read the book to your heart's content.
It is located 200m from Exit 5 of Jamsil Saenae Subway Station (Line 2). It is available from 9 am to 6 pm, except on Mondays and legal holidays.
Children reading books and having fun
Travel information

Recommended travel course (same day course)

Olympic Park → Hanseong Baekje Museum (Haneul Park) → Soma Museum → Lunch → Park Walk (Tiger Train, Family Fun Garden) → Open at night at Lotte World

Recommended travel course (2 nights 3 days course)

first day : Olympic Park → Hanseong Baekje Museum (Haneul Park) → Soma Museum → Lunch → Park Walk (Olympic Sculpture Park and Mongchon Saturn Solo Tree) → Songpa Children's Cultural Center
Second day : Lotte World Folk Museum → Lotte World (indoor, adventure) → Lunch → Lotte World (outdoor, Magic Island) → Dinner → Lotte World Tower Observatory (Enjoy the night view)
third day : Seokchon Lake (Dongho) → Seokchon Lake Cafe Street → Lunch → Sincheon Children's Transportation Park → Songpa Children's Library


-Songpa-gu Cultural Tourism Inquiries: 02-2147-2000 / http://culture.songpa.go.kr/

-Inquiry for Songpa Tourist Information Center: 02-421-0970 ~ 1/180 Jamsil-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Dongho, Seokchon Lake)

-Olympic Park Inquiries: Information Center I (West 1) 02-410-1111,1600 / Information Center II (East 2) 02-410-1112 / http://www.olympicpark.co.kr/

-Inquiry for Soma Museum: 02-425-1077 / 424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul / http://soma.kspo.or.kr/

-Inquiry for Hanseong Baekje Museum: 02-2152-5800 / 71, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul / http://baekjemuseum.seoul.go.kr/

-Inquiry for Songpa Children's Library: 02-418-0303 / 105, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu / http://www.splib.or.kr/spclib/index.jsp

-Contact Lotte World: 1661-2000 / 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu / http://www.lotteworld.com/index.asp

-Lotte World Tower Observatory (Seoul Sky) Inquiries: 1661-2000 / https://seoulsky.lotteworld.com/main/index.do

Barrier-free information

-Olympic Park
* In the information center (operating hours 09: 00 ~ 20: 00, winter season ~ 19: 00)
* Free stroller rental (less than 24 months, ID card required)
* Mia Shelter (information broadcasting available)
* Nursing room (diaper changing table, microwave oven)
* Concession umbrella rental
* Many cafes and restaurants in the park
* Open year round

-Soma Museum of Art
* Free stroller rental
* Stroller access is possible using a slope
* Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Last admission 17:20), Closed: Every Monday, January 1, Lunar New Year, Chuseok
* Admission fee: Individual 3,000 won, child 1000 won (※ children under 48 months free)
* With elevator

-Hanseong Baekje Museum
* Free stroller rental (under 30 months)
* Opening hours: Weekdays 09: 00-21: 00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 09: 00-19: 00 (November-February 09: 00-18: 00), Closed: Every Monday, January 1, Mayor Closed days (delegated to the director)
* Admission: Free
* Elevators and storage boxes available
* Cafeteria (2F): Italian restaurant
* Parking available: 2,000 won per 2 hours / 150 won per 5 minutes

- Lotte World
* There is an infirmary, child care room, nursing room, stroller and wheelchair rental
* Hours of use: Weekends 09:30 ~ 22:00 (from 16:00 at night)
* Information desk (next to the meeting place): amusement facilities, performance information, report of lost items, report of missing children, distribution of guide maps, etc.
* Infant rest room: diaper changing table, sink, baby bottle cleaner, water purifier, microwave

-Songpa Children's Library
* There is a nursing room and children's restroom
* Strollers are prohibited from entering or leaving the locker at the information desk and stored in the bicycle storage in front of the building.
* Food can be consumed in the `` Doran Doran '' space on the 1st floor entrance
* Hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00, Closed: Every Monday and legal holidays
* There is an elevator in the building
* Free of charge

Move information

Public transportation information
-Olympic Park
[Subway] Line 8 Mongchon Saturn Station Exit 1, Line 5-Olympic Park Station Exit 3
[Bus] [Main Line] 340, 341 [Green Bus] 3220, 3411, 3412, 3413, 3414, 4318

-Lotte World
[Subway] Line 2 Jamsil Station Exit 4

Self-driving information
-Depart from Seoul City Hall → Namsan No. 1 tunnel (toll 2,000 won) → Hannam Bridge → Enter Olympic Avenue toward 'Olympic Boulevard (Comprehensive Stadium, Gimpo Airport)' on the right side → Olympic Boulevard (10km) → At the Olympic Bridge Junction 'Seohanam IC , Olympic Park, Olympic Bridge 'turn right → Gangdong-daero → Turn right at Dunchon Intersection toward Garak Market → Yangjae-daero → Olympic Park (East Gate)

Food and lodging information

Accommodation Information
-Lotte Hotel World : 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul / 02-419-7000 / Character room with the theme of 'Loti' and 'Lori', characters of Lotte World Adventure (infant slippers, baby toilet, baby wash basin, whirlpool, customized pillows) / Character photo zone operation

-Seoul Olympic Parktel : 88-8 Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul / 02-410-2114 / Family Room / Olympic Park / Family Room / http://www.parktel.co.kr

-Hotel 2.4 : 55-16 Ogeum-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul 02-420-2400 / Penthouse (with karaoke, swimming pool, kitchen, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave) / Adjacent to the 4th door of Olympic Park, about 5 minutes on foot / http://www.hotel2-4.com/

Restaurant information
-Naengsan Naengmyeon : Fishery tray, Milmyeon / 257 Garak-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul / 02-3431-2262 / Legless table
-In KITCHEN (In Kitchen) : Pasta, risotto omelette / Dongbo Building 101, 3-4, Geoma-ro 2-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul / 02-407-7519
-Today's rice : Steak Bob / Yuseongwon Roomtel 1F, 42-11 Baekje Gobun-ro 41-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul / 02-2203-1114

※ The above information was created in May 2017, and may be changed later, so be sure to check it before you travel.
※ Information, such as text, photos, and videos used in this article, is copyrighted by the Korea Tourism Organization, and unauthorized use of the article is prohibited.