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The spicy taste that keeps pulling! 'Daegu's Drug Tteokbokki Three Musketeers' - Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Daegu Drug Tteokbokki is a flour tteokbokki with only one finger

The spicy taste that keeps pulling! 'Daegu's Drug Tteokbokki Three Musketeers'

Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Tteokbokki, with a thick, thick flour rice cake with only a child's finger. It is a spicy and irritating taste, but it is different from the spicy taste of chilled red pepper. It is a strange taste that makes you taste it again. The soup color is also dark red rather than red. It may be like pepper powder or curry powder. Although a common street snack everywhere in Korea is Tteokbokki, why is the poisonous Daegu Tteokbokki called "Drug Tteokbokki"?

The taste I keep thinking of, ah ~ I'm addicted
As you wander around the city of Daegu, you often see signs of Tteokbokki houses, such as Hwangteok, Emperor Tteokbokki, and Yunokyeon Halmae Tteokbokki. Those who like Tteokbokki don't see the signs as ordinary. Moreover, the moment the soup is overlooked, the moment the foot is stopped, the steps stop.
The drug tteokbokki comes with a strange taste for the first person to eat. The word "delicious" does not appear in a short stay, but like the name of a drug, it has a taste that keeps pulling for some reason. Daegu natives, who introduce the drug tteokbokki, make a big deal.
“People from outside don't know this taste by eating it once. People who have eaten for the first time don't know what kind of taste they eat, but it tastes like it keeps coming back. ”
Of the three Musketeers of Daegu Drug Tteokbokki, Palace Tteokbokki
In fact, people who love Tteokbokki often experience a taste that tastes like a lie again when they go home.
'That's why it's a drug tteokbokki. I don't know when to eat, but when I turn around, I keep thinking of it! '
Spicy addictive taste, Daegu tteokbokki
The origin of Daegu's Drug Tteokbokki, Shincheon Halmae Tteokbokki
In Daegu, Dukbok Tteokbokki is the origin of Halleok Tteokbokki in Sincheon Market, now called Yunokyeon Halmae Tteokbokki. It opened for the first time in 1976. A few years ago, it relocated to the neighborhood due to the redevelopment of the Sincheon market and changed its name to Yoon Ok-yeon Halmae Tteokbokki. Halmae Tteokbokki is a bit different from normal Tteokbokki. Hakmae's tteokbokki, nicknamed the first drug tteokbokki, is a spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy taste that leaves a strong memory that is not easily forgotten.
Yoon Okyeon Halmae Tteokbokki is full of pepper powder
If you look at the black dots in this house's Tteokbokki, you can guess that it is Tteokbokki made by sprinkling pepper powder even at a glance. The color of the broth is also dark and orange. On top of that, put another spoonful of marinade sauce that seems to be used as Tteokbokki seasoning. The sauce is so strong that you can't eat a few without the fried fish cake and fried dumplings. Yun Okyeon Halmae Tteokbokki is visited by a lot of young travelers in Daegu. The Tteokbokki store is bigger, but the grandmother is retiring from the front line. In the meantime, several branches were opened in downtown Daegu.
Crispy fried dumplings on a spicy Tteokbokki
Palace Tteokbokki, Hwangteok
Palace Tteokbokki, which has been in place at the edge of Sincheon Market for over 20 years, shares the same characteristics of Daegu Tteokbokki. However, it has a different taste from Yun Okyeon Halmae Tteokbokki. It is softer and milder. The taste is more refined. I don't feel sick after eating. The tteokbokki flavor has a curry scent, but the pepper is not added. The chewy tteokbokki with a moderate curry taste is watery tteokbokki with a thick soup. Boil the sauce and rice cake separately, and make the rice cake by adding it to the rice cake soup. It is said that the rice cakes that go into the Palace Tteokbokki are ordered separately in a special formulation different from the typical Tteokbokki.
Palace Tteokbokki, which has unchanged taste, has more local staples than spicy customers. In addition, the business is good, but unlike other drug tteokbokki houses, it didn't make any difference. It is said that it is not necessarily a taste that is less than a branch, but in order to maintain the original taste of the Palace Tteokbokki, it is said that it will only be served by the owner's couple without a branch.
Palace Tteokbokki with rich soup
Palace Tteokbokki, Fried Fish Cakes, Fried Dumplings
A latecomer called ‘Hwangteok’ is also one of the representative brands of Daegu ’s dope rice cake.
Young men and women are the regulars of spicy Daegu tteokbokki
The taste seems to be a mixture of Yunokyeon Halmae Tteokbokki and Palace Tteokbokki, and it is a little more spicy than the two Tteokbokki.
Medium Spicy Tteokbokki of "Hwangteok"
The characteristic of this house is that Tteokbokki is divided into mild, medium and spicy flavors. After eating, it may be a bit bitter inside because of spices, but it is a taste that I want to continue eating. Tteokbokki broth spreads its curry scent as if you know it.
Spicy drug tteokbokki's best friend, Cool Peace
Hwangteok is the largest tteokbokki maker in Daegu. There are more than 20 branches, there are also homepages, and we continue to recruit franchise stores. There are more than 10 branches in downtown Daegu, so you can easily taste them anywhere.
Spicy drug tteokbokki's best friend, Cool Peace
Tteokbokki's best friend, fried fish cake and fried dumplings
There is one that boasts a fantastic chemistry with Daegu's tteokbokki, which is fried fish cake and fried dumpling. In Daegu, fried fish cakes and fried dumplings are sold at any tteokbokki restaurant. The fish cake is fried in oil like dumplings, and the savory taste and chewy texture of the fish cake are added to make it a specialty of Daegu's food-sharing system that forms a double wall with the drug tteokbokki. The dumplings look like frozen dumplings on the market, but the inside is a little different. Instead of meat, the noodles are just like flat dumplings. Usually, the deep-fried fish cake and dumplings are eaten in a rice cake.
Deep-fried fish cake of freshly fried Palace Tteokbokki
It is the price that makes me surprised once more when I eat narcotic tteokbokki. It's okay for two to eat, and it's only 1,000 won per plate. Fish cakes and dumplings range from 1,000 won to 1,500 won each. Nowadays, the price of Tteokbokki in Hwangteok has risen by 1,000 won to 2,000 won, and the Palace Tteokbokki and Yoon Okyeon Halmae Tteokbokki still adhere to 1,000 won. Depending on the tteokbokki restaurant, 5 to 7 days old and 5 to 10 dumplings cost 1,000 to 1,500 won each. Thanks to its good price, anyone can eat as much as possible in a pleasant mood.
Deep-fried dumplings boasting a fantastic compatibility with narcotic rice cake

There is also a story that Daegu is loved because of the hot weather in Daegu. The midsummer weather is so hot that it needs a stimulating taste to forget the heat. In a word, this is yeolchiyeol. In the winter, they eat the drug tteokbokki and overcome the cold. No matter how cold it is, the moment you eat the dope-dokbokki, you will get sweat on your forehead. It is also a reason to sell cool pieces without missing them every time. A cool cool piece that floats more ice than water is a great way to soothe a spicy tongue. It is another best friend that can't be beat with the drug tteokbokki.

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