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The road to the news of spring flowers Camellia forest at Okryongsa Temple in Gwangyang - Gwangyang, Jeonnam, Korea

The road to Okryongsa Temple. Camellia is dense on both sides.

The road to the news of spring flowers Camellia forest at Okryongsa Temple in Gwangyang

Gwangyang, Jeonnam, Korea

Spring starts from the south. The spring energy that has risen to Jeju Island through Jeju Island spreads in all directions. The flowers that concealed me from the cold wind reveal a beautiful appearance in the warm spring sunlight. This is a great comfort for travelers who have had a long and cold tail. I missed the scenery of the blooming flowers and ran to Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do. It is a journey that the red camellia forest welcomes.
A camellia flower that overcomes the cold and blooms vigorously
If you want to know where spring is coming, let's climb the camellia forest of Gwangyang Okryongsa. The camellia, which bursts out of red buds, forms a forest, regardless of the cold grumpy. The imposing of the camellia flowers, which begin to bloom from late winter, seemingly trying to push away all the remaining cold.
The way to the temple. 'Where can I go to see flowers?' And there is no need to be impatient. After passing the parking lot, the camellia forest begins. It is a path in which the green of the shiny leaves and the red color of the camellia flower contrast. If you walk with your eyes fixed to the sky while looking at a camellia in full bloom, a well comes out far away. It is said that if you make a wish by drinking this well water, it will come true.
Red camellia bloomed through green leaves
From this point on, it was the place where the Seonguksa Temple was founded in Silla. Doseon, known as the master of Feng Shui Geography, is said to have planted camellia trees in order to compensate for the lack of energy in the land. The forest with more than 7,000 camellia trees planted around the temple is currently protected as Natural Monument No. 489.
Well that wishes come true
When you pass a tree standing behind a well, a small pond emerges. 'Doseon Guksa Temple Chamseon-gil' spreads beside the pond. It is easy to walk by placing a wooden deck. When you enter the road, the camellia is so dense that you cannot see the sky. The branches lined up on both sides are scared of even snow. If someone finds a heart made of camellia petals that have fallen on the floor, it's good to see them. It is the most suitable shape made of passionate red. After a short walk on the meditation path, return and enter the Jade Dragon Temple.
There is a small pond on the way to and from Chamseon-gil
7,000 camellia trees that prove past movies
Unlike the lush camellia forest, the Jade Dragon limb is empty. There is no stone pagoda that would be common even in the temple. A few remaining headstones prove that there was a rip in the past. Thousands of camellia trees guard the glade as if they were escorts.
Water well in the middle of the temple
In the middle of the temple, you can see a well that is now obsolete. After that, only the foundation stone with traces reminds us that there was a building here. It would be a bleak landscape without a bunch of camellia trees surrounding a wide open space.
Trail of headstone left behind well
Cross the temple to the wooden stairs. Climbing the low hills leads to the bankruptcy of Dosunguksa Temple and his grandson Tongjin Ambassador, restored in 2002. Gwangyang City purchased the surrounding area, which was privately owned, and excavated and constructed it.
Dosunguksa Temple, the founder of Okryongsa Temple
Camellia also forms a forest here. When you reach out, the flowers that bloom at the height you can reach are greedy. Camellia flowers scattered all over the wooden stairs are still red even after falling.
Dosunguk's chief priest, Tongjin Ambassador
Okryongsaji comes along Baekgye-ro, Gwangyang-si, in the direction of Baekunsan Natural Recreation Forest. At the entrance there is a parking lot for tourists and a public toilet.
There is a deck in the middle of the hill where you can rest for a while.
If you want to hear more about the camellia forest and the Jade Dragon Temple, you can ask the cultural commentator working at the tourist information center. When a group visits, it also goes to the Jade Dragon Temple and explains it. Working hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. It is also special fun to hear the serene pride of the cultural commentator that you can see the beautiful flower scenery when you see the mountain across the parking lot.
Family travelers who visited Okryongsa Temple <Photo courtesy, Gwangyang City Hall>
White Flowers Cheonji Gwangyang Plum Village
If you went to Gwangyang to see spring flowers, you can't miss Maehwa Village. In March, the Seomjin River, centered around Maehwa Village, is colored with white petals. On the way to Maehwa Village along the Seomjin River Maehwa-ro, the snow rushes over the blooming flowers. The Gwangyang Plum Festival is held every year at this time, so it is a busy street with event booths and crowds along the road. Unfortunately, in 2017, the festival was canceled to prevent the spread of AI, but in 2018, from March 15th to 25th, the plum festival is normally held so you can enjoy the festival.
Gwangyang Maehwa Village
If you arrive at the village, you should refer to the 'Maehwaseomjin Village Comprehensive Map' installed at the entrance. Either way, you can turn around and turn down to where you are now. If you are curious about the most popular place in Maehwa Village, head to Cheongmaesil Farm. Thousands of places are gathered by probable officers. There is no hesitation in taking commemorative photos with large jars in the background.
Cheongmaesil Farm's Reading
After climbing Cheongmaesil Farm, you can see the thatched house over the hill. It is a famous place for filming and dramas. At night, the lights come in and the photo enthusiasts who want to take a night view come to it.
Thatched house scenery with stunning night view <Photo courtesy, Gwangyang City Hall>
There is another observatory in the direction of Gwangyang Plum Culture Center on the opposite side of Cheongmaesil Farm. As you climb your steep slope, you climb to the observatory until you get short of breath. It is a popular photo zone where you can see the whole Maehwa Village. The plum-covered plump white as if it were snowed down is a true scenery. One of the highlights of Maehwa Village is the path that leads to the trees with both sides. The scenery of the Seomjin River that comes in front of you from anywhere in the village makes itself elastic.
Blooming plum
If you are curious when Gwangyang plum is in full bloom
Although I waited for a long winter, the flower doesn't last long. If you are in a hurry, you have to come back after looking at the flower buds. For those who are eagerly waiting for flowers to bloom, Gwangyang City's official blog ( http://gwangyangsi.blog.me/ ) And SNS will be announced when the plum is expected to bloom. The data are based on the spring flowering time announced by the Korea Meteorological Administration and the flowering time of plum blossoms in Gwangyang in the last three years.
Plum blossom scenery between Jangdokdae
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Jade Dragon Temple

Address: 71 Baekgye 1-gil, Okryong-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do

-Inquiries: 061-797-2418 (Gwangyang City Hall, Department of Culture and Arts)


Gwangyang Maehwa Village

-Address: 1563-1 Sumjingangmaehwa-ro, Daap-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do

-Inquiries: 061-797-3333 (Gwangyang City Tourist Information Center)


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