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The main hub of maritime traffic between Japan and China in the Silla era

View from Wando Chunghae Ruins (Jangdo)

The main hub of maritime traffic between Japan and China in the Silla era

Wando-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Wando-gun. Is it because the island contains ‘島’. Wando is more popular with his islands than the main island itself. It's easy to think of Slow City's Cheongsan-do and Bogil-do, which bears alpine Yun Sun-do. To enter these two islands, you have to board a boat from Wando or the neighboring town of Haenam. As a result, even though they traveled to Wando, it is not uncommon for them to travel to the main island of Wando. That doesn't mean there's nothing to see on Wando Island. So today I prepared a round trip to Wando main island.

Crossing Wando Bridge from Haenam and entering Wando land, it is Wando-eup. The Shinji Bridge, which connects Wando-eup and Sinjido, can be reached by road to Sinjido. Aiming to be completed in 2015, all islands including Gogeum, where the construction of the landing bridge is in full swing, as well as birthdays and weekdays, are all islands within the island. In addition to the main island of Wando, I also visited Myeongsasimni Beach, which Shinjido, which was connected by a landing bridge. Myeongsasimni Beach, which is a popular summer vacation destination, boasted a beautiful coast as its name.

Blueprinted ruins of General Jang Bogo

Let's look at the map of Wando first. Go straight across the intersection and cross the Wando Bridge to reach the Chungcheong ruins, then turn clockwise in order from Mongdol Beach, Cheonghae Pogu Shooting Site, and Wando Arboretum.

Chungcheong ruins with traces of Silla
Turn right at the three-way street and turn in the reverse order. Of course, it's free to choose only your favorite.
Chungcheong ruins with traces of Silla
It runs about 10km along the 13th national road from Wando Bridge to reach Jangdo (Janggun Island) where the cleared ruins of Jangbogo, the sea king of Silla era, were found. Now, the wooden bridge can be placed at any time of the day, but in the past it was time to meet the water. Entering Jangdo Cheonghaeji (Historic No. 308), you can see the appearance of Cheonghae at that time by restoring the outer gate and introspection gate.
Statue of Jang Bo-go at the site of Chung-Jeong's Ruins
The Haesin Bulmok-ri Set site, which is located not far from Chungcheong's ruins, was closed on August 5, 2014 to prevent safety accidents due to the risk of deterioration of facilities.
Jangbogo Memorial Hall

Here are a few things you need to know to enrich your trip to Wando. Born in Wando, it is a general named Jang Bogo. One thousand years ago, Cheonghae, which seized the East Asian maritime rights from Silla, China, Japan, and Southwest Asia, was located in Wando, and Jangbogo was at the center.

Cheonghae Pogu Shooting Site
Jang Bogo planted a camp in Jangdo to slay pirates and seize the maritime rights. Born of a humble status, but with excellent martial arts, he went to the Tang Dynasty and saw the Tang pirates kidnap and sell the new lines to Nobi.
Cheonghae Pogu Shooting Site
And it will start the trade trade between Japan and Tang. Jang Bogo contributed to Silla's leadership in maritime trade between Silla, Japan and Tang.
Cheonghae Pogu Shooting Site
The traces can be found in the Jangja-ri Daejari area, centered on Jangdo, a cleared historical site. This is because there are ship docks, Saturn and wells. It is the trace of the best international trade port of the 9th century.
Cheonghaepo-gu Shooting Range
How many boats were carried by this waterway that contained a jewel-like island? Leaving behind, she crosses Shinji Bridge and heads for Myeongsasimni.
Cheonghaepo-gu Shooting Range
Myeongsasimni Beach Fine Sand VS. To mondol including the old quarter

Myeongsasimni Beach, which means 'the sound of sand crying across the streets.' Fine sand shines in the light. With its fine sand and shallow water, it is a popular space for family vacationers. Children dressed in short sleeves are playing in the water. There are plenty of places to take care of accommodation, including pensions, campsites and restaurants. There is also a convenience store near the parking lot, so there is no difficulty to have a neck or snack.

Shinji Myeongsasimni Beach

After returning to the main island of Wando again, run south to reach Mongdol Beach Gugyeung (Scenic Spot No. 3). 'The stones form nine steps' are filled with mondols of various sizes, ranging from small chestnuts to dinosaurs. It is a viewpoint that is considered a sunset point. Occasionally there are tourists trying to take them against Mondol, which is difficult. A 'place in place' campaign is underway.

Shinji Myeongsasimni Beach

If you have seen the old seasons, head to the Cheonghaepo-gu shooting site. Cheonghae Pogu filming site in the small pogu is a place where the drama 'Haesin' and 'Jeongjeon', as well as the recently released <Myeongnyang> were filmed. Buildings such as pier, muzzles, ships and other objectives, buildings, dungeons, military barracks, and watchtowers are located. It is also considered a sunset point. It takes about 40 minutes to see it. If you like movies and dramas, you can add fun to the shooting location. There is also a shop where you can have light food and snacks inside. There is no General Bogo, who may have been here someday, but the waterway he looked at still holds its place.

Old stone beach
Travel info

1. Nearby restaurants

Cheongsil Sashimi Restaurant: Seaside Park-ro, Wando-eup / 061-552-4559
Miwon Sashimi Restaurant: Seaside Park-ro, Wando-eup / 061-554-2506
Sora Sashimi Restaurant: Myeongsasimni-gil, Shin-ji, Wando-gun / 061-552-7874

2. Accommodation

Benikea Wando Tourist Hotel: Beach Park-ro, Wando-eup / 061-552-3005
Grand Motel: Gaepo-ri, Wando-eup / 061-554-4965
Rivera Motel: Wando Park-ro, Wando-eup / 061-554-4455
Wando XYM Motel: Gunna-ri, Wando-eup / 061-554-5448

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