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The drama “Discovery of Love.” The space where their love began, Jinju Station & Yeonhwado

Dongdu Village as seen from Yeonhwado Bridge

The drama “Discovery of Love.” The space where their love began, Jinju Station & Yeonhwado

Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Every time I watched, I walked along the summer and Taeha, the protagonist of KBS 2TV's <Discovery of Love>, who hits his knees “tak”. The coincidence on the train to Jinju, where they first met, sublimates to fate along the summer courageous softening. Both places and opponents were different, but with a dim first love that had nothing in common, they headed for Jinju Station and Yeonhwa-do.

Here is a woman. Her name is midsummer. Now there are two men by her side. One is the current man Nam Ha-jin, and the other is the man of the past. The 32-year-old furniture designer, summer, is now in her second year of love with Plastic Surgeon Hajin, the same age. Friendly and competent. In addition, there is a boyfriend who matches, understands and loses much in summer. One day, a happy day that seems to last forever, a man of the past, Kang Tae-ha, appears in front of them.

Autumn trip to find love story in drama
This is the stem of the drama <Discovery of Love> on KBS 2TV. Why do you need to know this? That's because Summer, the protagonist of <Discovery of Love>, will meet Tae-ha and introduce a space that fell in love like fate, aka the Holy Land of Love.
Summer and Taeha, the protagonist of 'Discovery of Love'
This season, when people miss their warmth, they followed their love story, remembering when they whispered in their hands, looking into each other's eyes, which would certainly occupy the corner of everybody's heart. Introducing the autumn trip that would be better with the person next door.
Summer and Taeha, the protagonist of 'Discovery of Love'
The train to Jinju, where the protagonist of <Discovery of Love> summer and Taeha met for the first time. Met in an old fashioned or destiny, they fell in love so much. Kang, he was the first love of summer. It's fresh when you don't know what to do. That's why the first love that can only hurt and hurt more. At the border between a child and an adult, they begin with a summer jigsaw that "I feel in love with you now." Xue Lei temporarily ends their first meeting at Jinju Station, their destination. With the words of Tae-ha, "Go to Yeonhwado".
Summer and Taeha, the protagonist of 'Discovery of Love'
Jinju Station, which was introduced in the drama, is not the same place as Jinju Station 5 years ago. The current Jinju Station is the new Jinju Station, which was newly established in Gajwa-dong in 2012. So, in the context of the drama, they first met Jinju Station in Gangnam-dong.
Jinju Station
Opened in 1925, it has been lost and completed. The former Jinju Station, which stopped operating Saemaul Lake the following year, was suspended in 2006. It has been opened since the Saemaul Lake resumed operation with the stop of KTX.
Jinju Station
Once upon a time there is a restaurant. The front is a restaurant, but when you go back, you still have a "pearl" sign. The lapse of the disappeared railroad runs through the cosmos. Bullet-printed bullets carved out of the neglected Jinju Station Car Maintenance Warehouse (Registration No. 202) tell the past.
Old Jinju Station. There is a restaurant now.
The train bearing Jinju Station is a light line. It connects Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do, and became the 'Gyeongjeon Line' after the first letter. During the Japanese colonial period, rice and cotton were brought to Japan to connect Honam and Yeongnam granary and Busan. The earliest Gyeongjeon Line, which connected Jinju ~ Jeonju, Wonchon ~ Damyang, currently connects Samyangjin Station in Milyang, Gyeongnam and Songjeong Station in Gwangju. Jinju has long been a hub for inland traffic.
Old Jinju Station. There is a restaurant now.
150li according to love, from Jinju station to Tongyeong

It has the same name 'Jinju Station' but one is abandoned and the other is open. Maybe it resembles love. The only indication that this station was a station is the Jinju station sign, the faint train tracks, and the Jinju station car maintenance. Head to Tongyeong from Jinju Station, where only the trail remains. To meet Taeha again, head back to Yeonhwa-do along the back of Spiral Summer.

Passenger ship connecting Yeonhwa ~ Yangji at Tongyeong Passenger Terminal

If you look at the drama, you know that Jinju Station and Yeonhwado are very close, but there is actually quite a distance. It is about 60km by road from Jinju Station to Tongyeong Passenger Terminal. Where is it? It takes about 1 hour by boat from Tongyeong Passenger Terminal to reach Yeonhwa-do. It takes 55 minutes by car and about 1 hour and 10 minutes by public transport. To get to Tongyeong from Jinju, you have to travel from Jinju Station to Intercity Bus Terminal. Note that you can't board a Yeonhwado boat directly from Jinju Station. If you go to Jinju station after watching the drama, you should go to Intercity Bus Terminal again and go to Tongyeong Bus Terminal.

Yeonhwado arrives along the boat for about an hour
Soft island, lotus-like island in the sea
Running with the intention of seeing the man who fell in love at first sight again. To get to Yeonhwa-do, you have to go to the Tongyeong Passenger Ship Terminal, located across from Seoho Market. Depart from Tongyeong 5 times a day (06:30, 09:30, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00). However, ship times may change depending on the weather, so check in advance.
Softening degree entrance
Run for about an hour to reach softening. Stopped at Yeonhwa Island for a while, so you should get off well. The ship that went to Yogyakdo stops at Yeonhwado Island and goes out.
Yeonjiwon Wonrang Elementary School
Yeonhwado, a legendary missionary and legend, is a small island. It is divided into two courses. One is the A course (3 hours) to the passenger ship terminal ~ Yeonhwabong ~ Bodeokam ~ Hung bridge ~ Dragon head ~ Passenger ship terminal; Connected course B (2 hours). You can drive a car except for part of the B course.
Yeonhwasa Temple of Yeonhwado, a legend of mission
Softened ships can be shipped by car. It's a good island to walk around without any problem, but if you're accompanied by seniors, it's better to bring a car. This is because there is no taxi or bus in small Yeonhwa-do.
The friends who accompanied her missed the ship, but in summer, they just came to Yeonhwado in search of Kang Tae-ha, who fell in love at first sight.
Bodeokam and Crossroads
Calm island Yeondo Island possessed by Tongyeong Yokji. The two travel around Yeonhwa Island, seeing each other's feelings for each other and becoming lovers.
A road from a crossroad to a bridge
Their hearts begin in every corner of the island of Yeonhwado Island, including a rocky bridge that makes fun of summer, a shop that buys cup ramen by scooping up the remaining coins, an elementary school that stays overnight, delicious sashimi, and beautiful fall.
Tae-ha's teasing summer
Unfortunately, the water they used to eat is now out of season. <The discovery of love> The boss of the restaurant who filmed the picture of the reef, "The reef is out of season and mackerel in the fall," he recommends new food. Mackerel, which has a softening degree, is very delicious. If you have time, you can enjoy fishing.
The shop where cup ramen was bought in summer. Only super soft
Summer and taiji, they all disappeared. Love in the drama is also making knots, and the 16-part drama has come to an end. However, the space where their love started beating people's hearts one day when autumn began, and the uphill road where summer followed hardly all the way, and the rocky bridge where Taeha scared summer are also in place. It was a long way to come to see the beginning of the romance of the drama. Wasn't it because of the steadfastness or dimness of the unsightly things that Orot kept in place even after all the things that had once shone disappeared.
Softened mackerel, the best mackerel in autumn
Departs from Tongyeong Passenger Terminal 5 times daily (06:50, 09:30, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00). Departures 5 times a day from Yeonhwa Island (08:30, 11:45, 13:20, 15:30, 17:00). Due to the weather conditions, the boat is fluid, so you need to contact us. For inquiries, please call (055-641-6181). It takes 1 hour from Tongyeong to Yeonhwa-do, and KRW 16,600 for a round trip.
Travel info

1. Nearby restaurants

Dragon Head Sashimi Restaurant: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeok-myeon, Tongyeong / 055-643-6915
Nevawi Sashimi Restaurant: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeok-myeon, Tongyeong / 055-642-6712

2. Accommodation

You can stay at Dongdu Village in Yeonhwado Pier and Rock Bridge. You can also stay in a sushi restaurant.
B & B: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeok-myeon, Tongyeong-si / 055-648-9126
Yeonhwa Resort: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeokji-myeon, Tongyeong / 010-4848-9923
Nevawi Guest House: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeokji-ri, Tongyeong / 010-3583-6767
Hanba Pension: Yeonhwa-ri, Yeokji-ri, Tongyeong / 017-585-6945

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