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Take care of your winter health with a cypress sawdust enzyme! If you raise the body temperature by 1 ℃ double your health! - Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Suraksan Cypress Garden Footbath

Take care of your winter health with a cypress sawdust enzyme! If you raise the body temperature by 1 ℃ double your health!

Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

I found a hot place to release the joints that are firm in cold wind and cool my mind. Suraksan Cypress Garden where you can enjoy Cypress Forest Bath and Sawdust Enzyme Bath. The advantage is that you can enjoy short sleeves without worrying about the cold. Find a cypress enzyme bath that boasts excellent anticancer effects.

The body temperature of modern people is lowered by 1 degree on average compared to half a century ago. Hypothermia is known as the leading cause of modern illness. Body temperature of healthy person is 36.7 ~ 37 ℃. At this temperature our internal organs and cells are actively moving. If the body temperature drops here, the function becomes weaker. The same is true for adults saying "warm up your body."
Suraksan Cypress Garden
Thanks to various air conditioners, the room temperature is comfortable regardless of the season. This allows us to live indoors in short sleeves. Our bodies make less effort to maintain body temperature, so they build up excess energy and gain weight.
Suraksan Gbaekwon Information Desk
Is body temperature more important than weight?

The protein enzyme bath has an excellent effect on raising the body temperature. The body temperature of modern people suffering from chronic diseases with low body temperature is raised to 37 ~ 38 ℃. It is a natural treatment using cypress sawdust without the help of artificial heat such as electricity or gas. After 15 minutes of the enzyme enzyme bath, you will feel warm. As the body's temperature rises, the pores expand and enzymes penetrate into it, activating skin cells. Metabolism becomes active as warm energy spreads throughout the body. This is why it helps to improve the constitution of those who are obese.

The beginning of Suraksan Cybaekwon course is the hot rock bed
I'm not sure if I only hear it. What is the protein enzyme bath? It's roughly the same when you think of Jjimjilbang. The difference is that there is an experience course in order, and the enzymatic sawdust enzyme bath is added. The cypress sawdust enzyme bath is an extract of cypress one.
Relax and add a massage pack to your face
Wear a Jjimjilbang costume without underwear, and then enter a hot bedrock bath. It will warm you up for 20 to 30 minutes on a rock made of germanium, charcoal and gravel. Drinking cypress tea, which is served indefinitely, goes to low temperature bedrock bath. Less comfortable than before, you can put a massage pack on your face. The time is about 15-20 minutes. Next, go to the footbath and take a rest as a forest bath.
Suraksan Cypress Garden Footbath
Once you've done all of this, it's time to experience the enzyme protein bath. When you enter the enzymatic bath, put an enzyme-containing proteinaceous sawdust on your body. Think of the sand baths that are common at summer beaches. Covering the cypress sawdust that self-heats instead of the enzyme instead of sand.
Relaxation in the forest bath after the foot bath
By the way, the temperature of enzyme sawdust is quite high. The whole body becomes hot. There is no fire, no heating equipment, but the sawdust itself produces heat. If you feel uncomfortable to touch bare skin, talk to your manager. Towels are often applied to hot spots.
Cypress Sawdust
100% natural fever emitted by enzymes from cypress sawdust
“Put the enzyme in the cymbal sawdust and it is a natural fever. The temperature goes up to 70 ℃. If you have hot spots, don't wait. Enzyme bath time is about 15 minutes, but the crowd is not able to fill all the way out first. Fermented bacteria are subtilis that live on straw and grow in cypress sawdust. During the enzymatic bath, negative phytoncide and unique scent relaxes the body. ”
Entry into cypress sawdust enzyme bath
This is the explanation of the surrender ceremony. He started a baekwonwon to take care of family members suffering from cancer and skin diseases. If your body temperature rises by 1 ° C, your immune system will increase by 50%. Is it because he was under stress in the winter? I couldn't feel it only by listening to words, so I decided to try it. It is open on weekdays and on weekends, but fortunately it was possible on weekdays. The minimum time required to fully enjoy the baekbaekwon is 90 minutes, and the fare is 30,000 won for junior high school students and older.
Moisturizes the dry face in the enzyme bath
Perfect for a one-day winter health trip

The bottom line is that the manuscript has always made my back harder. Perhaps because of the sweat from the bedrock bath, the skin is as smooth as the bath. I am suffering from varicose veins. Three times more money than jjimjilbang was not waste. In particular, the enzyme bath, which is excellent for women, was too hot to touch bare skin. I put a towel on my butt and sawed my toe with a sawdust.

The protein enzyme bath is known as an alternative therapy for chemotherapy, female disease or inflammatory disease. Especially if you have an atopy or allergic disease, the cypress sawdust has a direct effect on your skin. Let the body cool down for a while after the enzyme bath. Then rub your whole body with some cypress sawdust. Massage your neck, back, legs and arms. For this purpose, it is better to find Cygwonwon in pairs of two. After the massage, rinse off with water only.
Popular drink pairing tea of cafe
Less burdensome than spas and hot springs. Although it has a price range than the jjimjilbang, it is okay to leave the family alone on one winter day. You can also add a cup of Ssang Hwa tea at the cafe inside the house. Why don't you raise the temperature in my body and take care of the health of your loved ones? After the enzymatic bath, you can add cool Dongchimi Makguksu from a restaurant located in Gapbaekwon, a day trip.
Bibim Makguksu at Dongchimi Makguksu Specialty Shop
tip. Suraksan Cyclowon: 97-22, Jangam-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Time required: 2 hours-2 hours 30 minutes
-Hours: 10: 00 ~ 20: 00 (Last admission until 17:00)
-Fee: elementary school students 25,000 won, junior high school students 30,000 won
Reservation system, 031-876-0004

Protease Enzyme Baths at Surak Mountain
Foot bath in Suraksan Cypress Garden
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