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Sweet romance with extraterrestrial aliens “You from the Star” Gyeonggi-do - Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Happy Time in Do Min-Jun's Dream <Photo courtesy, HB Entertainment>

Sweet romance with extraterrestrial aliens “You from the Star” Gyeonggi-do

Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

The most sweet and romantic melodramatic that came out lately is <You from the Star>. As much as the popularity of the drama, the famous metabolism and scenes are also hot topics. Among them, Jangam Reservoir, Petite France, and the Soryeongwon Forest, the location of Gyeonggi-do is a lovely scene.

Dear love on ice, Jangam Reservoir
<My Love from the Star> says Cheon Song-yi (Jeon Ji-hyun) in the 10th Epilogue.
“Can dependence turn into love? I rely on Chimac. When I'm depressed, I always find my pulse. That doesn't make you excited about the chicken legs. But this is fluttering. If my heart is pounding and my lips are burning and I can't see in front of my eyes, I'm anxious. … . ”
There are dramas that come with occasional electric power (!). It is an excitement that seems to have met old love by accident. This is the magic that makes Gear sit in front of the TV CRT. Like “chimaek” when you are depressed! Of course, there are thrills that chicken legs cannot give.
<My Love from the Star> starts with a strange record in the 20th Annals of the Joseon Dynasty. It is a statement that in 1609 several unidentified objects were seen in a simultaneous bundle. It is the setting that the aliens who settled there live in Seoul after 400 years. In addition, the love story of the alien Do Min-jun (Kim Soo-hyun) and the alien star, the top star Cheon Song-i, added from the star. The ‘Chemie’ has a addictive sensation of veins. Thanks to this, I was able to record a high rating of 20 ~ 30% all the time. Above all, the gem-like lines and the picturesque scenes that match it are indispensable. That is why it is more interested in filming locations than any other movie or drama. When you write in that place, you have a feeling of deception, as if you were in “Your Star”.
It was the ice fishing spot that appeared in the 11th. 'Donmin Joon's response to his confession,' I can't believe, is that 'the first woman in Korea, a woman who wants to be dating, is a woman who wants to date.' So, I'm going to accompany Do Min-joon's fishing trip to check again. Do-min Doo puts a tent on the ice reservoir, breaks the ice and prepares for fishing. Cheonsong-yi, who came out like a child, enjoys it like a child and jumps on a snow-capped reservoir. It looks like a lover. Then Do Min-joon asks.
“Are you really here to hear my answer?”
Chun Song-i once again conveys her heart.
“No, I want to be with you. But I also want to hear the answer. ”
Janamam Reservoir and High Peaks from the Ice Fishing Ground
The scene left a deep impression due to the shadow of love turning lonely on a romantic snowy field. The filming location is Jangam Reservoir in the Gukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest in Pocheon. Gukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest is relatively less known than other recreational forests in Gyeonggi-do. It is a place only for those who know it as a private recreation forest. Jangam Reservoir is particularly attractive. I have to walk up about 10 minutes from the entrance, but it is an unexpected gift. It quickly takes away the gaze from the lakes and valleys to the unstoppable peaks. The shadow of Gobong is young on the lake and captures the flavor of the season. The main characters are greenery in spring and summer, and leaves like fireworks in autumn. In winter, it is a frozen country on a frozen ice. The frozen ice lake makes the gear take a small step even if it is not even a tent. The small steps resemble the love of Cheon Song-i and Do Min-jun. The filming was done in winter, but it is the beginning of spring. The warm energy gently wipes out the marks of winter. Nevertheless, the snowfall in the shade conveys the afterglow of <You from the Star>.
The place where Domin Joon set up a tent and enjoyed ice fishing
If you still feel regretful, we recommend walking around or staying at a log cabin. At the foot of the mountain alongside the lake, there are 630,000 evergreen trees and pine trees, including pine trees and pine trees. There are also several log houses in its arms. After a day, you can listen to the hymn of a star at the shore of the night like a drama. On the late night when Song Song-i left, Do Min-joon called Jang Jang, a lawyer who couldn't hide his empty heart, and took my heart out.
“How does it feel to grow old together? I want to grow old together (with Cheon Song-i). ”
The 11th epilogue unfolds a hidden event that did not appear in the main story. Do-min Do-joon, who has stopped time, sneaks up to Cheon Song-i. Without knowing this, Chun Song-i is alone with heartburn. It is a sweet reversal on the snowy ice lake.
Jangam Reservoir near Spring
A week after <You from the Star> was aired, KBS drama <Emotional Age> of the same time period also visited Jangam Reservoir. This is a scene where Kim Ok-ryeon (Jin Se-yeon) and Kim Soo-ok (Kim Jae-wook) are skating with Shin Jeong-tae (Kim Hyun-jung). The two hit the ice as if they were playing a waltz with a twist. Even though the times, backgrounds, and channels are different, romance is one thing.
Jangam Reservoir near Spring
Romantic kiss, Petite France
Every new life history. The situation is reversed after Cheon Song-i's accident. This time, Do-min Do-joon conveys his heart to Cheon Song-i and waits for her answer. The 15th is the filming scene of Cheon Song-i's film, which has fallen from the lead role to the supporting role. It is a sweet love story like Cheon Song-i, who was left alone all night trying to film a god and Domin-Jun's cotton candy, waiting for her.
The place kissed by Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-i
Petite France is a small French village that entered the Cheongpyeong lakeside in 2008. Hong-seop Han realized the rural village of France over 20 years.
Antique Exhibition Hall
The main theme of the space is Saint-Exupéry's novel The Little Prince. The village consists of an exhibition hall, a performance hall, experience facilities, and lodging facilities. All buildings are old French rural. The residence hall, which relocated a French house 150 years ago, reproduced the local atmosphere from the chairs, furniture, paintings and beds of the aristocrats in the 18th century.
Various antiques and props from the Antiques Hall
The three-story Saint Exupery Memorial Hall and Music Box House are also interesting. Saint-Exupéry's works and fantasy music boxes await. The buildings in between are also exotic and fairytale-like. However, the most interesting are the filming locations of the drama. Petite France had a reputation as a filming location before <You from the Star>.
Various antiques and props from the Antiques Hall
The first known is the MBC drama <Beethoven Virus>. The main background of the drama, such as the protagonist's practice field and Kang Mae's house, was mostly Petite France. In the SBS drama <Secret Garden>, Kim Ju-won (Hyun Bin) and Gil Laim (Ha Ji-won) met for the first time. And in <You from the Star>, the two protagonists pass through the process of pushing and pulling and finally start a sweet dating era.
The statue of the little prince watching the kiss of Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-i
The place where Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-jun kissed is the outdoor square in the heart of Petite France. It is next to the antique exhibition hall with the motif of Saint-Touen, one of the three major flea markets in France.
Petite France night view from the observation deck
Climb the stairs to the right and you will see the Guillaume Theater and Saint Exupery Memorial Hall. The stairs left Cheon Song-i, who was left alone on the filming site, and Do Min-joon hugged her slipping. The moment Do Min-jun tries to kiss Cheon Song-i, the lights turn on and turn on. The antique exhibition hall near the two showed off the brightest lights with several coveted bulbs like snowflakes. The statue of the little prince and the red fox are also close by. Petite France plans to open at night until 8:00 pm for the time being (please check in advance of the end date).
Full of old objects dating back in time
In front of the antique exhibition hall, street musicians perform small music performances. The traditional French hand puppet from the 1880s and the Czech marionette marionette are small but fruitful performances.
A street musician who gathers visitors to hold small concerts
Earth stars back
The two who have confirmed their love after shooting Petite France continue their warm days. Among them, in the 16th, there is a scene where Cheon Song-yi shoots a second film with a friend and rival Semi. On the director's ‘NG’ sign, Cheon Song-i throws herself several times in the forest and rolls over and over again. Along with this scene, the scene where Cheon Song-i borrowed Domin-Jun's superpowers during the waiting time to take a shot in the same place was also filmed. The forest is located in the background of the small forest in Paju.
Soryeongwon is a historical site No. 358, the tomb of Sukjong of Joseon Dynasty and the tomb of Sukbin Choi, the birth mother of Yeongjo. She is a real person in the drama <Dongi>. At the head of the trees, trees grow high and form a forest. So it is also called Major Forest. The grave of Yeongjo's concubine, Jeong Bin Lee, is also a grave. However, Lieutenant General Soo Gil and Su Gilwon were closed. This is because it is not opened to protect cultural properties. Fortunately, the filming took place at the end of the forest path inside the side road, not as a small institute. It is a restaurant called “In the Forest of Soryeongwon”. It is a house with a wide yard at the end of a coniferous forest road. Here are two people burning a bonfire late at night. Cheon Song-i, who has just begun to love, is an ordinary lover, not a top star. On the 100th day, you want to hang the key after having dinner at the restaurant at the top of Namsan Tower, and on the 1000th, it is a normal date to plan an overseas trip to go together.
At the entrance of the Major General, old trees make a cozy trail
Indeed, Major Major is nothing but a short forest path. It is also a restaurant and private property in the Soryeongwon Forest, so there are restrictions on access. For this reason, it is recommended to connect to the nearby Bogwangsa Temple. Bogwangsa Temple is a temple that has nothing to do with Major Major. Here is the idea of enshrining Young-jung and the deputy of Sookbin Choi buried in a small house.
It is difficult for the Major General to enter, but you can see it over the fence.
It is also the location of Kim Ki-deok's film, <Bimong>. Was Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi's love also a dream? If <My Love from the Star> comes to mind in Bogwangsa Temple, it may be because of Domin Jun's dream at Jangam Reservoir. I dream of enjoying a date with Cheon Song-i, getting married, having a child, and living as an ordinary couple.
“I had a happy dream. And I realized. Happy dreams make me more unhappy after waking up… . In the first place, a happy dream was not a dream. ”
Was it just a dream? When the drama is over, it's real again. And this is also the Earth and the stars.
There is a filming location in the forest where Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-i went together.
Travel information

Jangam Reservoir (Kukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest): 74, Jangamam-ri, Dong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 031-532-0014

Petite France: 616, Goseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, 031-584-8200

Major: 41-65, Soryeongwon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do


* Self-driving

Jangam Reservoir: Direction toward National Road No. 47 (in Gwangneung) → Naechon Bears Town → Ildong → Turn right at Gukmanbong Peak from Donggyo Bridge → Turn right after passing through the mineral water plant → Within Gukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest
Petite France: Seoul Chuncheon Expressway Hwado IC → toward Chuncheon, Cheongpyeong → Daeseong-ri → Goseong-ri (Homyeong-ri) at the entrance of Cheongpyeong Dam
Major: Seoul Outer Ring Road Tongil-ro IC → To Munsan → Turn right at Byuckjae-dong 3-way intersection → Turn left at Yeongbak Pass → Bogwangsa Temple → Yeongjang 3-way intersection → Turn left at Neungchon Bridge

* public transport

Jangam Reservoir: From Dong Seoul Terminal, take the bus to Pocheon (to Wasuri, Sachang-ri), and get off at Mobile Terminal. Taxi to Gukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest (fare 5,000 ~ 7,000 won)
Petite France: Get off at Cheongpyeong Station on the Gyeongchun Line. Go to Gapyeong City Tour Bus or Cheongpyeong Terminal (10 minutes on foot) and use the city bus bound for Goseong-ri
Major (forest): Go out of Exit 2 of Gupabal Station on Subway Line 3 and take Bus 333. Get off at Yeongjang three-way intersection, turn right at the three-way intersection and go 500 meters. Turn left along Neungchon Bridge 700 meters

2. Restaurants around

In the forest Oribaeksuk / 41-104, Soryeongwon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si / 031-948-0052
Countryside Barley Rice House: Countryside Barley Rice / 32-22, Bogwang-ro 471beon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si / 031-948-7169

Aid Transfer Kim Mi-ja Grandmother Ribs: Donggalbi / 2087 Hwadong-ro, Dong-myeon, Pocheon-si / 031-532-4459


The old tofu house: Mushroom Tofu Hotpot / 5 Galohyeon-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun / 031-584-0182


Youleisure Town: 877, Bogwang-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si / 031-948-6161

Palace of Dreams Hotel: 44, Bogwang-ro 600beon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si / 031-949-5120

Gukmanbong Natural Recreation Forest: 74, Jangam-ri, Dong-myeon, Pocheon-si / 031-532-0014

Huglamping: 2440-3, Hwadong-ro, Dong-myeon, Pocheon-si / 010-2916-3456

Petite France: 616 Goseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun / 031-584-8200


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