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Suncheon's young taste, youth warehouse - Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

People spending time in youth warehouse

Suncheon's young taste, youth warehouse

Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

Suncheon is a garden city with beautiful wetlands and reed fields. Recently, young people who visited this place have become more frequent. From the old granary warehouse transformed into a youth store to the original city that took the lead in local culture and art. Spent a young day in the city flowing backwards.
Treasure warehouse containing dreams of youth
10 minutes walk from Suncheon Station. There is a youth warehouse that leads to a hot place near the Chogok-dong Nonghyup. Traces of time are felt at once on the dark outer wall. This is a complex cultural space that remodeled the grain warehouse built in the Japanese colonial period as a founding place for young people.
A view of the youth warehouse remodeling an old grain storage warehouse
As of mid-July 2018, 14 restaurants (private establishments) and 1 liquor store (co-operational establishments) are on the first floor, and six workshops including paper crafts, ceramics and candle crafts are on the second floor.
Movable table can be taken anywhere with stepped seats
Invited performances such as youth festivals, failure studies concerts, and YOLI busking festivals were also held. It is a place with food, entertainment and entertainment in a single space.
Couple Eating Beer and Fried Rice
The bosses are young people aged 19 to 39.
Inside the youth warehouse
All gathered here to sell the idea of popping youth into the fabric.
The restaurant is rounded around the terraced seats.
The contract period with Suncheon is up to 2 years. During this period, low rents and three months of exemption from electricity, water and gas costs are provided.
Inside the youth warehouse
As the burden on initial capital is low and peers gather to sell, it has a positive effect of exchanging opinions and utilizing business experience.
There is a separate experience room in the studio on the second floor.
Individuality young taste ’s
There are a total of 15 food store shops in the youth warehouse, none of which overlap.
Youth Warehouse Stores
All stores are loved evenly, so you can exercise your free will according to your taste. Once, I went round the warehouse and quickly scanned for the menu.
Youth Warehouse Stores
Shrimp boxes, meat bibimbap, homemade burgers, yaki curry, and octopus rice bowls are full of mouthwatering food.
Youth Warehouse Stores
First of all, I stopped in front of today's Tokatatsu. Although ramen is the main menu, only 15 bowls a day were sold at Sake-dong. The boss cut the thick raw salmon thick at the same time as the order. Even if the fish is large enough to wrap around the cutlery, it will be eaten in more than 10 pieces. The boss, 31, said he had never touched salmon before. When asked how he thought of the challenge, the answer came back, "I like salmon." The taste is as it looks. The fresh raw salmon fillets with sweet crispy onions and crispy rice. Even if you eat a lot of spicy raw wasabi will not eat the thick salmon to eat until the end.
Fresh salmon flavored sake dong
The visuals of the cloud-like visuals were impressive. Domestic sirloin was kneaded round with glutinous rice flour and fried. The sauce is added to your liking. Fruit sauces like grapefruit and citron and spicy Sichuan sauce are available. If you want to taste evenly one by one, you can order additional sauce and pay more.
Dongle dongle cute cloud sweet and sour pork
Was the pure heart of twenty-eight young men who returned to Suncheon after learning Chinese food in Gyeonggi-do? Even without sauce, sweet and sour pork has a pure and clean taste. It's also a good idea to feel the harmony of soft and light meat and chewy tempura.
The grapefruit is put in the sauce.
In 'city fish cake', there are many dishes that can be eaten one by one, such as shrimp fish cake, cheese fish cake, red pepper fish cake, and octopus skewer balls. Cheese sticks, which are especially popular among women, are plunged into the barrel to create a salty and savory flavor. Pepper paste contains minced meat with whole peppers. It's just one spicy flavor that adds a totally different taste. All menus are made in-store and fried so you can trust them. The fish cake gimbap wrapped in the surface of kim rice with fish cake was not sold because it was sold out early.
Spicy chili paste with whole red pepper
For dessert, I chose Eclairs of Bianvenue. The main menu is Mont Blanc, which has a strong night taste. Moist and soft night cream is filled with pastry.
Soft and sweet clair
It melts and disappears in your mouth without having to chew a few times. It's not too sweet so you can eat 2-3 pieces. In addition to Mont Blanc, raspberry, vanilla, oreo, tiramisu and other menus are various, so I recommend you to have a bite with your friends.
Suncheon's young taste
The only self-designed mug in the world
After filling the boat, I went to visit the studio on the second floor. The cute props are on display in the studio, so your eyes are fun. It is a good idea to make a reservation if you are visiting for an experience.
I have drawn Yumi, the main character of Naver Webtoon 'Yumi's Cells'. indeed?
Since the workshops of craft artists are outside the youth warehouse, they are often left out of business when making products or having business meetings. On this day, the owner of the pottery workshop, the workshop and workshop for pottery, stayed in place. Representative experience is making warrior mugs.
Yumi mug making process
You can make your own cup in the world by drawing it with colored pencils on a transfer sheet and putting it on a mug and baking it at a high temperature of 350 degrees. The advantage is that the experience time is short, and the result can be taken today.
Yumi mug making process
Art wind blowing in the city center-incense walk
The remaining half day decided to take a walk in Hyang-dong, the original city. Unlike Suncheon Station, where many apartments were seen, it is a friendly atmosphere with a low slate roof and narrow alleys. Hyanggyo, the oldest bakery in Suncheon, has a 200-year history. I seem to be clichéd here to witness Hyangdong's rejuvenation.
Information Center, Heath Shelter, Art Exhibition
Hyang-dong was located in the ruins of Suncheon Bueupseong for 700 years and enjoyed revival for a long time. Then, as part of the urban regeneration project, the streets of culture, gardens, and alleys for 700 years have been established. The village became clearer and the floating population increased noticeably.
Preface Information Center
The beginning of the walk is the preface information office. You can get a map of the town or ask for a comment. Based on the West Gate Information Center, there are numerous studios and art spaces such as Garden Street, 700-year-old Alley Street, Gong-madang Dulle, and Changan Creative Madang to the south, and Eco-Gio Village to the north.
Old new, strangely used incense
It may seem complicated, but it's close enough that you can explore it all within an hour on foot except for the Gongmadang perimeter.
Old new, strangely used incense
Navigate the familiar alleyways as if you are unfamiliar with the hidden story of Suncheon. Changan Creative Madang, which has a strong presence throughout the streets of culture, is an art village and restaurant open to everyone in the village. It is characterized by receiving rent or program participation fee as food, which is stored in shared refrigerators and used by people who need it.
Ecoji Village's unique landscape
Eco-Geo Village, in keeping with its name, practices eco-friendliness for each house. To build a garden or install a solar generator. The path has a rainwater reservoir that can store rainwater and use it like tap water.
Ecoji Village's unique landscape
The 700-year-old alley is literally a 700-year-old alleyway. The road that was used since Suncheon was called Suncheonbu still remains. As the road is paved with yellow soil during the urban regeneration project, it is easy to distinguish it from the new road.
Ecoji Village's unique landscape
Gongmadang Dulle-gil is a place where you can enjoy drawing a cute mural on the mountain trail that has been used by residents for a long time. After the walk, why don't you enjoy your meal and tea at Cheongsujeong, located at the entrance of the entrance? Cheongsujeong is a social enterprise run by the members of the village cooperative and supported by Suncheon.
700-year alley paved with ocher
Seniors cook their own meals using locally grown vegetables and fresh local produce. It is popular with tourists as well as villagers because it can taste warm house food without chemical seasoning at an affordable price. There are interesting rumors that the staff's hospitality for grandchildren is so generous that there is a lack of city funding. Meals are from 11am to 2pm, and the price of one house rice is 6,000 won.
Hyangdong's specialty Cheongsujeong

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