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South Sea, a desolate island with melted flower tattoos - Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam, South Korea

Namhae Wangji Village Cherry Blossom Road

South Sea, a desolate island with melted flower tattoos

Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam, South Korea

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When you visit the South Sea on a warm spring day, your eyes turn to full color because of colorful flowers such as cherry blossoms, rapeseeds, and tulips. It is the site of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's country, and it is also an island filled with the loneliness and despair of exiles. Walking through exotic German villages, the love of miners and nurses in the movie 'International Market' comes to mind.
Namhaedaegyo, the symbol of the Korean economy, and Chungryulsa Temple with Admiral Yi Sun-shin
Namhae Grand Bridge, representing Korea's economic growth in the 1970s. Opened in 1973, the South Sea has turned into an island, not an island. The red suspension bridge, 660m long and 80m high, is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in Korea. In addition, the Battle of Noryang, the last battle of the Imjin War, began, and it was also a place where many exiles boarded a ferry. When you cross the Namhae Grand Bridge and wind around the road, you will reach Noryang Village.
Admiral Yi Sun-Sin's body, Namhae Chungryeolsa Temple
If you visited this place in spring, order Dodari Mugwort from Noryang's sushi restaurant. If you put the fleshy legs on the scented mugwort that overcame the sea breeze, and boil it in a pot, the white broth will turn out, but there is no supplement. You can see the life-size turtle ship by touching the ship in fullness and heading towards the sea. Inside, you can see the weapons that defeated the enemy during the Imran. Behind it is Chungryulsa Temple. The place where the body of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who was killed by the Merry Sea Battle, has been gathered for three months, is now constructed. It is said that the tombstone of this Chungmugong was built by Song Si-yeol of Uam and written by Song Jun-gil.
Southeastern delicacy Dodari Mugwort
A thousand kilometers of cherry blossoms form a tunnel on the coastal road 4km from Chungryeolsa to the sea. Rapeseed fields are also created on one side, so if you press the shutter against the indigo sea and Namhae Grand Bridge, you can leave a nice photo.
Namhae Wangji Cherry Blossom and Namhae Bridge
Yi Sun-Sin Guk Park, where you can see the world's largest porcelain mural
The site where General Yi Sun-shin was hit by a bullet from the Noryang Naval Sea and was repatriated is Gwaneumpo. Next to this is the Yi Sun-shin movie theater in the shape of a turtle line. This is a 3D full-dome three-dimensional movie theater, and you can see realistically the battle of the sea in Noryang Battle.
Yi Soon Shin Cinema
Stone sculptures in the shape of a pan-ok line stand in the square of Yi Sun-sin Park, and the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin stares into the sea in the middle. The best attraction is a large porcelain mural measuring 5m in height and 200m in length. A pottery was made by baking 3797 pieces of ceramic 50 cm wide and 50 cm long. It is said that baking it in a kiln transformed it and twisted it, making it more difficult to bake more than 8,000 pieces. The mural depicts a total of five scenes, including the appearance of the Noryang Naval Battle, the origin of the victory, the battle, the Sunkook, and what the South Sea looks like today.
The world's largest porcelain mural with 3797 ceramics
The sword of General Yi Sun-sin is displayed on the back of the mural, and sculptures symbolizing the death of the general, such as a heart pierced by a bullet, are displayed.
Heart sculpture pierced by a bullet
Namhae Exile Literature Museum
Namhae Exile Literature Museum is an exhibition hall expressing exile's loneliness and despair in literature. It contains stories of literary people who have been exiled to the South Sea, such as Seo-po Kim Man-jung, who wrote Korean novels such as 'Gun-Mon-mong' and 'Sa-si Nam-jeong-gi,' Jaam Kim-gu who wrote 'Hwajeonbyokokgok', and Yakcheon Nam-gu-man, who wrote the eponymous 'Are the Alumni Bright?' You can see representative works of exiles and expatriates from China, Europe, as well as Korea.
Seopo Kim Manjung statue and Namhae Yoobae Literature Museum
The most popular place is the exile experience room, allowing you to have time to self-reflect by becoming a direct exile, such as 3D stereoscopic video sending experience, mold experience, prison experience, and writing electronic rumors.
Penalty Experience in Exile Experience Room
The difficult poems were recited by voice actors in a comfortable voice, making it easy to understand exile literature. There are three-dimensional sculptures, such as the statue of Seopo Kim Man-jung, the sculptures of exiles, thatched houses, and the appearance of exiles who spend years fishing, so it is good to take a walk.
The Jade House where exiles lived
Healing of My Heart, National Namhae Pyeonbaek Recreational Forest
Pyeonbaek Natural Recreation Forest is hidden in Naesan Village, Samdong-myeon, which is called land on the island.
Boiled cypress trees from the 60s
In the 1960s, boiled cypress and cedar trees form a lush forest, and it is enough to take a heart on nature while walking through the dense forest path. It is good for mental health as well as atopy prevention.
Cypress forest surrounded by mist
When you walk up a mountain about 1km from the forest house and climb the mountain, you will reach the observation deck.
Cherry blossoms wet in the rain
Garden gardening arts villages around the world and German villages
Horticultural arts village is a village where gardening experts gathered together and changed the house and garden like a picture. There are unusual flower paths such as flower tunnels, sculpture parks, fountains, and walking trails. New Zealand-style topiary gardens, Dutch-style windmill gardens, and French-style grass roofs attract the attention of exotic homes and world gardens. It is not artificially decorated, but it is characterized by creating a garden like gardening in the garden community. Talent Park Won-suk and Meng Ho-rim are also living here. Cherry blossoms in April and tulips in May. It is fun to see handicraft accessories and ornaments made by the villagers. When you climb the octagonal pavilion, the sea is tingling in the distance.
Gardening art village decorated with gardener's sincerity
On the other side of the Horticultural Art Village is the Padog Exhibition Hall. It contains the story of a miner and a nurse who went to Germany to overcome poverty in the 60s.
Namhae Podo Exhibition Hall
Outdoor is a German restaurant and guesthouse. The souvenir workshop creates an exotic atmosphere. At the square stand, you can enjoy authentic German sausages and delicious beers. The German Village Beer Festival is held in the first week of October at Deutscher Platz (Square).
German Village Beer Festival Sculpture
Islander's reluctance
The place where the green wave of the four seasons shimmers is Namhae. In spring, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and rapeseeds combine with the garlic field to create a picturesque landscape. The 45-degree slope and the 108-story Darin rice paddy can be seen by the South Sea people who are not teasing a single land. The houses on the shoulders are small because of the wind.
108-degree bonito with a 45-degree slope
If you stroll around the houses with the roofs of primary colors such as blue and orange while walking around, you will meet the most handsome male and female rocks in Korea. 5.8 meters in height and 1.5 meters in circumference, there is a huge rock standing up towards the sky, and beside it, there are some rock formations in the shape of a woman carrying a baby. There is a rumor that if you give up this rock, you will have a son.
The most handsome rock formation in Korea
You can go to the small island in front of the village, and you can go to the octagonal ridge along the rice paddy trail. Yuja Makgeolli, made in Dalang Village, excites the excitement of Namhae.
Bonito rice field with rape, plum and cherry blossoms
Travel information

Recommended travel course (same day course)

Yi Sun Shin Sun Guk Park → Namhae Yoobae Museum → Dalang Village → Sangju Eun Sand Beach → Namhae German Village

Recommended travel course (2 nights 3 days course)

first day : Namhaedaegyo Bridge and Chungryeolsa Temple → Yisun Shinsunguk Park → Namhae Yoobae Literature Museum → Jangpyeong Soryuji Temple → Dinner and Lodging

Second day : Dalang Village → Yongmunsa Temple → Boriam → Sangju Eun Morae Beach → Dinner

third day : Muliori fishing and fishing → Namhae German Village → Horticultural Art Village → Namhae Gainri Fossil Mountain


-Namhaechungryolsa: 055-862-2840

-Yi Sun-sook Park: 055-863-4025 (current free admission, admission fee will be collected from May 2)

-Namhae Youth Literature Museum: 055-860-8888 / http://tour.namhae.go.kr/00002875/00002877/00003545.web

-National Namhae Pyeonbaek Natural Recreation Forest: 055-867-7881 / http://www.foresttrip.go.kr/

-Horticultural Art Village: 055-867-4702 / http://www.housengarden.net/default/

-German Village Reading Exhibition Hall: 055-860-3540 / http://남해독일마을.com/

-Gacheon Bonito Village: 055-863-3893 (Gacheon Tourist Information Center) / http://darangyi.go2vil.org/

-Namhae Tourism Information: 1588-3415 / http://tour.namhae.go.kr/

Barrier-free information


* No parking space for the disabled

* Handicapped toilet available.

* There is a gentle slope from the parking lot to the entrance of Chungryongsa, so wheelchairs are available.

* There is a staircase to the Sammun of Chungryeolsa

* There is a space to drive a car in the middle of the road to Wangji Village, so you can take photos against the background of rape flowers and the sea

-Yi Soon Shin Sunkook Park

* Because it is flat, the movie theater and Sunkook Park are wheelchair accessible

* Handicapped parking area available

* Handicapped toilet available

* Safety railings are installed for seniors

* There is a space to relax while looking at the sea

-Namhae Yoobae Literature Museum

* Because it is a single-story building, you can freely visit the museum.

* 1 wheelchair available
* Disabled parking

* Disabled toilets are located inside and outside the Literature Museum.

-National Namhae Pyeonbaek Recreation Forest

* There are 3 houses in the forest for the disabled, Sochi Island, Sibling Island, and Red Bean Island.

* Handicapped parking lot and deck road available.

* The Forest Culture Recreation Center also has safety railings for seniors.

* There is a parking space for the disabled in the main parking lot.

* There are many cypress trees, pine trees, and maple trees, and a 2-hour course trail is provided.

* Forest trails for seniors, benches and decks.

-Horticultural Art Village

* Promenades are gently laid out for wheelchair users.

* There is a parking area for the disabled.

* Handicapped toilet available

* Cherry blossoms can be seen in April, tulips can be seen in May, and villagers care for themselves

-German Town Padog Exhibition Hall

* Squares and exhibition halls are gentle and wheelchair accessible

* Handicapped parking area available

* Handicapped toilet available

* When viewing the observation deck, you can see the German village and the South Sea.

-Gacheon bonito village

* It is difficult to access the wheelchair due to the slope.

* Railings are installed for seniors.

* Handicapped parking area available.

* Handicapped toilet available

* The non-duru promenade is made of decks, and you can see the snowy mountains and the sea.

* A rocking bridge was created to cross a small island in front of the village.

Move information

Public transportation information

-[train] Seoul Station to Jinju Station (5 times a day for KTX, 3 hours and 30 minutes) 1 hour and 30 minutes from Jinju to Namhae

-[Bus] Seoul Nambu Terminal (11 times a day, 4 hours and 30 minutes) / Dong Seoul Terminal (2 times a day, 5 hours)

Self-driving information

-Tongyeong Daejeon Expressway-Namhae Expressway-Jingyo IC-Namhae Bridge (4 hours from Seoul)

Food and lodging information


-Namhae Pyeonbaek Natural Recreation Forest : 658, Geumam-ro, Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 055-867-7881 / 5 people / 6 people / 8 people / group room / Parking lot for the disabled / Toilet for the disabled

-Ananti Namhae : 40-109 Namseo-daero 1179beon-gil, Namhae-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 055-860-0555 / Has golf course and spa, excellent building and landscape / Parking lot for the disabled / Toilet for the disabled / https://www.theananti.com/kr/ananti_namhae/

-Namhae Beach Hotel : 575-13 Namseo-daero, Namhae-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 055-862-8880 / All rooms facing the sea, equipped with family rooms (6 persons) and couples (2 persons) / elevators / no parking for the disabled / toilets for the disabled none / http://www.리조트.com/

-Castle Motel : 2943 Dongbu-daero, Changseon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 055-867-7335 / Parking lot for the disabled, no toilet for the disabled

-I love you Pension : 237, Mijo-myeon, Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 001-3358-3910 / Parking lot for the disabled, no toilet for the disabled / http://www.lovesea.kr/

Restaurants near

-Our restaurant : Anchovy ssambap, anchovy sashimi, galchi stew, galchi sashimi / 7, Dongbu-daero 186beon-gil, Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam 7 / 055-867-0074
/ Standing table / Samdong-myeon office in front of the restaurant There is parking for the disabled / No toilet for the disabled

-Hae love abalone village : Abalone, Grilled Abalone, Abalone Set, Abalone Set Cooking / 234 Mizo-ri, Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam 234 / 055-867-7571 / Seating Table / No Parking for Disabled / No Toilet for Disabled http://www.해사랑전복마을.kr/

-Delicious : Seafood limited meal / 51-8 Hwajeon-ro, Namhae-eup, Gyeongnam / 055-864-3444 / Seating table / No parking for the disabled / No toilet for the disabled

-South American sushi restaurant : Sashimi, Menggebibimbap / 105-1, Mijo-ri, Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam / 055-867-6051 / Seating table / Public parking lot across the sushi restaurant

-Eugene Sashimi Restaurant : Sashimi, Urujjim, Dodari Mugwukguk / 14 183, Noryang-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam 14 / 055- 862-3030 / No parking lot for the disabled, no toilet for the disabled

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