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Siheung City walk in search of reservoir and mudflat - Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

A traveler is walking down a bank of a water reservoir

Siheung City walk in search of reservoir and mudflat

Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

A good walking course to catch the autumn breeze is a destination with water. This is because it calms down the excitement of last summer. Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do is recommended as a walking tour in autumn. There you will find a variety of attractions such as reservoirs, lotus complexes, lagoons ecological parks and pogu.

Former President Syngman Rhee Enjoys Fishing at Water King Reservoir
The waterside outing course in Siheung City consists of Mulwang Reservoir → Lotus Theme Park → Siheung Tidal Valley Ecological Park → Wolgotpo-gu.
The first place to look for is Water Reservoir. The 3rd Gyeongin Expressway, the Seoul Outer Ring Road, and the West Coast Expressway pass nearby, so it is not difficult to visit. Although Heungbu Reservoir is the official name, Water King Reservoir is still more familiar. When the reservoir was installed, it was named 'Hungbu Reservoir' after each letter because it is on the border between Siheung and Bucheon, but it is more widely known as 'Water King Reservoir' because it is located in Mulwang-dong for local residents or travelers. In the late 1950s, former President Syngman Rhee made frequent visits with his own fishing spot.
Even today, many people like to walk, ride bikes, or go fishing. After sunset, many people try to get the romance of cafes. There is a road that circulates through the reservoir, and there is a long driveway to the north. Cars can cause dirt, so try to go as slowly as possible. You can walk round the banks of the west.
Water Reservoir from the Embankment
Sit down at the cafe and read an essay
For autumn trips, it is more appropriate to carry a collection of poetry or essays on a backpack rather than a snack. Settled in a quiet café and sipping a glass of Americano, a few strands of fallen leaves floated up and down the lawn along the wind from the reservoir. Gently pull out a essays. Reading a passage from the essay “Burning leaves,” written by novelist Lee Hyo-seok, seems to return to the days of emotional schooling.
“Is there something like the smell of burning leaves? It smells like freshly roasted coffee. It smells like ripe hazelnuts. If you hold a rake in your hand and stand tall in the smoke forever, looking at the mountains of litter and scattered leaves and smelling fragrant, you'll feel motivated by a fierce life. The smoke will end up in the body, and at any point, it will smell from the hem and back of the hand. ”
Cafe near reservoir upstream
The fellow hobbyists who ride by bicycle color the landscape of the water king reservoir. They depart from the reservoir, go through the lotus theme park, shake their hands, and press the pedals again.
Cycling fellows met at King of Water Reservoir
There is no need to panic because the market is at midday. For lovers who miss their mother's taste, the adzuki bean soup is also recommended. It is also the happiness of the King of Water Reservoir to eat barley rice first and then check the deepening love by blowing hot noodles of red bean kalguksu.
Red Bean Shrimp with a Bean Noodle Soup
Listen to Choi Yang Sook's song 'Autumn Letter' at the Lotus Flower Theme Park
I put the autumn sky in the calm reservoir in my heart and visit the lotus theme park for a while before going to the gutters. The lotus leaves that bloomed lushly last summer changed their clothes to yellow in the fall, and the black lotus was exposed over the blue sky. Only a few drills show me on the surface and say, 'I haven't spent a hot summer yet.'
A group of elementary school students go through the field of fields that adapt to the changing seasons. Thinking of 'experiential learning with an autumn picnic,' sitting in the shade of square sperm on the roof of rice straws, this time listening to a song. Do you know the younger generations who fall into the smartphone “Autumn Letter” by singer Choi Yang-sook? The traveler also listened to this song on their smartphone and sat down. .
Autumn scenery in lotus theme park
“I will write in the fall.
Please accept whoever you are
Deciduous day
The lonely woman is beautiful. ”
Singers Kim Min-do and Soprano Shin Young-ok also sang this song. The taste is of course different. Nevertheless, travelers ranked Choi Yang-suk's sentimental voice best suited this fall.
Elementary school students who participated in hands-on learning with lotus theme park
Siheung Tidal Flat Ecological Park with 3 Tours
Today's third visit is Siheung Tidal Flat Ecological Park. It is an environmentally friendly travel destination where you can learn about the process of making natural salt, study reeds and other salt plants, and get along with the salty autumn breeze. In particular, people who have the question, 'Jeonna Salt, Jeollanam-do or Yeong-gun, aren't you?' At high tide, seawater flows from the West Sea to the bottom of Sorae Bridge into the inner city of Incheon and Siheung. For this reason, torsion has developed in these areas since ancient times, and traces remain. Siheung City Ecological Park is established in Siheung City, and Sorae Wetland Ecological Park is established in Incheon City.
Siheung Tidal Ecological Park Info Center
Siheung Valley Ecological Park Info Center is the starting point. Inside, there are a number of panels that tell you about the lagoons, the torsion, and the vegetation. The tour departs from the info center and returns to the hills opposite the hour, divided into one hour (2.2 km), two hours (4.5 km) and three hours (9.4 km). All three courses are designed to intersect through the Rock Observation Deck in the middle. However, regardless of the course, you can go freely as you like. Most of the way out like a labyrinth is flat, so it is not uncomfortable to walk.
Rocking Observatory to see the whole park
Even now, salt salt is produced here in Yantai.
When you enter the promenade, you lie down every time the wind blows and then stand up again to hear the legend of autumn in the reeds. The reeds here are young, and the colors are softer than those in places like Ansan Reed Marsh Park. Among the poems written by the poet Nervim about reeds are these verses: "He didn't know that living was crying silently in this way." I did. Living day by day is a sublime act that endures with a firm root even if it is hard to fall down and strong winds blow. Wouldn't it have been a meaningless day if you didn't have a reed field outing on the lagoons?
Reeds telling the fall of deep
When the tide comes in, the seawater that enters the park along the ravine is reborn as a salt of natural salt. Around three or four o'clock in the afternoon, the salt can be harvested and taken to the warehouse.
Salted salt pushing a wheelbarrow
The salt waters are reflected in the salt water, pushing the cart full of salt. At any time, the scene is as inspiring as 'Malljong', a famous painting of Millet.
The sun-dried salt in the cart
Against the backdrop of the Southeast Bridge, a few fishing boats and seagulls, the last warmth is buried in the sea of muzzle.
Subsequently, Wolgotpogu's sashimi restaurants brightly light up. The smell of lobster, clams grilling, and the smell of boiling kalguksu and crab soup attract people.
Blue crab soup in Wolgotpogu
As the poet Lee Moon-jae puts it, he pushes the door of a quiet restaurant where there are no customers yet to forgive himself for the sin of walking out of the street.
Grilled lobster of Wolgotpogu
Travel info

Siheung Tidal Flat Ecological Park
Address: 94, Seomal-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: 031-310-3951 (Siheung City Park Management Division)

1. Nearby restaurants

Janggeum: Lotus root / 22, Dongseo-ro 857beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do / 031-484-6040

Ssam Story: Ssambap / 49, Dongseo-ro 811beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do / 031-484-8050

Price: Hanwoo / 327, Jungang Shopping Street, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do 031-319-8888


2. Accommodation

W Hotel: 25, Wolgotjungang-ro 58beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do / 031-318-2943


Centro: 2, Wolgotjungang-ro 70beonan-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do / 031-318-3110

Rivera: 30, Wolgotjungang-ro 70beonan-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do / 031-425-9997

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