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Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea - Shooting while breathing with nature: ATV Experience Center, Jeju Daeyu Land

Clay shooting in nature

Shooting while breathing with nature: ATV Experience Center, Jeju Daeyu Land

Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea

Jeju is open for four seasons and is a paradise for leisure sports enthusiasts. Even though autumn is over, we are on the threshold of the cold season, but in Jeju you can still enjoy various activities under the warm sunshine. In addition, special sports activities such as shooting that are not easily accessible are also possible. We visited Daeyuland to experience clay shooting, rifle and pistol shooting.

Pleasure to hit the flying disc! Clay shooting

Daeyu Land is located in the middle mountainous area of Seogwipo City and is the only place where you can experience clay shooting in Jeju. In addition to the clay shooting range, which is made up of indoor and outdoor spaces, 330ha (about 1 million pyeong) of Jeju's nature, there are rifle, pistol shooting range, and ATV experience ground.

bang! The sound is thrilling all over the body. The exhilarating energy of the air blows through the whole body at once. You haven't hit the target, but you will be happy regardless of your success. Follow the staff's instructions and shoulder the gun again. Second shot! The flying disc is hit by a bullet, split into two, and falls off without force. I am excited like children with more pleasure than before. I feel like old stress washed away at once. The first world of shooting is a series of curiosity and surprises. Once you have tasted clay shooting with nature, you have no choice but to fall in love with it.

Camellia blooms on the way to the shooting range.

Clay shooting is a leisure sport in which clay disks are thrown into the air. Because you have to hit moving objects, you need a lot of quickness and concentration. Above all, the pleasure of hitting the flying disc is very exciting. Even beginners can learn without difficulty, so everyone can try it.

Professional staff members are placed one-on-one during shooting experience

Clay shooting uses a shotgun. With the buttocks on your shoulders, one hand holds the trigger side and the other hand supports the muzzle unsteadily. Shotguns are large and heavy and have a large recoil after shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to keep both feet firmly on the ground and posture before shooting. When the disc is slightly below the muzzle, firing increases the hit rate. Wearing earplugs is a must since the gunfire sounds very loud after launch. Shooting a total of 16 shots, of which only 5-7 hits are great skills. If you are confident in clay shooting, you can also go hunting for wild pheasants.

Loading ammo into shotgun
Aim at the target! Rifle and pistol shooting
Opposite the Clay Shooting Range, there is another space for pistol and rifle shooting. Pistols and rifle shots aim at targets that do not move in the shooting range surrounding bulletproof glass.
There is a rifle and pistol shooting range opposite Clay Shooting Range.
The scores are given for each target range, so you can also compare your shooting skills. After the experience, you can take your target as a souvenir.
Pistols and rifle ranges are bulletproof glass.
The pistol extends the arm forward and holds it with both hands. Close one eye and match the target and muzzle with the other eye. And launch! Less recoil after firing than clay shots, but shots are as good as shotguns. Of course, earplugs are a must.
Aim and fire at the still target
The most exciting time to check the target plate after shooting.
Hold the pistol as if it's wrapped with both hands
If the pistol is too small and the shotgun is a bit of a burden, we recommend rifle shooting. Best of all, the gun is light and easy to position. Like a pistol, close one eye and aim at the target. If you've been to the army, rifle shooting can be quite familiar.
Travelers experiencing rifle shooting
Surprisingly, women enjoy shooting quite a lot of fun, but often score better than men.
Grand Master Shooter list of high scorers

The ammunition used in the shooting experience is all used in practice, so be careful about your safety during the experience. Daeyu Land has professional staff at the shooting range to help tourists experience shooting safely. In addition to clay shooting, pistols and rifle shooting can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. However, you can experience from age 14 or older.

Travelers holding their targets as souvenirs
ATV instincts run on four wheels!

Shooting experiences are somewhat short, usually taking between 15 and 20 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, take a step to the ATV experience. You can enjoy the joy of enjoying the great nature while enjoying the blowing wind.

ATV Experience

ATV is a popular leisure sport that runs through nature including wild off-road, mountains and fields. Anyone who can't drive can experience ATV, so many families visit. However, you can hold the steering wheel yourself at least 14 years old, and you can carry children in front of or behind the driver's seat.

Travelers trained before hands-on training
Tomb The engine starts to sound up lightly. The faces of experienced visitors wearing helmets and waiting for departure signals are recalled. Finally starting! Rolling movements and vibrations are transmitted to the passengers as if the big wheel bounced off the bumpy road.
Anyone can easily experience ATV
Run off-road breathing with nature as if you were an explorer. Sometimes the fun will blow away the dust and your mind will be calmed. The ATV experience is very satisfying to enjoy for stress relief.
ATV breathing with nature
Travel info

-Address: 381 Sangye-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Contact: 064-738-0600


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