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Sejong, Republic of Korea - Sejong Lake Park, a day in the city

Silver Beach in Sejong Lake Park

Sejong Lake Park, a day in the city

Sejong, Republic of Korea

In the center of Sejong Special Self-Governing City, there is Sejong Lake Park, a resting place for Sejong citizens and a resting place for tourists. There are five theme parks around the wide lake, so anyone can choose their favorite space and relax.
Close to the park is the wildflower-bound bike trail that runs under the Handuri Bridge and the Hapgang Park Auto Camping Ground, which ensures comfort with spacious and clean facilities.
Sejong Lake Park Central Plaza
Sejong Lake Park, an artificial lake resembling nature
Sejong Lake Park, located in the center of the city, is the largest in Korea and is the size of 62 soccer fields combined. The park is decorated with five themes: Festival Island, Stage Island, Water Island, Water Flower Island, and Marsh Island. At first glance, it's huge enough to take a look around, but the steps are easy. Different parks offer different landscapes and shelter.
Stage Island from the Festival Island
When you enter the central entrance of Lake Park, you will be the first to see the building. It is a stage island installed on the bridge across the center of the lake. It has 670 seats as a venue for various events and festivals. When no special events are held, it becomes a large shade shelter with views of the surrounding landscape.
Hearing place to purify the Geum River and send it to the lake
There are also hydroponics around the lake where you can enjoy the cool water with your children. The first place is the square fountain below the elevated gate next to the main entrance. The children jump into the rising fountains, and the adults lay down the mats under the elevated shade. The park also has special facilities for water quality management. It is a listening plant planted with purified plant to clean the water. It is a water purification facility that uses natural values to make the water of Geum River clearer and supply it to the lake.
Family playing with sand on the silver beach
The silver beach where you can make a sandbar at the edge of the lake and play like a beach, and the water play island where you can enjoy water sports such as dinghy, water skiing, and surfing, which are small yachts, are the beauty of the lake park. Watersports experiences are held from Thursday to Sunday, from May to September every year.
Frog on the silver beach
There is also a space with the theme of cool breeze to cool down the heat. It is a hill of wind that embodies the wind in a gentle curve. It is a place where you want to stay and rest on your own. Sit here and look at the lake and the entire park is in sight. You don't know how to spend your time in the comfort of buildings and hills that are located across the lake. But there are also disadvantages. There is no shade in this space to escape the hot summer sunshine. Take a wide hat or sunshade. If you prepare cool ice water, it is a good place to rest for a day trip.
Water Play Island where you can experience sand and water sports
There is also a space that shows a different landscape from the hills of wind. It is the octagonal pavilion 'Jangnamjeong' located in the waterside traditional park. Its name is taken from its former place, the eldest son plain. Looking up at the park, you can see the forest and the sky. The eldest son plain is filled with buildings, but the forest seems to have made a new plain.
View of the lake and the city as viewed from the hill of wind
The park is open from 5 am to 11 pm and admission is free. From sunset to 10:00 pm, the landscape lights such as the water stage and Seho Bridge are illuminated. The fountain in the center of the lake is open for 20 minutes on weekdays at 12 and 8 o'clock, and at 12, 4, 6 and 8 o'clock on holidays. There is no trash in the park as part of the garbage take-back. Minimize your trash and take your trash back.
Jangnamjeong in Waterside Traditional Park
Riding wildflower trails in the 'Oulling' public bike
Handu-ri Bridge is 4 km from Lake Park. Under the bridge there were promenades, bike paths and riverside parks. It was famous for riverside wildflowers before the park was built. Even now, the wild wildflowers along with the flowers planted while decorating the park are the best. At this time, the flowers of early summer are in full bloom on both sides of the road. Non-toxic poppies scatter red flowers and yellow parasites native to North America. Ganoderma lucidum, also known as egg flower, is shyly shy. It is a landscape that goes very well with the Handuri Bridge, which has outstanding tempered rice.
Wildflower colony under the Handuri Bridge
Sejong's large park is more comfortable to ride than to walk around. You can rent a bicycle at 'Oulling', a public bicycle rental place. Sejong City operates 29 hanging rental stations and 386 cradles, so it is free to rent and return anywhere in the city. You can check the location and situation of the rental station and the cradle in real time through the Oulling homepage.
Bicycle path by the flower field
Public bicycles can be used by anyone over the age of 19 with their mobile phone number. Rentals are made using unmanned information terminals. The one-day pass costs 1,000 won. However, every 90 minutes after rental, you must return and re-rent at the terminal. If it is over 90 minutes without re-renting, an additional fee of 1,000 won will be charged every 30 minutes.
Sejong City public bicycle rentals
Even for walking, camping, and relaxation OK! Hapgang Park Auto Camping Ground
30 minutes' drive along the road from Lake Park to Hapgang Park Auto Camping Ground. This camping site, which was newly operated in 2015, is managed by Sejong City. It is located at the point where Geum River and Miho Stream meet. There are 102 auto camping sites in 4 districts. All sites are equipped with electrical facilities, as well as safety facilities such as fire extinguishers, lifeguards and CCTVs. Each site can be equipped with a very large tent, and the space between the sites can be relaxed, so you can enjoy cozy camping.
Camping overlooking the river
The riverside promenade has been created to walk safely. Countryside bike trails run along both sides of the camping ground. Campers can rent bicycles free of charge. Contact the management office when entering the campsite. There are large parasols, octagonal pavement, and benches all around the camping ground. Regardless of camping, anyone can enter, and all facilities besides sports facilities and rest areas can be used free of charge.
Hapgang Park Auto Camping Site
The camping site is based on online reservations, but it is also available on the day by telephone inquiries on weekdays and low season. The basic fee is 15,000 won on weekdays and low season, 20,000 won on weekends and high season, and 3,000 won is added when using electric facilities. There are no shops, restaurants, or cafes on the camping grounds, so make sure you bring the necessary items with you.
Wide road and camping area
Travel info

Sejong Lake Park
Address: 216 Dasom-ro, Sejong Special Self-Governing City

Public Bicycle ‘Ouling’
Address: 93, Guncheong-ro, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong Special Self-Governing City
Contact: 1899-9161


Hapgang Park Auto Camping Ground
Address: 329, Taesan-ro, Yeong-dong, Sejong Special Self-Governing City
Contact: 044-862-5985

1. Nearby restaurants

Dabokjeong Korean Set Meals: Hansiksik / 157 Hannuri-daero, Sejong City / 044-862-3371
Ming: Chow Myeon / 27, Nuri-ro, Sejong-si / 044-866-8933
Hwang Wooje: Oori Maetang / 101-12, Taesan-ro, Yeong-dong, Sejong-si / 044-866-1141

2. Accommodation

Geumgang Pension under the Sky: 205-14, Donam 2-gil, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong City / 010-5548-4518
Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest: 110, Forest Museum Museum, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong City / 041-635-7400
Cheongwall Vival Defense: 161, Geumsong-ro, Janggun-myeon, Sejong City / 044-881-7755

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