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Republic of Korea - “Secret Forest” and “Seoul Grand Park Forest Healing Forest” Experiences Revealed in 30 Years


“Secret Forest” and “Seoul Grand Park Forest Healing Forest” Experiences Revealed in 30 Years

Republic of Korea

In July, the "secret forest" that Seoul Grand Park had hidden was released to the public in 30 years. The main theme is the “Health Healing Forest” in Seoul Grand Park, which comforts modern people who are tired of everyday life. Introducing the `` Healing Experience '' where the stress accumulated in the walk is relaxed as you walk along the quiet forest path that stretches from the lush forest to the valley of Cheonggyesan Mountain and the natural waterfall.
'Hot' is not enough weather. There was a news about the "secret forest" that appeared in the world in 30 years, when it was just breathing in the hot sun as if it burned everything. In addition, the name 'Forest Healing'. 'Healing' and 'healing' are not a hot word for modern people who have passed the summer because they can't get hot.
Go through the fir and pine forests and cool waterfalls at once!
The protagonist is Seoul Grand Park Healing Forest, which has been open to the public since July 13th. It is a natural forest boasting 50,000 square meters and contains Cheonggyesan valley valley and natural waterfall. To protect nature, which has been resting for 30 years, only 50-60 people a day can visit. Seoul Grand Park homepage http://grandpark.seoul.go.kr ) And Seoul Public Service Reservation System ( http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr You can predict by).
Visitor center at the beginning of the forest healing forest of Seoul Grand Park
The deadline is so fast that it's a bit difficult to book, but if you want to blow away the fatigue from the 'secret forest' and the 'healing forest' for free, you can try. You can experience 'forest healing' which means activities to increase the immunity of the human body and restore physical and mental health by utilizing and analyzing the forest. If it is not closed, you can register two days before your desired date. Reservations usually begin around 20 days of the delivery date. The date may change, so it's a good idea to check the website beforehand. It is so popular that it closes at the beginning of the booking.
Forest square where pre-bookers gather
The program booked by the reporter is Majung Forest Road, which is open to the general public. It aims to introduce and experience forest healing, and it will be held twice from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from pm to 16:00 pm. Children are not allowed. In addition, the Silver Forest Road aims to reduce muscle strength, prevent falls, and improve vitality for adults aged 65 to 75 years. Operate. Healing programs for adults 55 and older are offered once a week. The capacity of all programs is 15 on a first come, first served basis.
Forest healing forest beginning where full-scale healing walk begins
As it is operated by advance reservation system, a reservation confirmation certificate is required for identity verification in order to experience forest healing forest. Dress should be comfortable, long-sleeved to prevent sneakers and mosquitoes from running shoes or hiking boots. Have a hat ready for the sun and water for your day. If you arrive before the program starts, you can experience the program after checking the stress index at the Healing Forest Visitor Center.
Forest Healing Advisors Explain Before the Healing Program
Oh, let's also know how to visit the forest healing forest of Seoul Grand Park. If you are using your own car, search for ‘7-1, Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do’ on the navigation. If you go by public transport, you can get off at Seoul Grand Park Station on Subway Line 4 and go to the Forest Healing Forest or the nearby Dongmun Parking Lot.
Forest healing forest beginning valley
According to the guide, the journey time to walk, elephant train or forest healing forest is similar to 40 minutes. If you are riding an elephant train, you only need to move one stop and get off at the main entrance to the zoo and walk toward the Museum of Modern Art. Instead of entering the Museum of Modern Art, if you go straight down the main road, you will see an orange signage indicating the way to the Forest Healing Forest. From now on it is mountain climbing. The orange ribbon will guide you kindly.
Healing forest path for elderly people to walk
Healing walk with forest healer
How long did you walk? The Forest Healing Forest Visitor Center is located in the valley behind the vacant lot where the banner of 'Seoul Grand Park Healing Forest Path is available to pre-bookers'. The Visitor Center gathered for those who applied for a healing program together today. The Forest Healing Advisor recommended a cup of cool buckwheat tea and said, "Let's cool down and move in the valley before the forest healing program begins."
A little
Forest Healing Advisor's Hemotherapy Course
Forest healing forest Forest, sky forest, tree relaxation forest, sunlight relaxation forest, water relaxation forest And so on. First arrival Forest activity Stretch and relax at the gym. Forest activity Opposite the pine trees Sky Forest This place. Just walking in the tree, breathing open. Walking for all ages Along the forest path, head for the waterfall. Fir trees Tree relaxation Decided to stop by on the way home. The name Rigida pine trees Sunlight Relaxation Forest Past Water relaxation forest That touches the waterfall. There is such a waterfall in Seoul Grand Park.
Cheers living in cool, clean first-class
Although it is temporary, a 10m high waterfall welcomes the participants. Soak your feet in the valley that runs from the Cheonggye Mountain Valley and take a rest while looking at the waterfall. Take a picture with a waterfall in the background to cool down and go back. Sunlight does not leak in midsummer, so it is not sick. In the relaxation tree filled with firs, the healing meditation 'rest meditation' takes place. Rest on a wooden deck or floor here. Forest healers hand out the mattresses one by one. Lying comfortably in the sound of cicadas, the sunshine leaking through the vivid green leaves, and the fresh air provided by the trees. All the worries and troubles are laid down and Orot comes out with me. It's not long, but the effect is quite good. It takes you through the fragrant forest path where fragrant herbs greet you with a light step.
Path from tree relaxation forest to sunlight relaxation forest
It's something different from 2 hours ago to enjoy “Healing Forest Healing” with a one-day experience program and get back to reality. The weight and face are the same worries, but something is light. Is it because the trees that he met in the healing forest filled up the energy that was exhausted without knowing himself?
Natural Falls in the Forest Healing Forest of Seoul Grand Park
Seoul Grand Park Healing Forest also has special long-term programs for menopausal women, children who use smartphones, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their families. If you apply for a long-term program, your registration will be confirmed after consulting a forest healer. Contact the Seoul Grand Park Forest Healing Forest (02-500-7575, 7576, 7511).
Participants take a break to cool off at the waterfall
TIP. How to use the Forest Healing Forest in Seoul Grand Park
Opened in 30 years, the Seoul Grand Park Forest Healing Forest is operated by reservation in advance to preserve the forest. Majung Forest Road (Tue ~ Fri, Twice a Day) for Adults, Silver Forest Trail for Seniors 65 to 75 Years (Once a Week), and Gold Forest Trail for Adults 55 to 65 Years (Once a Week) Operate. The deadline is fast, with a limit of 15 visitors per program. For reservations, please visit the Seoul Grand Park website ( http://grandpark.seoul.go.kr ) And Seoul Public Service Reservation System ( http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr You can do All is free. It also has special long-term programs for menopausal women, children with high levels of smartphone use, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their families.
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