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‘Sancheong Gas Experience Center’ - Sancheong-gun, Gyeongnam, South Korea

People who do gas tanks in front of the gas station

‘Sancheong Gas Experience Center’

Sancheong-gun, Gyeongnam, South Korea

The spiritual energy of the universe is called reiki. People live on crossroads. If there is no energy, it is a dead life. The city people were tired of running away from the stress. There is no place to be trapped in the concrete walls and asphalt. If your body and mind is weak, go to the Gas Experience Center in Donguibogamchon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongnam. You can feel the energy of the whole body in the ground flowing through the stems of Jiri and Hwangmaesan.

Jirisan is a mountain where even a foolish person turns into a wise person by stepping on it. Sancheong-gun is one of the towns of Jiri Mountain. There are many medicinal herbs in Jirisan, the young mountain of the nation. It is natural that the mountains are high and the valleys are deep. Sancheong-gun combined the mysterious image of Jirisan Herb with tourism. As the main mountain of herbal medicine, Donguibogamchon was built at the foot of Wangsan (923m) and Pilbongsan (848m) to the north of Jiri. Looking east from the courtyard of the Oriental Medicine Museum (Donguibogam), Hwangmaesan, famous for its azaleas, comes into view.
Ryu Ui-Tae Statue
Sancheong is not only a hometown for herbal medicine, but also a homegrown city. First of all, there are brothers Heo Young and Heon from Danseong-myeon. His older brother, Heo Young, was well-prescribed, and his younger brother, Cho Sam Heon, was famous for acupuncture. Next, there is Yoo Yi-tae, a native of Geochang who performed medical activities in Sancheong, where there is a family. He has written works such as The Margin, The Experiment Room, and The Introspection. Heojun's teacher, Ryu Ui-tae, who built The Dongui Bogam, is also from Sinan-myeon, Sancheong-gun.
Heo Joon statue
In Donguibogamchon, '2013 Sancheong World Traditional Medicine Expo' will be held for 45 days from September 6th to October 20th. During this period, Dongeuibogamchon, themed hall, herbalist ecology hall, healing town, worldview, medicinal food restaurant, and industry hall, etc., will be introduced to people around the world to promote the excellence of oriental medicine and Donguibogam. This event will be prepared by Sancheong-gun to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Donguibogam this year.
The Sancheong Gas Experience Center was created in the highest place in Donguibogamchon. The road in the complex, which started from Bulmunmun, passes through the museum and becomes higher altitude. There is a fenced trail along the side of the driveway. This path is called Donguibogam Dulle-gil. When you finally arrive in front of the Palgakjeong Pavilion and pull your car around, you will see a two-story super-large hanok. The building, which covers approximately 460 square meters, is expected to be completed by the end of August 2013. After it is built, it is said to be used as a place for physical and mental medicine, such as cardio training, yoga, and meditation.
Enlarged ear stone
Turtle rock and Seokkyung, hidden in the hillside behind the two-story hanok, have already been rumored to be a 'good place to receive flags', and many people are looking for them. The turtle rock that stands vertically in the middle of the stone axis is called ‘Gwagamseok’. The earstone backboard, which is about 4 times as tall as an adult, has hexagonal shapes that extend out in all directions like a shell of a turtle, and hieroglyphs are engraved on each one.
Good ears wishing to be done in everyday life are engraved on the earstones that convey the energy of the earth, so that the visitors can receive their wishes and make wishes. The rock, weighing about 130 tons, is from Hwangmaesan.
In front of Seokkyung, just above the earstone, gather not only the energy of the earth but also the energy of the sky. The letters engraved on the stone also have similar meanings to those of the ear stone. A letter was carved out of a stone that was picked up from Beomhak Village in Sancheong-eup.
Magnified view
Minhyang-sik, a cultural tourism commentator, says that if you hold this rock with both hands, take a deep breath while holding your chest and head, and meditate, you can experience the energy of the earth permeating the whole body.
“In a word, just standing in front of the earrings and stone mirrors, the energy of the earth is transmitted to the human body, and it seems that the lost energy is revived and the head is cleared.”
Directly above the ear persimmon, there is an enormous stone view enclosed within the pavilion, which, like the ear persimmon, is a place where you can receive energy. Experiencers take a comfortable posture once again in front of Seok-kyung and once again in front of Seok-kyung, and then embrace the energy of the earth, that is, the earth.
Experienced people following the demonstration
There is a simple way to test how much the limpid stone in front of Gwaseokseok and Seokkyung is. Stand about 10m from this place, draw a circle with your thumb and forefinger, and try to separate it from the people around you. This time, move to the front of Gwagamseok and Seokkyung, and then take the same action and try the same action. Commentator Minh Hyang-sik explains, “Even if you are not particularly conscious or empowered, you can feel that it is difficult and easy to remove, because the power of ki acts.” He occasionally demonstrates a gas tank to experienced guests during the explanation. Experienced people can easily follow.
Family receiving a flag in front of Seokkyung
The place where the energy of the land is good is called Myeongdang. In Sancheong, a mountainous country, this place is located in Wangsan, a road leading from the Cheonwangbong (1,915m) of Jirisan to Hwangmaesan (1,108m). The base of the two mountains meets in one place, and the Moon Pilbong stands right next to it, so it is spotlighted as a place of prayer. Munpilbong refers to the shape of a mountain peak with a pointed shape like the tip of a brush. A lot of people are produced in these places.
Experienced people gathered in front of the ear stone
Those who visited the Sancheong Experience Center believe that their body is getting better or better with the energy of nature. Not only promotes health, but also delights that something good has happened. There are many good news from people who have been here, such as promotions, employment, acceptance, and childbirth.
Where is that? Enlightenment can also be achieved. It is often said to 'cool your head' or 'empty your mind', but when you visit a place with good energy, this mental awakening is easily achieved. It is said that when the mind is cleared, that is, the state where there is no anguish or delusion, it is said to be enlightenment, and you can enjoy the excitement when you stay in the space. When you come to a good place, you can cool your head, empty your mind, and get enlightenment.
Stone views preserved in the pavilion
If you want to experience the experience in Donguibogamchon during a trip to Sancheong-gun, it is recommended to make a reservation with the Culture and Tourism Division (055-970-6422) of the Sancheong-gun Office in groups of 20 or more.
Donguibogamchon, where traditional medicine expo will be held
After enjoying the gas experience in Sancheong, some of the best places to visit are Namsayedam Village, Mokmyeon Sibaeji, Nammyeong Breakfast Site, the former Royal Tombs, Sangcho International Sculpture Park, and Hwangmaesan Mountain.
Namsayedam Village, a traditional hanok village in Gyeongsang-do, is considered by Feng Shui as Myeongdang. It is also designated as No. 1 of the most beautiful village in Korea. In the middle of the alley in front of Lee's elevated street, two 300-year-old painting trees are growing in the shape of an X, which is also known as the “widow”. When you pass under this tree, it is said that the couple will be 100 years. Haejeongjeong and Choi's elevated are being used as accommodation experiences for hanok.
Namsayedam Village Painting Tree
Myeonmyeonsi Baeji is the first place in Korea where Samwoodang Moonik Branch hid cotton seeds in China and cultivated cotton for the first time in Korea. Thanks to his hidden efforts, the people of the Joseon Dynasty were able to wear cotton garments. Next to the exhibition hall, there are Bumingak and cotton fields, which were dedicated to Yeongjeong.
Myeonmyeon City Pavilion Exhibition Hall
Hwangmaesan Mountain, which was said to have been performed by Ambassador Muhak at the end of Goryeo, has a beautiful azalea colony in spring. Those who want to enjoy the hike without hassle use the course that starts from Sangbeop village and descends to Sinchon village. From the top, you can see Cheonwangbong, Jirisan Mountain, Deokyusan, and Gayasan at a glance.
Hwangmaesan azalea
Travel information


* Self-driving

1) Gyeongbu Expressway Sanna Junction → Daejeon Tongyeong Expressway → Sancheong IC → Donguibogamchon
2) Namhae Expressway Jinju Junction → Daejeon Tongyeong Expressway → Sancheong IC → Donguibogamchon

* public transport

Seoul → Sancheong: 8 times a day (08: 30-23: 00) from Seoul Nambu Terminal (02-521-8550), takes 3 hours
Busan → Sancheong: Direct bus service runs every 20 minutes from Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal (1577-8301), takes 2 hours 30 minutes
Jinju → Application: Direct bus from Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal (1688-0841) runs every 5-10 minutes, takes 45 minutes

2. Delicious

Songlim Cottage: Ori Baek-suk / 316-6 Sansu-ro, Sancheong-eup, Sancheong-gun / 055-972-2988

Samgeori Restaurant: Dasulgi-tang / 5, Eco-ro 2533beon-gil, Geumseo-myeon, Sancheong-gun / 055-973-2663

Samsinbong Pension Restaurant: Oritang / 447 Samsinbong-ro, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun / 055-973-7777


1 Night 2 Days Motel: 45 Sancheong-daero 1212beon-gil, Sinan-myeon, Sancheong-gun / 055-973-9986

Jirisan View Castle Pension: 11-20, Jirisan-daero 511beon-gil, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun / 055-973-2250

Jirisan Log Cabin: 11-36, Jirisan-daero 511beon-gil, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun / 055-973-0666

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