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Run, South Island! Enjoy a day trip to Namdo - Damyang-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Suncheon Bay Reed Field

Run, South Island! Enjoy a day trip to Namdo

Damyang-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

A bus that travels around Jeonnam tourist spots, “Namdo One Wheel” was born. If you have a pass of 9,900 won per day, you can take a day trip to Damyang, Gokseong, Suncheon, Boseong, Jangheung, Naju, Gangjin, Haenam, Jangheung, Muan, Hampyeong, Yeonggwang, Mokpo, Sinan, Yeosu, and Jindo. have. You don't even have to drive yourself. Choose your preferred course, make your reservation, and head back to your starting point for a relaxing trip to the South Island. Feel free to take a day trip to Namdo and get on the bus.
Take a trip to Namdo! Invincible bus, Namdo One Wheel
The biggest reason for worrying about the trip to Namdo is the streets and traffic routes. Because of the relatively long distances, our journey to Namdo is once again considered. Also, since I went down to Iwang Namdo, would I not be filled with the desire to see things here and there? But unless you're a self-driving driver, there's too much information to be aware of in order to enjoy your trip across the region. You too far to be close, Namdo! There is a way to solve the worries about traveling to South Korea like a mirage! The main character is 'Jeonnam Tourist Bus, Namdo One Wheel'.
`` Namdo One Wheel '' Suncheon 2-course Bus from Suncheon Terminal
Before we start, let's take a look at the flesh of the “South Road.” To put it simply, a single 9900 won bus ticket for Namdo is a day trip to see Namdo's precious space. Oh, once you get the price and space. What is the course? Where can I make a reservation?
Brief description of the bus driver
8 courses, mostly from Gwangju
First, there are eight courses. Looking around Damyang and Gokseong Gwangju 1 Course In conjunction with Suncheon, Boseong and Jangheung Suncheon 2 Course Except for all weekends. Gwangju 1 Course Suncheon 2 Course Operates daily except Monday. Connecting Naju, Gangjin, Haenam, Jangheung Gwangju 3 Course Connecting Suncheon, Boseong, Hwasun Gwangju 4 Course Touring Muan, Hampyeong, and Glory Gwangju 5 Courses , Connecting Mokpo and Sinan Mokpo 6 Course Operates every weekend. Here is not the end. Of the popular score that runs for 2-4 weeks Saturday Yeosu 7 Courses Day trip to Yeosu Geumodo 8, 9 Course is indispensable, too.

How to buy bus tickets


Departure terminal ticket office, bus ride homepage


Is possible. You can ride on-site during the off-season, but it is full during the peak season, so be sure to buy it in advance. In particular, Yeosu 7 course (25,000 won, which includes a bus ticket to Geumdo Island) is very popular. Bus seats are also available. When purchased on-site, you are free to sit on a first-come, first-served basis for the remaining seats.

Freely look around and gather by bus
If you booked in advance, you will be shown the text and boarding. Admission to tourist attractions is discounted if you have a ticket to Namdo. Pets are not allowed, and personal expenses such as food and entrance fees are not included. You will be informed of the time to return for each sightseeing spot included in the course, and you will be free to visit by then. Along with the cultural commentator who accompanied you on the bus, you can make a better trip. Since you are traveling to a group, you can travel the way you want if you keep the time you meet.
Admission to sightseeing spots is discounted with just one bus ticket
Suncheon 2-course experience connecting Suncheon, Boseong, Jangheung
Now, I decided to experience 'Namdo One Wheel'. I chose Suncheon 2 course that goes around Suncheon, Boseong, and Jangheung out of Gwangju 1 course and Suncheon 2 course that operate every day except Monday. Departs from Suncheon Terminal at 10 am and stops at Suncheon Station (KTX) at 10:10 to start a full-scale journey.
Pleasure boat to travel Suncheon Bay Eco Park by water
The course consists of Suncheon Bay Reed Field, Nak-An Eupseong, Root Museum, Boseong Green Tea Field, and Jangheung Woodland. Stay around 1-2 hours at each destination. After all trips, get off at Suncheon Station and Suncheon Terminal. This means that you can fully enjoy your trip to South Korea by public transport. If you want to stay for another day, you can either stay near the station or go to Gwangju, where most of the Namdo buses depart. All courses except Suncheon 2 course depart from Gwangju. If you take Gwangju as a base camp, you will be able to enjoy abundant travel in Namdo using 'Hando'.
Blue Waves in Suncheon Bay Reed Fields Begin Summer
The explanation of the cultural interpreter continues on the moving bus. The road to Suncheon Bay Reed Field (Suncheon Bay Natural Ecological Park) and Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo, which opened in 2013, also pass by. If the flower is in full bloom, don't forget to stay for another day and visit. Arrive at Suncheon Bay Reed Field in time. It is the largest reed colony in Korea. Tidal flat friends such as chubby and chilge greet people down the promenade. I would like to go up to the Yongsan Observatory, but the time allowed is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I listened to the explanations and took pictures and walked up. If you want to go to the Yongsan Observatory where you can see the huge S-line of Suncheon Bay, you have to climb diligently from the beginning. This is because there is not enough time to walk slowly while listening to the explanation.
Suncheon Bay Reed Field
The admission fee for Suncheon Bay Eco Park is 7,000 won. Each time you enter a tourist spot, you must buy a ticket. You can buy tickets at a discounted price by showing them the “Namdo One Wheel” pass.
Scenery on the way to Yongsan Observatory
Next is Nagan Eupseong. Naganan-eup, one of the top three cities in Korea, along with Seosan Haemi-eup and Gochang-eup, has been designated as a castle and village due to the preservation of the prototypes of the Joseon Dynasty, Dongheon, Cheongsa, and thatch. Many people still live in folk villages.
A panoramic view of the village from the top of Nakanupseong Gugakdang
Various traditional experiences such as weaving experience and dyeing experience are available.
Nagan-eup Fortress Weaving Experience
The admission fee is 4,000 won, and the circumference of Namdo is 3,000 won. Lunch here and depart for Boseong.
Nagan-eup Fortress Weaving Experience
Boseong green tea field. What more explanation is needed? There are many ways to see the green tea field, which is a representative tourist spot in Boseong.
Boseong Green Tea Field
When you arrive at the plaza along the cedar forest road, you will see the Daehanwon Rest Area. Here you can taste green tea ice cream and green tea shakes. From here, it's easiest to climb the central stairway to the observatory and get off at the cherry blossom path.
Tea Garden next to Boseong Green Tea Shop
If you want to look around every corner of the tea plantation, it's a little steep, but when you go up to the sea observatory through the tea field observatory, you can see the sea far away. Of course, it is the scenery that can be seen only when the weather is clear.
View from the Sea Observatory
After sighing in Boseong green tea field, only the last course is left. Woodland is one of Jangheung's hot spots! A phytoncide from more than forty years old cypress soothes the tired body. Pass the Cypress Sawdust Promenade and climb the Male Road to reach the summit of Mt.
Jangheung Cypress Forest Woodland Cypress Healing Forest
In Namdo, 'maru' is called 'male'. Don't miss the 'bathroom', one of Woodland's specialties.
Male road leading to the summit
This concludes the full schedule of 'South Namdo One Wheel' Suncheon 2 Course. Now go back to Suncheon Station and Suncheon Terminal. Although there is no shortage of time spent in each tourist destination, traveling to South Korea is much easier just by getting on a comfortable bus and seeing a jewel-like destination in one day. In addition, there are still seven courses remaining. Whisper if you have a good person.
"What about your trip to Namdo this weekend?"
Wooden deck of cypress woodland which can walk without difficulty
tip. Jeonnam Sightseeing Loop Bus “Namdo One Wheel”

Jeonnam Damyang, Gokseong (Gwangju 1 course), Suncheon, Boseong, Jangheung (Suncheon 2 course), Naju, Gangjin, Haenam, Jangheung (Gwangju 3 course), Suncheon, Boseong, Hwasun (Gwangju 4 course), Muan, Hampyeong, Yeonggwang The name of the invincible sightseeing bus that covers Gwangju 5 course, Mokpo and Sinan (6 Mokpo), Yeosu Geumodo (7th Yeosu), and Jindo (8th Jindo 8th course) is called Namdo. All seven courses depart from Gwangju except Suncheon 2 Course, which departs from Suncheon. It is a sightseeing bus exclusive to Namdo that allows you to travel in various areas of Namdo for a day trip if you pay only 9,900 won per course (excluding Yeosu 7 courses). Tickets can be purchased online or at the departure terminal ticket office.


Groups of 30 or more are 8,000 won. Personal expenses such as food and entrance fees, travel insurance are not included.

Travel info

1. Nearby restaurants

Suncheon Bay Street: Suncheon Mangil, Suncheon / Komak Meals Restaurant, Chan-Dang-Tangtang / 061-745-2100

Wild ridge: Suncheon Mangil, Suncheon / Charcoal Kiln Grilled Barbecue / 061-741-5233

Tidal-flat Restaurant: Suncheon / Ttung Deungtang, Kokmak Restaurant / 061-746-4500
Jeongnamjin Manna Charcoal Fire Ribs: Jangheung / Charcoal Fire Ribs / 061-863-3087
Three Daegomtang: Toyo Market 3-gil, Jangheung-eup, Jangheung-gun / Gomtang, Suyuk / 061-863-3113

2. Accommodation

Noblesse Hotel: Jangsunbaegi 2-gil, Suncheon / 061-722-7730
Milan Motel: Suncheon Exile 2-gil, Suncheon / 061-723-4207
Suncheon Royal Tourist Hotel: Jancheon 4-gil, Suncheon / 061-746-0001


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