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Run, Namdo Marine Train (S-train)! - Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

Namdo Marine Train stopped at Bokcheon Station

Run, Namdo Marine Train (S-train)!

Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

There is a new trip to enjoy Namdo. The main character is the 'Namdo Marine Train (S-train)', which connects Yeonghonam from Busan to Boseong. Let's enjoy the rich Namdo Island trip by getting on the Namdo Marine Train, which started operating in September 2013.
There are numerous ways to travel to Namdo. Starting with ‘Taste and Fashion’, which is almost the same level as Namdo, it is a breeze. Filled with open fields, seas, and abundance of tidal flats, Namdo has plenty of fun to enjoy. Maybe that's why people have fantasies about Namdo.
Nado-eupseong, a destination where the Namdo marine train stops
In fact, Namdo Island, which spreads along the mountains, sea, and tidal flats, is a fascinating hometown for tourists who once visited, thanks to a variety of attractions and food.
Nado-eupseong, a destination where the Namdo marine train stops
Thanks to you, the trip to Namdo, which encompasses Yeonghonam on the Korean Peninsula, is a trip that would have been a dream for anyone who likes to travel. However, if you were to leave, there were a lot of things to take care of, so there might have been some who couldn't put it into practice. Introduce for them. Another way to travel South Island! Namdo Marine Train (S-train) is the main character.
Nado-eupseong, a destination where the Namdo marine train stops
First of all, even if you don't have to add ‘travel’, the train will naturally travel as soon as you get on the ‘train’. The experience of becoming a “trip” even when traveling to a destination is a bonus that can be enjoyed when choosing a train. The memories of eggs and ciders boiled as a child turned into lunch boxes and various streets, but the train's unique characteristics remain the same. Maybe that's why people still look for trains. “Namdo” has been added to this, so the ears are soft.
Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo Center held in 2013
A train of unity connecting Yeonghonam
The 'S' of the Namdo Marine Train is derived from 'South' and 'Sea'. In addition, 'S' is also a letter that reminds me of the serpentine coast of Namdo.
Namdo Marine Train consists of 5 engine rooms and cabins
The S-train consisted of a front locomotive and a 5-car carriage. The exterior of the train is modeled after Admiral Yi Sun-shin's turtle ship, which guarded the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula.
Engine room modeled after the Turtle Ship
First, let's look at the structure of the Namdo Marine Train (S-train). The exterior consists of a turtle-shaped locomotive and five cabins.
Train crew
The first car is a healing room. Aside from the four seats looking out the window, the rest are plain quiet rooms. The second car, named Family Room, is noisier than the previous car. Some tables face each other, and there are seats that go straight.
Quiet Point, Car Healing Room # 1
Filled with a cafe room and a couple room, the 3rd car is a space where you can have a simple yogi as its name suggests. A friendly (?) Seat for couples is provided along with a partition.
Car 3 with a cafe room and a couple room
Car 4 is a tea ceremony room. Vehicles departing from Gwangju can be found in Boseong, Jeollanam-do, and tea originated from Hadong, Gyeongnam, from Busan. We plan to sell free tasting and tea. Lastly, let's go to the 5th car, which also serves as both a leisure sports room and an event room. Performances are held at regular times. In addition to the performances, the crew also shows their own magic shows.
Car 3 with a cafe room and a couple room
Between cars 4 and 5, there is a space for 9 bikes. Thanks to this, it is also possible to enjoy a bicycle tour by getting to the desired region on the train. Remember that some local train stations, such as Mulgeum Station in Yangsan City, also rent bicycles.
Tea Room 4 is a tea room where you can enjoy fragrant tea
From Boseong ~ Suncheon ~ Hadong ~ Jinju ~ Masan ~ Changwon Central ~ Busan, Namdo hotspot at once!

Next, let's look at the operation section of the S-train. The starting points are Busan and Boseong. The train departing from Busan every day at 8:25 am passes through Changwon Central, Masan, Jinju, and Hadong and enters Honam. Before long, it took about 4 hours to run through Suncheon to Boseong. The train from Boseong to Busan departs at 5pm every day. Train times are subject to change, so be sure to check in advance. The fee is 2,500 won per adult one way.
Hadong where Yeongnam and Honam meet
When you hear the name ‘Namdo Marine Train (S-train)’, it seems like a train trip along the sea of Namdo will take place, but in fact, you will face more of the inland and the stream of Namdo. It is longer to face the ridge of the Seomjin River, which divides the stem of the Nakdong River and the Honam of Yeongnam. Trains from Busan do not reach the sea until they arrive at Yeosu. It is difficult to misunderstand the train that runs along the beautiful South Sea after hearing only the name of the ‘marine train’. An official from the Korea Railroad Corporation said, “As you can see when riding a train, the“ Namdo Marine Train ”goes better than the name of the“ Namdo Marine Train ”because it meets more river stalks than the sea.“ The Namdo Marine Train connects Busan, Boseong and the rich Yeonghonam. I hope you can feel the essence of your trip to Namdo on a ride. ”
The train stops here for 17 minutes.
Then, what is the most beautiful section of the Namdo Marine Train? Kim Yong-ok, deputy general manager of the Korea Railroad's Southeast Area Tourism Belt Promotion Team, selected the section that touches the stem of the Nakdong River and the Seomjin River of Hadong at the first hand. You don't need to remember all the scenery on the train, but how about remembering these two sections? If you are on a train trip with a good person, this is a good place to whisper sweetly.
It is another fun to see the yellowed fields.

The train departing from Busan Station at 8: 5 am passes Gupo ~ Changwon Jungang ~ Masan ~ Jinju ~ Bukcheon ~ Hadong ~ Suncheon ~ Beolgyo ~ Deukryang and reaches Boseong. The train from Boseong to Busan leaves at 5pm. If you take the train connecting Seoul and Yeosu Expo, you can get on the Namdo Ocean Train from 'Suncheon'. This means that it is also possible to travel from Yeosu to Suncheon off the Namdo Marine Train. Checking out the day trip products for the Namdo Ocean Train, such as Yeosu, Boseong, Suncheon, and Hadong, introduced by KORAIL will help you make a great trip. Namdo Marine Train Busan to Boseong One-way fare 2,500 won, Busan to Suncheon one-way fare 2,500 won.

▶ Namdo Marine Train Inquiry
Korea Railroad Corporation: 1544-7788


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Sumjin River is the view point of Namdo Marine Train