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Rooftop bar in the city center on a summer night - Korea, Seoul

Myeongdong L7 Hotel roof top bar <floating> panoramic view

Rooftop bar in the city center on a summer night

Korea, Seoul

The rooftop, 'rooftop' in Korean. The 'rooftop-bar', which is popular nowadays, literally means a bar on an open roof. Even on a hot day, when the moon begins, a sip of wind blows over the roof. Thanks to this, in summer, there are more people looking for more. The night view of the city center, born through the darkness, is a bonus. What is the sense of liberation enjoyed in front of a cool cocktail. Introducing the freedom to enjoy on the rooftop, a summer night drink just off the rooftop.

Rooftop bar, it is never difficult. It may be a little awkward, but it is not difficult at all. If you can drink, you can enjoy the splendid city night view in the middle of the building forest city center and enjoy the relaxation given to the modern people of the 21st century. Why don't you take a cocktail, champagne, beer, etc. and take it on a city night?
In Seoul alone, there are more than a dozen rooftop bars. Just a few years ago, rooftop bars in Gangnam area expanded to Myeongdong, Itaewon, and Hongdae with the full support of young people. The crowds who want to enjoy freedom even for a short time on the open roof that has been pierced.
Meet the city with a new look <Offered by Hotel Cappuccino>
Most of the rooftop bars are located on the upper floors, where you can maximize the charm of the 'roof bar', with a great night view of the city center. These include <Floating> at L7 Hotel in Myeongdong, <The Griffin> at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul, <Cloud> at Mercure Ambassador Gangnam, and Rooftop Bar at Hotel Cappuccino.
Don't worry if you're worried about the price, or if you're reluctant to get dressed because of your dress or dress code. You can enjoy as much as you like in comfortable clothes. In addition, although the high price is quite burdensome, there is little worry that you will be nervous and become a high hope. 20,000 won for a cocktail. However, in most cases, a bottle is required to sit in a place with a good view, but in this case, the price increases. If you want to enjoy the night view, the charm of the rooftop bar, you have to worry.
Domestic roof top bar <Cloud> <Offered, Cloud>
Reservations are a must if you plan to go for a special day atmosphere. It is difficult to sit in a good place without reservations on Fridays and weekends. In the case of the already famous rooftop bar, there are times when the reservation call itself is difficult. It would mean that there are many who are looking for that much. A trip on the rooftop where you can taste 'leaving feeling', 'freedom', and 'freedom' without going far away.
A cup of relaxation with a great night view
First, <floating> of L7 Hotel in Myeong-dong. It is difficult to sit in a good position without making a reservation on the weekend as the largest rooftop in Korea. You can take a foot bath while looking at Namsan Tower. There is also an interior space with air conditioning. The Gin specialty bar offers over 30 different types of gin. The "Griffin Bar" of the luxury hotel JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, located opposite Dongdaemun, also boasts a superb night view.
Bar with various gins
Lee Yoon-hee (pseudonym), a 30-year-old office worker in Seoul, who visited <floating> for the first time, said, "I was worried that it would be hot, but after the sun goes down, the wind is blowing and it's okay." Revealed. He added, "I want to leave somewhere rather than drink 'bar', but I think it would be good to travel when I can't go."
Handrix cocktail with fresh cucumber and rose
If you go to Gangnam, let's look at Mercure Ambassador Gangnam's <Cloud>. <Cloud>, which is considered as the origin of the roof top bar, has a variety of entertainment such as performances and movies based on the motto of "Disneyland for adults." Gangnam Gyobo Tower and Namsan Tower from the rooftop bar on the 21st floor of the Yeoksam Station hill continue to cool. It's a pity to miss out on the rooftop bar of Hotel Cappuccino, which is a 6-minute drive away. It is especially popular with young people because you can enjoy various gins at a fairly reasonable price.
Korea's largest roof top bar <floating>
That doesn't mean the rooftop bar is unique to hotels. Rooftop bars such as <Phi Phi Seoul> <Avant Garde> and <The Bermuda> are also located in Itaewon and Hongdae. The price range is similar to those introduced above, and each has its own unique personality.
<Floating> where you can enjoy footbath while looking at Namsan
Apart from Seoul, there is also a rooftop bar in Busan, a summer city. The rooftop bar of Kent Hotel is spreading out at a glance with Gwangan Bridge and the beach at a glance. 뻥 The sea breeze blowing on the rooftop is a bonus that can only be enjoyed in coastal cities. You can enjoy cool draft beer and various types of cocktails at relatively low prices.
Busan Gwangalli Kent Hotel Rooftop Bar Skydeck.
There are many cafes and bars in the Haeundae area that guarantee the hot summer in Busan, using full glass or outdoor spaces, and you can see the sea at a glance. The main characters are <Haeundae Rooftop Attic>, <Muntenba>, and <The Bay 101>.
Enjoy beer and meals and snacks at the rooftop bar.
In addition to the roof top bar, there are many lounge bars where you can watch the night view of Busan. In the case of the roof top bar, there are times when it is not operating on rainy days.
We have wine, cocktails, drinks and steaks.
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Floating: 21F, Myeongdong Hotel, 137 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (62-12, Chungmuro 2-ga) / 02-6310-1097
The Griffin Bar: 11F, 279 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul / 02-2276-3344
Cloud: 10 21F, Teheran-ro 25-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul / 02-2038-9618
Hotel Cappuccino Rooftop Bar: 155 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul / 02-2038-9618
PP Seoul: 258-199, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Avant-garde Rooftop: 18 Noksapyeong-daero 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / 070-4155-0682
The Bermuda: 168-6 Noksapyeong-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / 02-749-9447

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Dmiel: Pasta / Samcheong-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu / 02-720-1307
Ban Handak: Yakitori / Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu / 070-7773-4773
Minrakhoe Town: Sashimi / 1 Minrak Waterside Road, Suyeong-gu / 051-757-3000

Benikea Noble Hotel: Jongno-gu Yulgok-ro 6-gil / 02-742-4025
Banana Backpackers: Dutubbawi-ro 25-gil, Yongsan-gu / 02-3672-1973
Seoul YMCA Tourist Hotel: Jongno-gu Jongro / 02-734-6884
Kent Hotel Gwanganri: 229 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan / 051-758-5700

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