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REVIEW 1st Gangwon Four Lakes Canoe Touring Experience - Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

Enjoying canoeing

REVIEW 1st Gangwon Four Lakes Canoe Touring Experience

Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

From the 3rd of October, the “1st Gangwon Four Lakes Canoe Touring Tournament” was held for four days in Gangwon Province, which runs four major lakes (Uiam, Chuncheon, Faro, and Soyangho). This event, which canoe the hem of Chuncheon, Hwacheon, and Yanggu in Gangwon-do as a canoe, was held jointly by Gangwon-do and the Gangwon Cooperation Foundation of the Korea Tourism Organization, Chuncheon, Hwacheon, Yanggu, and Mullegil.

The first “Gangwon-do Four Lakes Canoe Touring Tournament” was held on a tight schedule for four days. Nevertheless, I was able to successfully complete the first tournament, the protagonist “Canoe,” who swims on the water like a slippery slippery, and the ball in the lake that kept his seat silently might be big. It wasn't long, but it was enough time to know the charm of the canoe. Introducing the site of the '1st Gangwon Four Lakes Canoe Touring Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the Canoe Tournament)'.
Canoe competition starts with basic education
Paddling about 20 km per day… Meet Uiam, Chuncheon, Faro and Soyangho

On October 3, participants began to gather at the water wheel marina located in Uiam Lake in Chuncheon. More than 50 people participated, including local government officials, related industries, club members, and the general public selected from the Internet application. After a brief opening and training of canoeing by experts, I climbed a canoe and started my first day. Most of them climbed into canoes in groups of two, each with their own partner. Experts who have prepared their own canoes enjoyed canoeing alone.

Safety training in canoes
Reporter who once experienced sea kayaking from Buan Gyeokpo Port to Latitude with a small, touring kayak was confident. What is so different about 'paddle rowing'? Kayaks and canoes were equally non-motorized, so I thought that “no” was “no” because it was paddled to light the arms.
Click during the competition, group photo
Even if the upper part of the boat is blocked or open, even if the kayak is large, it belongs to a canoe. The kayak must have been double-edged, but the canoe is a single day. Ohora, it should be much easier.
Canoe on the way to the lake

The point of canoeing is to "take the oars that have been pushed out and bring them back horizontally to the water." I realized that most of the eco-friendly outdoor activities were “not difficult,” so I climbed a canoe with both a camera and a paddle. Iron arms, please remember the “paddling” sense of those days.

Healing in a canoe with plenty of paddling
Canoes can accommodate up to three adults or two adults (up to 13 years of age). The person who came together today is Seung-Tae Lee, manager of Canoe-related company <Comarine>. Heaven helps. Even beginners can be a pair of 2 people, but they go on a boat like this.
Healing in a canoe with plenty of paddling
Still, the course to run today is not easy. From here, you have to drive about 20.5 km from the starting point of the waterway to Hwacheon Aquatic Resort (Chuncheon Lake). Canoeing starts by climbing the canoe. One or two of the beginners get on the canoe and the boat turns over. Grab the center and moderately widen one step at a time. Luckily, there was no Buddha statue overturned.
Healing in a canoe with plenty of paddling
Healing trip over the lake, canoe

Usually, a coriander sits on the back of the canoe to keep pace with the front rower. Even if you paddle freely while changing your sore arm, it is entirely the “captain” that moves in my direction. The lake overlooking the canoe reveals a completely different expression than when viewed from the lake. I walk out of the Uiam Lake facing the blue thin sky. The more you canoeing, the more you get out of the noisy reality. Troubles on both shoulders spread out into the lake in a canoe.

Canoes can accommodate up to three adults.

“Listen to the dripping sound when paddling. I canoe because of this. ”

It is the sound that I want to hear first when it is time to reproduce the sound from the text someday. Infinitely quiet and peaceful waterdrops sing along the oars. At the starting point, I heard the sound before reaching the midway pier (7.5 km). You don't even have to row so that your arm hurts. Anyone, young or old, can start right away if you know how to get directions. The road that seems to be able to continue forever continues.

Enjoy snack time! Snack delivery to paddle!

On the afternoon of the first day, we headed from Palgakjeong to Hwacheon Aquatic Resort (13km) today. It's also fun to have a lot of canoes and snacks together on the middle water. Place the snack on the oar and deliver it to another canoe. At the end of the snack time, the boat of a participant canoe was overturned. The Aquapack was tied to a canoe, so nothing was lost, but I was unable to use my cell phone. “Wait until it is completely dry, then turn it on,” adds the advice.

When the center shakes, it also falls into the water.

In addition to canoes that can accommodate up to 3 adults, there are single canoes, which are relatively less stable. The participant in the overturned boat was transferred to the boat the reporter was on. There were experts in the front and back, so it was a consideration to take a good photo in the middle. The next day, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have joined us from the Aquatic Resort to the Yanggu Youth Training Center, which is about 22km long.

Canoes rest for a while when they come into contact with the rest

On the second day, after moving from Aquatic Resort to Hwacheon Batter (7.4km) in the morning, I stopped at the Faro Lake Pier at the Korean Otter Research Center (8.5km) and moved to Wolmyeong Fishing Center (6km). On the first day, the whole body throbbed in the muscle pain left by canoeing, but paddling became easier. Compared to Uiamam Lake and Chuncheon Lake, the water color of the Faro Lake, which has a blue color, also contributed to its strength.

Canoes rest for a while when they come into contact with the rest

On the third day, it traveled about 22km from Yanggu Dock to Soyang Art Farm, and on the last day, on the fourth day, it traveled a total of 11km from Soyang Art Farm to Gongjicheon Dock. As a result, the “1st Gangwon Four Lakes Canoe Touring Tournament,” which tours the four lakes of Uiam, Chuncheon, Faro, and Soyang in Gangwon-do, has ended. Those who completed a distance of more than 80km were given a brilliant “Wanter Certificate”.

Anglers met on the lake

Unfortunately, the only part of the current canoe competition that can be practically experienced at this time is the Uiamam Chuncheon Waterway. It is difficult to experience in other regions except for clubs and those who enjoy canoeing personally. Don't be too sorry for that. There is a Chuncheon water wheel.

Anglers met on the lake
Tip. Should I go, Chuncheon Mullegil

6 times a day on weekdays (09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30), and 2 times (07:30, 17:00) on weekends on weekends Proceeds. There are many people who visit the water fog canoeing and sunset canoeing in the morning and afternoon on the weekend thanks to the picturesque scenery. Canoe can accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children in one canoe. The fee is 30,000 won for 2 people. 10,000 won per adult and 5000 won per child. Safety training and canoeing training are conducted before canoeing begins. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by adding both training and tours. Touring may change depending on weather conditions.
The trails include the Guppy Island Road (3km, 1 hour required), the Uiam Dam Road (3km, 1 hour required), and the Intermediate Road (5km, 2 hours required) for beginners and above.
▶ Inquiries: 070-4150-9463, http://www.mullegil.org/

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