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Rediscovering a budget that blends history, art, and experience - Chungnam Budget District, South Korea

The Baekje-style Daeungjeon Hall is a beautiful millennium temple Sudeoksa Temple

Rediscovering a budget that blends history, art, and experience

Chungnam Budget District, South Korea

<Total travel distance>
Sudeoksa → Car. 8 minutes 4.75km → Chungui Temple (Yunbong-gil Doctor Memorial Hall) → Car. 22 minutes 9.94km → Eunseong Farm → Car. 21 minutes 9.52km → Deoksan Hot Spring District (accommodation) → Car. 31 minutes 19.93km → Uigood Brothers Village → Car. 36 minutes 18.47km → Chusa House → Car. 4 minutes 1.78km → Hwaamsa Temple
Thanks to the reputation of Deoksan Onsen, which has been passed down since the Joseon Dynasty, it is the first budget known as a resort, but there are also various historical sites, as well as spaces where you can enjoy rich artistic sensibility and unique experiences. In particular, you can meet traces of characters familiar to us, such as Chusa Kim Jeong-hee and Mae Heon Yun Bong-gil, so it is also good for families as well as seniors and grandchildren who have had summer vacation.
Fragrance of art in Sudeoksa Temple

Since entering Sudeoksa Temple, seniors have been playing the song of 'Sukdeoksa Temple' in the 1960s.

The night is deep in Sudeoksa Temple
The lonely shadow of a sobbing female figure… (Approximately)

Sudeoksa Temple
Known as the protagonist of the sad lyrics, Kim Shim-deok, along with Yoon Shim-deok and Na Hye-suk, were considered to be the new women representing modern Joseon. After returning from studying abroad in Japan, he published an unprecedented article criticizing the feudal Joseon society. Knowing the story, Sudeoksa Temple, wet with a thick mist, feels more pitiful.
Goam Lee Eung-no stayed at Sudeok Inn
There is also a trace of Lee Eung-no, a painter who showed the original world of art represented by 'texture portrait' in Sudeoksa Temple.
Petroglyphs of Go-Am Lee Eung-No
When he decided to study in France at the age of 55, he gained the attention of a European flower box as a unique work that harmonized the spiritual world of the East and the free expression technique of the West.
A view of the Seon Museum in Sudeoksa
At the Sudeok Inn, which was run by his wife, the petroglyphs that are tangled and beautifully harmonized as they are by mixing consonants and vowels in Hangeul still remain in the eye. At the entrance of Sudeok Inn, there is an art museum rare in any temple, and exhibits works by various artists including Lee Eung-no.
An art museum exhibiting Lee Eung-no's work
The Millennium View Sudeoksa Temple, which retains such a rich aroma of art, can be found in a variety of artifacts, including the Daeungjeon Hall, which stands out with its pale architectural beauty, and the mysterious atmosphere of the old man and the Buddha. More than anything In addition to the road to Daeungjeon, there are also ramps that can be accessed by wheelchairs in the Sun Museum, so seniors can easily visit.
Formula selection
The place where Maeheon Yun Bong-gil's breath stopped, Chunguisa
Independence activist Yun Bong-gil, who dedicated twenty-five short lives to his country, was born in a small village in Deoksan-myeon, Budget District.
Chung Bong-gil, the doctor of Yun Bong-gil
In the dark ages of the Japanese colonial period, he reached his youth as a young man, and he entered the rural enlightenment movement from the age of nineteen. ) ', Leaving behind the splendid text, ascends to exile in China. Later, when he met Baekbeom Kim-gu in Shanghai, Yun Bong-gil cools the Japanese conversation through the Hongkou Park. Even Jang Jess was bold enough to compliment that "a young Korean man has done what China's millionaires cannot."
Yun Bong-gil Doctor's Memorial Entrance
On the left side of Chunguisa Temple, a shrine dedicated to the doctor's spirit, there is a memorial hall displaying about 50 artifacts, and the grandchildren and grandchildren can reflect on the importance of the country and the meaning of patriotism.
Yun Bong-gil's Relics Exhibition
Across the street, Gwanghyeondang, where Bong-gil Yoon was born, Buheungwon, which operated night school, and Jehandang, where you spent your youth, have been restored, so it's good to take a slow walk around.
Doctor Bong Gil Yoon's birthplace
However, since the connection between Chungui-sa and the birthplace is by pedestrian bridge instead of pedestrian crossing, seniors should take some inconvenience when coming and going in two places.
Statue of Dr. Bong-gil Yoon built in the birthplace
Eunseong Farm, a delicious transformation of the budget apple
Apple, one of the representative products of the budget, has a high sugar content and a crispy texture, making it famous nationwide.
Making apple pie by pickling apples
Eunsung Farm, located in Godeok-myeon, where the budget apples were first cultivated, attracts tourists with a variety of experience programs using apples throughout the year, as well as harvesting delicious seasonal apples every fall. In particular, apple pies baked in the oven with sweetly pickled apples in a dough full of personality and apple jams made by boiling mashed apples are an unusual experience that not only seniors but also children will love.
Apple Jam Making Experience
While the pie is being baked deliciously, you can go around the winery with the owner of the farm using apples to savor the wine, and it's even more interesting to have a quick and easy explanation of the wine, as well as tasting the wine and brandy that you have ripened here.
Winery Tour with Commentary
The apple picking experience is from October to mid-November every year, Making apple pies and apple jams is open every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and must be reserved by phone in advance.
Tasting apple wine and apple drinks
Deoksan Hot Spring, a relaxing break like a mother's arms
Deoksan Hot Spring boasts a history that is long enough to be recorded in the Joseon Dynasty Geography <Dongguk Yeoji Seungram> and <Sejong Sillok Geography>.
Monument for the development of hot spring water
Deoksan Hot Spring, which was developed by the Japanese in 1917 as a hot spring in the form of a bath, and gained popularity even now, is now popular as a resort with many spas and lodging facilities.
Previously used hot spring cover stone
In particular, in the front yard of the Deoksan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel, there is a 'earth globe' tombstone commemorating the onsen of hot spring water and a mover used during the development of the hot spring, so it is worth noting.
Spa hotel with family bath
Geoyu is an expression that compares the hot spring water that springs naturally from the ground to the mother's milk.
Hot spring theme park with water play facilities
If you travel among the elderly, we recommend a hot spring hotel with a family bath in an ondol room and a hot spring theme park with a variety of themed spas and water play facilities with your grandchildren.
Barley gulbi set meal after a hot spring bath
Sharing warm memories and warm hearts, the good brother village of Ui
The story of a good brother who put his rice straws into the house of each other secretly in the middle of the night thinking about his brother and his brother is familiar in the elementary school Korean textbook. In Daeheung-myeon, Yusan-gun, there is a monument in the Joseon Dynasty in honor of the filial piety and brotherhood of brothers Lee Seong-man and Yi Sun, who are known as protagonists of this folktale.
Ui Good Brothers Park
The town, which combines unspoiled natural environment, unique traditional culture, and generous spirit, became the country's sixth slow city in 2009, making it a hidden budget destination.
Thatched in Uijeongwan Brothers Park
At the entrance of the village, Uigood Brothers Park is restored with old thatched houses, arches, and cowsheds that stimulate old people's memories. Behind Lee Seong-man's brother Hyojebi, Daeheung-dongheon, built in the Joseon Dynasty, is a must-see.
Daeheung-dongheon, a building of the Joseon Dynasty
In the nearby area, the Snail Museum, which utilizes an old public health center that has been abandoned for a while, presents small but meaningful exhibitions mainly targeted by local residents.
Hyojebi in honor of his brother's filial piety and friendship
Like this The 'slow road' is a good walking course where seniors can walk slowly as if walking through a friendly hometown. For more information on villages and walking courses, visit the Visitor Center opposite Daeheung Elementary School.
Snail Museum located in the old public health center
Meet the best Joseon Dynasty, Chusa Old House and Hwaamsa Temple
Chusa Gotaek, where the Yedang Plain sits at a glance, is the place where Kim Jeong-hee, the best real scholar in Joseon and known for his unique font of 'Chusa-che', was born and raised.
Chusa Old House Sarangchae
Chusa showed off his artistic talent as early as he saw the word 'Lip Choon-hip' written at the gate at the age of seven and found that Chae Ji-chae and Cho Jeong-jae were not unusual.
Chusa's writings throughout the house
Academically, he exchanges with the best scholars of China at the time to achieve a rich and profound state. The stylish Sarangchae and the spacious Daecheong are impressive Anchae, and the small backyard leading to the shrine is as simple and rich as Chusa's font.
Scenery of Anchae in Chusa Old House
Opposite the old house, there is an experience center where you can write down the Chusa font directly or create a fan using 'Sehan Do' to help the elderly and grandchildren understand Kim Jong-hee more easily.
Calligraphy experience in the memorial hall
At the Chusa Memorial Hall, you can meet the life of Chusa and various letters and pictures. In addition, in the Hwaamsa Temple overlooking the back mountain of the old house, the words 'Sikyung', which refers to a good view, and 'Cheonchukgo teacher's house,' which means the house where the Buddha resides, are engraved on the rock in calligraphy and calligraphy, respectively. .
Chusa Memorial Hall
Chusa, which has been in the temple since childhood, is carved directly on Byeongpung Rock.
Rock on the back of Hwaamsa Temple with inscription of Chusa
The trail from the old house to Hwaamsa Temple has a steep slope, so it is recommended that seniors travel by car.
Seasoned beef ribs
Travel information

Recommended travel course (same day course)

Sudeoksa Temple → Chunguisa Temple (Yun Bong-gil Doctor Memorial Hall) → Eunseong Farm → Chusa House, Hwaamsa Temple

Recommended travel course (2 days and 1 night course)

first day : Sudeoksa Temple → Chunguisa Temple (Yunbong-gil Doctor Memorial Hall) → Eunseong Farm → Deoksan Hot Spring
Second day : Stork Park → Uigood Brothers Village → Yedang Reservoir → Chusa Old House and Hwaamsa Temple


-Sudeoksa Temple: 79, Angil, Sudeoksa, Deoksan-myeon, Yeongsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do / 041-330-7700 / www.sudeoksa.com

-Chunguisa Temple (Yunbong-gil Doctor Memorial Hall): 183-5, Deoksan Oncheon-ro, Deoksan-myeon, Pusan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do / 041-339-8238 / www.yesan.go.kr/tour

-... www.yesan.go.kr/tour

-Deoksan Hot Spring: 23, Oncheondan 2-ro, Deoksan-myeon, Budget District, Chungnam, Korea www.duksannet.com

-Eui Good Brothers Village: 49, Jungri-gil, Daeheung-myeon, Budget District, Chungnam, Korea / 041-331-3727 (Slow City Visitor Center) / www.slowcitydh.com/

-Chusa Gotaek: 261 Chusa Gotaek-ro, Sinam-myeon, Yeongi-gun, Chungnam, Korea / 041-339-8248 / www.yesan.go.kr/tour

-Hwaamsa Temple: 21-29, Yonggung 1-gil, Sinam-myeon, Budget District, Chungcheongnam-do / 041-332-9250

-Budget Tourism Information: 041- 339- 7323 / www.yesan.go.kr/tour

Barrier-free information

-Sudeoksa Temple
* Admission: Adults 3,000 won Teenagers 2,000 won Elementary school students 1,000 won. Free for people aged 65 and over, free for national merit (including spouses), free for persons with disabilities and companions of level 2 or higher, free for preschool children
* Handicapped parking area available
* Handicapped toilet available
* There is a wheelchair ramp to Daeungjeon
* There is a wheelchair ramp at Sun Museum

-Chungui Doctor (Yun Bong-gil Doctor's Memorial Hall)
* Handicapped parking area available
* Handicapped toilet available
* Yun Bong-gil Doctor Memorial Hall wheelchair ramp
* Needs attention because the pedestrian bridge is connected to the viaduct instead of the pedestrian crossing

-Eunseong Farm
* Wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the building
* Experience fee-5 apple picking 10,000 won Winery tour 5,000 won per person Apple pie making 7,000 won per person Apple jam making 7,000 won per person
* The apple picking experience runs from October to November 15 depending on the variety
* Making apple pie and apple jam is permanently operated at 2:00 every Saturday, and reservation by phone is required.

-Deoksan Hot Spring
* Handicapped parking area available
* There is a wheelchair ramp
* We recommend the hot spring hotel when traveling with the elderly, and the hot spring theme park when traveling with grandchildren.

-Ui Good Brothers Village
* Handicapped parking area available
* Handicapped toilet available
* Ui Good Brothers Park and slow slopes mostly slopes
* Information on the slow road is available at the visitor center.

-Chusa House
* Parking space for the disabled and pregnant women
* Handicapped toilet available
* Chusa Memorial Hall with wheelchair ramp
* Wheelchair rental available at Chusa Memorial Hall
* Chusa Memorial Hall elevator for the disabled
* Experience fee-Write a Chusa font 1,000 won per person 5,000 won tax limit
* It is recommended to travel by car because the slope of the mountain road from Chusa House to Hwaamsa is steep.

-Hwaamsa Temple
* Handicapped toilet available
* A gentle slope from the parking lot to the screen of the folding screen where the handwriting rock gate of Chusa is located.

Move information

Public transportation information

-[Bus] Central Terminal (5 times a day, 1 hour 30 minutes) ↔ Budget Terminal
Dong Seoul General Terminal (2 times a day, 2 hours 10 minutes) ↔ Budget Terminal
Nambu Terminal (4 times a day, 2 hours) ↔ Budget Terminal

-[train] Yongsan Station (14 times a day, 1 hour 48 minutes) ↔ Budget Station
Yongsan Station (11 times a day, 2 hours) ↔ Sapgyo Station

-[Movement information within the budget]
Use of bus terminal bus stop / Sudeoksa Temple, Chunguisa Temple, Deoksan Hot Spring (558 Rural Fishing Bus)
Use of bus terminal bus stop / Eunseong Farm (463 Rural Fishing Bus)
Use of bus terminal bus stop
Use of bus terminal bus stop / Chusa House (440 Rural and Fishing Bus)

Self-driving information

-Gyeongbu Expressway-Cheonan IC-Budget

-West Coast Expressway-Dangjin IC-Budget (2 hours from Seoul)

Food and lodging information


-Deoksan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel : 23, Hot Spring Complex 2-ro, Deoksan-myeon, Yeongsan-gun, Chungnam, Korea

-Resom Spa Castle Deoksan : 45-7 Hot Spring Complex 3-ro, Deoksan-myeon, Yeongsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do / 041-330-8000 / Parking space for the disabled / Toilet for the disabled / Wheelchair ramp / Braille block for the visually impaired / Time alarm for the hearing impaired in the room / http://www.resom.co.kr

-Bongsusan Natural Recreation Forest : 153 Imjonseong-gil, Daeheung-myeon, Yeongju-gun, Chungnam-do www.bongsoosan.com

-Slow City Gyochon Hanok : 65-15, Gyochonhyanggyo-gil, Daeheung-myeon, Daegu-myeon, Chungnam-gun / 041-335-0163 / No parking space for the disabled / No toilet for the disabled

Restaurants near

-Yaksun Gongyang : Yaksunjeongsik, Sanchaejeongsik / 041-337-7172 / 33-13, Sudeoksa-gil, Deoksan-myeon, Pusan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do / Entrance table / Use of Sudeoksa parking lot (provided parking lot) / No toilet for the disabled

-Bohae taste garden : Barley Cave Ceremony / 041-338-0028 / 291-1, Deoksan Oncheon-ro, Deoksan-myeon, Pusan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do / Standing, Seating Table / No parking space for the disabled / No toilet for the disabled

-Samwoo Ribs : Seasoned beef ribs, Galbi-tang / 041-335-6230 / 8, Imseong-ro 23beon-gil, Yuegi-eup, Budget-gun, Chungnam-gun / Seat table / No parking space for the disabled / No toilet for the disabled

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