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Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam, Korea - Power burned! Galaktang, Nakjitangtang, and Octopus Horong: A refreshing journey to Yeongam.

Gal Nak-tang is one of Yeongam's delicacies.

Power burned! Galaktang, Nakjitangtang, and Octopus Horong: A refreshing journey to Yeongam.

Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

"If you feed three or four octopus to a falling cow, you will have a strong power."
This is a sentence explaining Octopus in Asset Asset. An octopus that makes a fallen cow jump up. The nickname of “sea ginseng” has a high content of taurine and histidine, which is excellent in tonics. It is the reason why it became famous as stamina food for tired people. Today, we went on a refreshing trip to Dokcheon in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do, known as 'Octopus Street'. The abundance of springtime scenery in South Korea is a bonus.
Tribal Octopus, a gift of abundant southern island tidal flats
Yeongam-gun, with its rich tidal flats in Namdo, was famous for its tribal octopus. If you look at the map for a while, Yeongam is located along the west coast of East Sea, which leads to Mokpo along Hampyeong and Muan, which are also famous for their tribal octopus. It is no wonder that the three-headed octopus became famous in Yeongam Land, where salty and fresh waters of the west coast were mixed along the stem of Yeongsan River in Namdo. The Yeongsan River Hagotduk construction has now lost its reputation as a mountain producing tribal octopus. This is because one day, octopus paradise was created by the development of various octopus recipes.
Octopus street leading to Dokcheon 5-day market
Dokcheon Octopus Street is located in Dokcheon-ri, Haksan-myeon, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam. More than 30 octopus specialty shops follow the Dokcheon 5-day market. The Dokcheon 5-day Market, which is held every 4th and 9th of every month, is also a must-see. This place, where five or six octopus specialty shops were located, became the same octopus street since people gathered by word of mouth. In addition to beef chops and beef octopus, they also offer a variety of octopus dishes, including Yeonpotang, Octopus Horong, and Mountain Octopus.
Dozens of octopus shops
Tribal octopus with eight thin legs, what taste?
Before tasting the octopus, let's take a look at the identity of the three-foot octopus. What is a tribal octopus? When I was young, I thought 'three foot octopus' was a three foot octopus. Even though I sometimes watched a whole tribal octopus on TV, there was no doubt that his feet would be "three". Faith continued until we realized that the tax in the three-foot octopus was not a tax, but a tax.
Tribal octopus, commonly called 뻘 octopus, is small but tender and has a taste of taste. Whole or cooked octopus can be tasted by rolling it on wooden chopsticks. Of course, you must chew on the octopus, which tells you that it is still alive in your mouth.
Hansang's taste in octopus specialty shop in Dokcheon Octopus
Fresh sesame oil added to sesame oil is delicious, but the tribal octopus recipes are varied. Let's break it down into raw and cooked food. Depending on your taste, it may be a little different, but your first hand is to taste live octopus. Sweet and chewy texture is alive. It's small and soft, so it's easy to eat raw. In addition to the octopus Tangtang (an octopus cut out to be easy to eat), some of the octopus specialty stores in Dokcheon come out with a full-bodied tribal octopus.
Nakjitang-tang cut into live octopus
Boiled octopus dishes include grilled octopus, stir-fried octopus and roasted octopus, as well as hot-dip dishes represented by gal-nak and yeonpo-tang. Octopus horong is a food that is cooked by rolling around three heads of octopus from chopsticks. Bake the sauce and bake. In addition to the octopus stir-fried and marinated with radish, Gal Naktang and Yeonpo Tang, which are considered representatives of Yeongam, are added. Let's take a closer look at Gal Naktang, one of Yeongam's delicacies.
Roasted octopus with wood chopsticks
Yeongam Delicacy Superstar, Gal Naktang
Galactam. As the name suggests, it is a soup with ribs and octopus. If Yeonpotang is boiled only with octopus, the beef ribs are added to Galnaktang. Octopus is abundant place, the octopus utilizing the octopus would have developed. But where did the ribs come from? No matter how you think about it, octopus and ribs don't seem to matter.
Spatula, Gal-naktang
The curiosity was released from the name of Dokcheon Village. This is because Dokcheon Village came out of the “Calf Poison”. Dokcheon Village was a village that raises good cattle. Thanks to this, the octopus shops sold their ribs. Then, as the price of cows plummeted, they cooked “Gallak-tang,” which is filled with octopus, and the taste was amazing. The ribs and octopus will meet, the meat will be softer and the soup will be cooler. In addition, the two foods representing the land and the sea met, so did not fall into the food. The sea and land meets Galumnaktang, which is based on its taste and nutrients.
Yeonpo-tang cooked entirely in octopus
Where can I taste brown lacquer and octopus? There are about 30 octopus specialty shops in Dokcheon Octopus Street, including Dokcheon Restaurant, Haenam Restaurant, and Jeonju Restaurant. Galnaktang and Yeonpotang costs between 17,000 won and 19,000 won, while Korean dishes such as octopus soup, roasted long-roasted octopus, and fried octopus range from 30,000 won to 50,000 won. The price of food varies slightly depending on the size of the large, medium, small and each store.
Octopus Yeonpo-tang with a soft texture
Travel info

1. Nearby restaurants

Dokcheon Restaurant: Dokcheon-ro, Haksan-myeon / Gal Naktang, Octopus / 061-472-4222

Green Restaurant: Dokcheon-ro, Haksan-myeon / Nakji-ri / 061-472-4128
Cheil Octopus Yard: Dokcheon-ri, Haksan-myeon / Octopus Restaurant / 061-472-3729
Nangju Restaurant: Haksan-myeon Dokcheon-ri / Octopus Restaurant / 061-472-6925

2. Accommodation

Ilim Jaemin B & B: Hakam-gil, Gunseo-myeon / 061-471-3104

Per capita: Mojeong 1-gil, Gunseo-myeon / 061-471-7675

Hotel Hyundai: Daebul-ro, Samho-eup / 061-463-2233

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