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Pohang Drive 100km along the coast - Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea

Pohang Beach can be found anywhere on the coast of Pohang

Pohang Drive 100km along the coast

Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea

The coastal road of Pohang stretches 100km from Yangpo Port down there to Hwajin Beach above it, centering on the protruding Homigot. As you run along the road, famous beaches and sunrise spots, as well as unknown beaches and harbors, each with its own colorful seas awaiting the tired travelers.
Near sea, far sea, exotic sea
The city facing the sea is attractive in many ways. The sea wearing colorful clothes presents a time of comfort and healing. That's why it's also the reason to seek the sea when your heart is stuffy. Pohang, which we know very well, is a city that embraces Yeongildae Beach, which overlooks the sunrise spot, Homigot, Guryongpo, famous for Guamegi, and Posco. However, besides this, Pohang presents a mysterious landscape with hidden gem-like beaches and harbors all over the long coast.
On the coast of Pohang, there are alternating ports and beaches.
The beaches of Pohang, which seem to have been seen somewhere and seemed unfamiliar, stimulate travelers' sensibility and touch the hearts of those who are tired of everyday life. It is narrower and winding than a new road that is wide and straight, but it is fun to run on the old road where the forest and the sea take off.
Yangpo Port with beautiful sea
The coastline of Pohang is longer than expected. The coastal road adjacent to the sea runs along the East Sea, sometimes spontaneously and sometimes pleasantly. When driving along the coastal road of Pohang, which is 100km long, you will encounter various Pohang depending on the topography of the coast, the shape of the village, and the weather. Coastal roads with beaches and harbors are cool in their own way. At the center of the Pohang coastal road, there is the Yeongildae Beach, which borders the city. Based on this, the coastal road can be divided into two.
After driving, you can stop anywhere and enjoy swimming.
Starting from Yangpo Port, the lowest part of Pohang's coast, and passing through Janggil-ri, Guryongpo, and Homigot, you can taste the charming harbor and beaches, and run along the winding road. This is a road where you can enjoy the romance of the old road by following National Road 31 and Local Road 929. A small harbor and beach alternately appear right next to the road where the car passes. You can enjoy the peaceful and peaceful mood passing through the small towns by the sea. You can even drive your car, stop where you want, and have your own time.
Local road 929, passing Homigot and into the city
As you pass through the charming harbors and beaches, you will encounter a unique marine park. There is a complex fishing park in Janggi-ri, which is located far from Guryongpo Port. As a marine park for anglers, there are floating fishing grounds and marine pensions. There is also a 170m long bridge and a marine observatory that leads to the small stone island of the island, which is a lot of fish. If you walk to the end of the bridge, you will feel as if you are standing on a pavilion on the sea. Those who spend a leisurely time sitting on a mat and having a picnic are also noticeable. The sea, people and facilities are harmoniously harmonized.
Janggil-ri Fishing Village Complex Park with Marine Park
On the other hand, the coastal road at the top of Yeongildae Beach is different from that of the coastal road, providing the pleasure of a coastal drive. The coastal road above Yeongildae Beach, which runs on prefectural road 20, has a cooler taste. Unlike the lower coastal road that runs along the town and harbor, it stretches relatively straight up and down hills.
Marine Pension located in Jangili Fishing Village Park
The upper coastal road past Yeongil Bay Port and the main beaches such as Chilpo, Wolpo, and Hwajin is refreshing and cool. As the coastline is long, the spectrum of fun is wide.
Pohang's Romantic Coastal Drive
Among famous beaches, there are hidden spots such as Igari Beach and Odori Beach. There are fewer people than the big beach, but the landscape is not far behind. It is also enough to quietly enjoy swimming or fishing without being hit by people.
Beach near Igari Port
Enjoy a variety of beaches to your liking
Pohang's beaches can be divided into three categories. One is a beach that has more views of the season than water, adjacent to the city, and the other is a secluded beach with an inaccurate name sandwiched between famous beaches and ports. Lastly, it is a beach mostly visited by people who enjoy summer bathing in the summer with Songlim and a large white sandy beach.
Pohang's most popular beaches, most visited by tourists from other regions, are also bathing beaches with pine trees and white sand. Chilpo Beach, Wolpo Beach, and Hwajin Beach are representative of Yeongil Bay Port. These three beaches are packed with various amenities and accommodations for the guests in a beach with a large white sandy beach. You can also relax by renting tubes, flats, parasols, or enjoy marine leisure activities such as peanut boats, banana boats, and jet skis.
Chilpo Beach with white sandy beach
Chilpo Beach, 2km long and 70m wide, is not only close to downtown Pohang, but is also popular with families as it has bungalows and large condominium accommodation. At the Chilpo Beach, a jazz festival is held every summer on the sandy beach.
Wolpo Beach where you can enjoy various marine leisure sports
Wolpo Beach, located on top of it, is a great place to enjoy various marine leisure sports. That is why a lot of young summer seekers visit. Unlike Chilpo Beach, an independent beach, the village is naturally formed near Wolpo Beach, so there are many convenient facilities such as restaurants and shops.
Hwajin Beach is a great place to enjoy camping in a pine forest.
Meanwhile, people who want to enjoy the forest with the sea go to Hwajin Beach. It's a great place to enjoy camping and picnicking in tents and camping in the pine forest.
Odo Beach, suitable for quiet water fun
Pohang's unmissable taste, Mori noodles and sashimi
No matter how beautiful the beach drive is, if the stomach is empty, it is a trip that is not enough. If you come to Pohang, you need to eat a bowl of water, and it is worth trying to find Mori noodles that are only in Pohang. Both are perfect for seasons where there is no appetite.
First, the water sashimi is a menu that goes anywhere in Pohang, but the way to eat and eat the water sashimi varies from house to house. At Jukdo Market, there is a unique sea cucumber water sashimi of 'Harmaesilbi Sashimi House', which rolls sea cucumber into soy sauce. In Wolpo, there is an old sashimi restaurant called 'Baekbun Sashimi House,' which is said to be followed by Pohang people. The taste of water sashimi depends on the type of fish, freshness, seasoning, etc. The 100 times sashimi is made with seasoned red pepper paste.
It's a regretful thing to take out of the Pohang trip
The Mori noodles at 'Chowon Restaurant' in Guryongpo are also special. Mori noodles have a similar taste to fish soup noodles, and boil the fish like fish soup to dry the kalguksu. The sharp taste makes the heat away from heat. After eating a bowl, the mouth feels pleasant and the body feels healthy.
The way to enjoy summer in Pohang is simple. You don't have to worry much about where to go or what to do. After driving along the long coastline, you can go down to your favorite place and enjoy swimming or fishing. Alternatively, you can take a nap by challenging the marine reporters you have longed for, or taking a book as a pillow. There are many choices in Pohang, a beach that you can choose according to your preference.
Guryongpo's specialty, Mori noodles
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Hallmaesilbi Sashimi: Sea cucumber water / 36-15 Jukdo Market 1-gil, Buk-gu, Pohang-si / 054-242-0585
Steppe Restaurant: Mori noodles / 102-1, Guryongpo-gil, Guryongpo-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si / 054-276-5579


Galaxy Tourist Hotel: 93 Haean-ro, Buk-gu, Pohang-si / 054-251-9988


Benikea Hotel Pohang: 128, Jungang-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si / 054-282-2700
Homigot Pension: 78, Guman-gil, Homigot-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang-si / 054-284-0226


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