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On a sour day, a cup of coffee, Gangneung Sacheonjin Beach - Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Sacheonjin Beach, a new coffee spot in Gangneung

On a sour day, a cup of coffee, Gangneung Sacheonjin Beach

Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Coffee, break and even healing are a team. Thanks to this, Gangneung, which has coffee, has established itself as a healing town. Gangneung coffee tours can be enjoyed on various routes, but today we will focus on the less known Sacheonjin Beach. Why don't you try a gift for me in a quieter place than the famous Anmok Port or <Bohemian> or <Terarosa>?

There are times when you need to take a break when you live. In this case, we think of ‘Hanzan’. If there is someone to share with at any time, I think it will rise to the strength to live in this rubble world. When you barely touch the ground with two murmured legs, a real cup is eager at this time. A precious cup where only I and I will share the time allowed by me. Alcohol, tea, and coffee will fill your side. Among them, coffee is safer than alcohol, and it is easier to reach than tea. Is that so? Coffee shops are entering all over the world to the point where the word “coffee republic” comes out. During a busy day, drinking coffee and taking a break has become a daily routine, so it doesn't seem like an overstatement.

That doesn't mean you can only taste coffee at specialty stores. There are also instant coffees and friends of office workers and housewives you can always meet. Maybe coffee has penetrated our daily lives more deeply than we thought. However, today's coffee to meet is far from now. One day, it's a magical drink that will comfort you. Just remember a little bit away. If one day you can't say anything and you don't want to speak, and you encounter a moment no one wants to see, how about going for a drink here?

Scenery from Sacheonjin Port to Coffee Street
Cup of coffee, healing time allowed for everyone

Those who like to travel or love coffee will have noticed today's destination. right. Gangneung, a place where coffee cannot be left out. When did the coffee scent spread to Gangneung, full of pine scent? Was it since Bohemian and Terrarosa, the first generations of drip coffee in this land, took their place? Was it when coffee vending machines entered Anmok Port? Gangneung, which seems to have no close relationship with coffee, has become a mecca for Korean coffee.

Some of the previous guesses made Gangneung a mecca for coffee. However, we are not going to the coffee exploration walk, but we are going to soothe the wounded soul, so let's start with the travel route optimized for 'healing'. Gangneung, as a place of coffee, has a lot of coffee communities. Let's look at a map that stretches along the east coast. From Anmok Port, known as the coffee port, to Jumunjin, famous for its fish market, is the main route for this trip, and Sacheonjin Beach is the main site of the trip. Let's go to ‘Hanzan’ with Sichuanjin.

If he asks why he is Sichuan Jin, not Anmok, Yeongok, or Gyeongpo, he will listen to his name for the biggest reason. It doesn't have a neatly arranged taste like Anmok Port, but the coffee shops that have been drunk and face the sea are fresh and friendly. In addition, there is still room for it to be filled up along the coast. Thanks to the unfinished appearance, those who do not know will drive over. That's why Sacheonjin's coffee street is precious. Thanks to what is unknown to everyone, it is a relief that no one comes to visit. However, it is not completely isolated, and it is not burdensome to visit alone.

Sacheonjinri Beach Park

Sacheonjin protrudes like a beak from the edge of the east coast of Gangneung. Thanks to this, it was called ‘Bulka’ and became a ‘Sahwajin’ due to the formation of a sahwabongsu in the Joseon Dynasty. As it moved to the 20th century, it became ‘Sacheonjin’ by adding all the neighbors' daily party, hangers, and solmarji. It has a soft sandy beach up and down, and the fish is abundant, so those who know in the summer come and forget.

Sacheonjin coffee street entrance
Silent and clear Sacheonjin beach, I get drunk with coffee

The road to Sacheonjin Coffee Street may be a bit confusing. With Sacheon Port as the center, Sacheonjin Beach ~ Hapyeong Beach ~ Yongok Beach are connected to the top, and Gyeongpo Beach is followed by Sacheon Beach ~ Sunpo Beach. Nevertheless, it is easy to get confused because Sacheon Port in the middle is also called Sacheonjin Port. If you are on the first road, it is better to get to the address of the coffee shop in Sacheonjin Beach or run up the sea from Sacheon Port to the right.

Latte with pretty pictures

There are one or two coffee shops around Sacheonjin Port, but no matter how much you visit, there is no coffee street. It is easy to understand when you think of Anmok Port. It is called 'Anmokhang Coffee Street', but in fact, coffee shops run along the white sandy beach near Anmokhang, or Anmok Beach (beach). From Sacheon Port to Jumunjin, that is, if you move a little to the north, you will see Sacheonjin Beach through the Sacheonjinri Beach Park. From here, the coffee shops show up. They pass from Sacheonjin Beach to Hapyeong Beach. A few coffee shops gather along the shoreline longer than the Anmok Beach and are rare. You can also park in front of your favorite coffee shop and walk. It is a long day, so I meet the rain. The thought of “Hanzan” becomes even more eager in the rain that knocks around people who don't belong to any space and time and only wander around. It's a good time to write a poem.

Dark americano
Like cigarette smoke on the road
My longing is scattered

Those who want to love
There were many
Put it away
I just look
I did


<Shin Dong-yeop, like cigarette smoke>
Sacheonjin Port

It is a quiet beach. If it is not the summer season, people are rare. Coffee shops follow <Hasla> <Shelly Coffee> to <Coffee & Joy> on Hapyeong Beach. It is because it is the old name of Gangneung that is often called 'Hasla' in Gangneung. Also called ‘Haseo-ryang’ and ‘Haseo’. After the change of owner from Goguryeo to Silla at the end of the 4th century, it occupied an important military, political, and cultural position throughout the Silla period. As it moved to Hyundai, it was hidden by the popularity of Jumunjin and Gyeongpo Beach, but it is a gem-like beach where you can enjoy clam catching due to the gentle slope of the fine sand. Remember, beach access is controlled at night.

Hapyeong Beach
When you find the sea in Gangneung, the coffee scent greets people. Even if you don't know anything about coffee, breathe the mysteriously fragrant air with a big breath. You can relax by just smelling the coffee and watching the sea. Enter your favorite coffee shop and order ‘Hanzan’ as your favorite. From the moment I decided to find Sacheonjin here, 'Hanzan' will comfort you. To say a bit more to the old lady, it seems to be safer than alcohol, but in fact, there is no medicine when drunk on coffee. It wasn't one or two people who went to the coffee scent to become Gangneung coffee makers. It is thanks to them that Gangneung became the home of coffee. A gift to yourself that ran to here, 'One cup', and applause.
Sacheonjin Beach
Travel information

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Suji Choga Garden: Mopbab / 033-646-4430

Grandmother tofu per second: Sundubu white tofu / 033-652-2058 / Closed every Monday


Gangneung Potato Ongshim House: Potato Ongshim / 033-648-0340


Jumunjin Hotel: Buldanggol-gil, Jumunjin-eup / 033-661-0123


Da Vinci Motel: Gangdong-myeon Jeongdongjin-ri / 033-644-5043

Hasla Museum Hotel: Yulgok-ro, Gangdong-myeon / 033-644-9414, 033-644-9415


Dauri Hotel: Jeongdong Deungmyeong-gil, Gangdong-myeon / 033-644-1771, 033-644-8338


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