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"Navi, butterfly, fly here!" Hampyeong Butterfly Festival - Hampyeong-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Swallowtail butterfly

"Navi, butterfly, fly here!" Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

Hampyeong-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Every spring, a butterfly festival is held in Hampyeong. Let's go see the butterflies flapping along the fresh spring breeze. Butterflies and flowers, insects, as well as a variety of hands-on events are prepared, which children love. The delicious Hampyeong delicacy is added to this, so the eyes and mouth are pleasant.
I adore the soft green of springtime before the recording is complete. Before it gets completely dark, it is because there is still innocence that shows various colors. Wouldn't it be similar for people to wait for spring? In life, there are times when we miss the innocence of knowing nothing. The spring buds that crawl through the frozen ground and stick out their heads, and the butterflies that leave their bodies in the spring breeze and start their powerful wings. Now that spring is getting darker, I headed to Hampyeong to meet the butterflies that wander amid the scented spring breeze.
From eggs to larvae, butterflies become like this!
Every spring, a butterfly festival is held in Hampyeong. 2018 runs from April 27th to May 7th. If you see that the festival period holds Children's Day and Mother's Day, which are the two major mountain ranges of the month of the family, this month, you can notice that it is a customized festival for families with small children. If you are worried about where to go, let's go to Hampyeong to catch butterflies. Children are thrilled with butterfly viewing, mothers and fathers are struggling with Hampyeong Cheonji Hanwoo, and grandfathers and grandmothers are able to drive out arthritis with germanium seawater steam.
Hampyeong Butterfly Festival
Introducing the May Family Month and Hampyeong Travel Course with a focus on the Butterfly Festival. If you can't see the Butterfly Festival due to a bad schedule, don't be too upset. The main event site of the Butterfly Festival, 'Expo Park', will open even after the festival. Experience events such as flying butterflies and catching loach can only be enjoyed during the festival. If you know Hampyeong's delicacies, you can fill in the gaps to make a richer trip. Hampyeong is famous for Hanwoo and 뻘 nakji. When asked why, Yeongyeong Yoon, a cultural tourism commentator at the Hampyeong-gun Office, explained, “There is no factory in Hampyeong. This is similar to the reason why the Butterfly Festival was held in Hampyeong.
Expo Park, the main festival site
“Hampyeong was mostly farmed and lived. Farmers' lives weren't good enough, and in 1997 IMF became more difficult. When I was looking for a breakthrough, I came up with a festival. I found an eco-friendly festival to make the most of Hampyeong's natural environment. At the time, the butterfly expert Dr. Seungmo Lee resided in Hampyeong, where the Butterfly Festival was born. In farmhouses, you can earn income by raising butterflies, and preparing for a festival will create jobs. The butterfly festival that started like that was so responsive. In 2012, Hampyeong was selected as a World Festival City thanks to the Butterfly Festival. ”
Expo Park, the main festival site
You can enjoy not only butterflies but also various experience events
The Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, which celebrates the 20th 2018, will be called 'Hampyeong Butterfly! It will be held at Hampyeong Expo Park, Eco Wetland, and Hwayang Neighborhood Park with the theme of “Becoming a young man and flying to the world”.
The process of becoming a butterfly
Let's make a brief tour of Hampyeong. When you come out of Hampyeong IC or Donghampyeong IC, first visit the Expo Park and watch the Butterfly Festival.
The process of becoming a butterfly
Not only butterflies, but also flowers and insect themed exhibitions and experience events are prepared.
The process of becoming a butterfly
In the Butterfly Insect Ecology Center, you can see various butterflies.
The process of becoming a butterfly
In particular, an exhibition is prepared to see at a glance the process of becoming a butterfly from an egg to a caterpillar and pupa, so children can naturally recognize the 'life of a butterfly' and attract attention.
There are experiences for children to see and touch.
Longevity scarab larvae can also be seen and are popular with children.
Children's facial expressions of longevity scarab larvae are serious
Butterflies are not just butterflies. Traditional livestock herds, animal farms, and loach catching are available.
View of Hampyeongcheon Waterfront Park from Nabi Train
At this time, the yellow rapeseed wave is fresh.
Various plants can be seen at the Butterfly Festival.
If you go out, you can taste various delicacies of Hampyeong at an inexpensive market, so remember this too.
Various performances can be seen at the Butterfly Festival
Enjoying the Butterfly Festival with the Butterfly Festival
Now, if you enjoyed the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, take a look around Hampyeong. On the foot of Hampyeong-cheon near Hampyeong-gun Office, the 5th event is held every 2-7 days. If you have a date, don't miss the 5-day tour. Bibimbap Street is located in the same space, so it's worth visiting even if it's not for 5 days. You can enjoy six kinds of bibimbap and octopus bibimbap, which are considered as specialties in Hampyeong.
Morpho butterfly boasts gorgeous colors
If you've tasted Hampyeong's delicacies, let's go to Hampyeong's only treasure, Gomakcheonseokgyo Bridge (# 1372). It is a stone bridge that is said to have been made during the Goryeo Dynasty, and is located on the Gomakcheon Stream connecting Hampyeong and Naju. Thanks to the fineness of the numerous floods, it bears the legend that 'the archangel was made with a sword'. Next, let's go to the asset support with the traces of Jeonggaecheong (1529 ~ 1590), who led the Honam Sarim in the middle of Chosun. Although not splendid, it is an indispensable space when we talk about the history of Hampyeong, where the descendants of Jeonggaecheong, the descendants of the disciples, and the people of Hampyeong gather and raise their festivals.
Owl butterfly with owl eyes
The coast of Hampyeong, which embraces the 으로 leading to Muan, is also regrettable except for the stone head beach. A new tidal flat trail was recently set up here, bearing a small sandy beach. Its long length makes it a great place for a walk, and at night it is well-known as a night view spot. It is fun to watch the sunset at sunset and watch the night sea. There are some places where you can enjoy seawater steaming, which is especially good for arthritis, when you go north along the coast from Dolmeori Beach. If you enjoyed the poultice, now is the time to find a place to stay. Let's go to the quiet traditional village, Mopyeong Village. The well-established homes along the stone wall greet people. Why don't you finish your trip to Hampyeong at a pace that our ancestors walked here? In May of Family Month, the trip to Hampyeong with butterflies is so far. If you have any further questions, you can contact the Hampyeong-gun Festival Promotion Committee (061-320-3349) or the Hampyeong-gun Office Cultural Tourism and Sports Division (061-320-3733).
Leaf butterfly that resembles a leaf
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-Hampyeong Cheonji Hanwoo Plaza: Hampyeong-eup Seobu-gil / Hanwoo / 061-324-0044


-Haewol Livestock Hall: Haehae-myeon Haesam-ro / Hanwoo / 061-323-3708

-Daeheung Restaurant: Gigak-ri, Hampyeong-eup / Yukhoe Bibimbap / 061-322-3953

-Mokpo Restaurant: Gikak-ri, Hampyeong-eup / Yukhoe Bibimbap / 061-322-2764

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