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National Garden of Korea, Suncheon Bay Garden - Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

Suncheon Bay Garden viewed from the Arboretum Observatory

National Garden of Korea, Suncheon Bay Garden

Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

In 2013, Suncheon, Jeonnam, held the International Garden Expo. The International Garden Expo, where 4.5 million people went, has changed into Suncheon Bay Garden and continues the festival. Suncheon Bay Garden will be designated as a national garden in August. It is the first national garden in Korea. Wouldn't it be more beautiful to see the garden as it was the place where the international exhibition was held with the theme of garden? May is the queen of the season. Suncheon Bay Garden is proud of its unparalleled splendor. Meet the spring of Suncheon Bay Garden, which will be designated as National Garden # 1.
Korea's first national garden
Suncheon Bay is a space created between Suncheon City Center and Suncheon Bay Wetland to prevent damage to Suncheon Bay, the world's five largest coastal wetlands. Following the Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo, where 4.5 million people have visited, Suncheon Bay is continuing its reputation as Suncheon Bay Garden. Suncheon Bay Garden is scheduled to be designated as the first national garden in August.
Hill of the Arboretum Observatory viewed from the entrance
The name of the national garden is somewhat unfamiliar. Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo increased interest in the garden. Previously, there was a “Act on the Creation and Promotion of Arboretum,” but since the concept of garden was not specified, the contents related to the garden were newly added as the “Act on the Creation and Promotion of Arboretum and Garden.” According to the governing body of the garden, it is divided into national garden, local garden, private garden, and community garden. Among them, Suncheon Bay Garden is the first place designated as national garden. Apart from the details of the law, Suncheon will be the birthplace of garden culture that is worthy of the name of 'National Garden # 1'. In that sense, Suncheon Bay Garden is a must-see garden spot.
Azalea Garden from the Wetland Center Area
Suncheon Bay Garden is recommended to visit along with Suncheon Bay Ecological Park located in the south. Admission tickets can also be used much cheaper by purchasing an integrated ticket than purchasing a separate ticket. In the case of the integrated ticket, Suncheon Bay Garden may not be ticketed due to the viewing time when entering the afternoon. Suncheon Bay Eco Park has been making reservations for 10,000 people a day starting April 1st. It is a good idea to make a reservation in advance to visit Suncheon Bay Eco Park, especially on weekends.
Wild Birds in Wetland Center Areas
Meeting of Korean Trees and Traditional Gardens, Tree Book Garden & Traditional Gardens
Suncheon Bay Garden is divided into east and west with Dongcheon exiting Suncheon Bay across Suncheon City. There is no problem to look around Suncheon Bay Garden wherever you go. If you enter the preface, it is divided into Arboretum Area and Wetland Center Area. In the Arboretum area, the best way to get to the Wetland Center area is through the Tree Supervision Garden, Korean Garden, Arboretum Observatory, and Azalea Garden.
QR code of tree supervision
The tree garden is a place where zelkova trees, hackberry trees, etc., which are commonly found in Korea, are gathered in one place. In particular, when you place your smartphone on the QR code attached to the tree, you can check the information of the tree, which literally acts as a picture book. The story of the trees that came to this place was varied as the Suncheon Bay Garden was established. The first pine tree moved to Suncheon Bay Garden, 'Garden of Earth's Garden No. 1', 'Ginkgo tree 5 minutes ago' which is almost cut off even after 5 minutes, and three ginkgo trees that have lived for more than 100 years after two lightning strikes. You can meet trees with storytelling such as “Eating Trees”.
Bouillon of Sponsored by Changdeokgung Palace in Korean Garden
Passing the wooden road supervision bridge and crossing the bridge leads to the Korean garden. The Yeonhuimun Gate, built at the entrance, is a reconstruction of what is in the backyard of Gyeongbokgung Palace. If you enter Yeonhuimun, you will find Ami-san chimney on the left side, and Buyong-ji, which is sponsored by Changdeokgung Palace. It cannot enter into the gate of Changdeokgung Sponsorship, where you can enjoy the luxury of climbing the stairs. In autumn, yellow ginkgo trees are a beautiful Seogwi-ji area of Gyeongbuk Antelope, Soseonwon Gwangpung-gak, a representative acronym in Damyang, and Sesimjeong in front of Deokcheonseowon in honor of Nam-myeong Breakfast Teacher. Visitors enjoying a relaxing time sitting at a wide angle are relaxed.
Visitors looking at the landscape from the Arboretum Observatory
The path from the Korean garden to the Arboretum Observation Deck is uphill. When you reach the summit, you will see the Arboretum Observatory, where you can see Suncheon Bay Garden, and Azalea Garden. From the Arboretum Observatory, the magnificent ridges of Jirisan stretch from Suncheon Bay Garden to Gyeongsang-do from Jeolla-do. Azaleas usually remind of Sobaeksan, Hwangmaesan, and Jirisan Baraebong. It is not known that Suncheon is the hometown of azaleas where 70% of domestic azaleas are grown. In the azalea gardens along the slopes, red, pink and white azaleas boast bright colors. The azalea garden seen from the wetland center area is literally a flower garden.
Azalea garden scenery
Walk around the gardens of the world, east of Suncheon Bay Garden
The bridge of dreams connects the east and west of Suncheon Bay Garden. The bridge of dreams created by the installation artist Kang Ik-jung is the world's first floating art museum. It is 175m long and has 10,000 glass tiles on the outside, and there are 140,000 3 inch paintings received from children from all over the world. You can't look into every single one, but smiles flow as you watch funny writings on glass tiles and the works of witty children.
Kang Ik Joong's ‘Dream of Dream’
As soon as you cross Dongcheon, a relaxing scenery unfolds. Beyond the colorful view of the tulips, there are parasols and sunbeds.
Travelers relaxing on the sunbeds
It is impressive to see people reading with a brief eye or relaxing.
Simple landscape of german garden
The world garden is a space where you can meet gardens from around the world created according to the characteristics and environment of each country.
Children having fun in the Dutch garden
You can enjoy a trip around the world with the gardens such as the gorgeous French garden, the simple but affectionate German garden, the Spanish garden where orange trees are planted, the Dutch garden where tulips and windmills harmonize, and the Thai garden to overcome the hot and humid subtropical climate. have.
Dutch garden with windmills and tulips
Suncheon Lake Park is a landmark of Suncheon Bay Garden. Designed by Charles Hicks of England, the garden features six hills, lakes, and decks across the lake. Each hill contains the meanings of talent, engagement, success and honor, achievement, love, and marital love. The different views of Suncheon Bay Garden and Suncheon Lake Park from the top of the hill are also impressive.
Suncheon Lake Park
Participating gardens designed by local governments, corporations and artists in Korea are unique and exotic gardens. One bank, Seed Bank Garden, shows that it is possible to create beautiful spaces with garbage and waste products, which are human by-products, using cargo containers, oil barrels, waste wood, and old shoes.
Seed Bank Garden, Hana Bank
The wetland area of Suncheon Bay Garden consists of Nanum Forest and Biotop Wetland. Nanum Forest, located at the bottom of the world garden, has a wide range of marshes and peugeot trees. In this space of about 35,000 square meters, a wave of yellow rape blossoms is spectacular now.
Rapeseed in the Sharing Forest
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Suncheon Bay Garden
Address: 66 Namseungyong-ro, Suncheon-si, Jeonnam
Contact: 1577-2013


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