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My splendid spring day, Tongyeong Bongpyeong-dong Alley - Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea

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My splendid spring day, Tongyeong Bongpyeong-dong Alley

Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Spring is a holiday season, but it's not easy to leave. Tongyeong travels away from everyday life like squirrels' wheels are more attractive. It is fortunate to have met the “Sung Kung” alleys of Bongpyeong-dong, the cherry blossom village.
In the alley, I met the Jeonhyeoklim Art Museum, spring bookstore, small cafes and guest house. I met my splendid spring day at the entrance of Bongpyeong-dong Alley in the season of fresh green without leaving.
You're my spring, 'cafe this spring'
I don't want to let anyone know, but I already know Bongpyeong-dong
Every April, Bongpyeong-dong, which hosts the Bongsugol Cherry Blossom Festival, is crowded with young travelers enthusiastic about Tongyeong's hot place Luge. Bongsugol is the old name of Bongpyeong-dong, which alleys from Yonghwa Intersection, the way to ride Tongyeong Cable Car and Luge, to Miseungsan Yonghwasa.
The friendly scenery we met in Bongpyeong-dong Alley
It's only 10 minutes from Yonghwa Intersection to Kim Chun-Soo's Relics Exhibition Hall and the Undersea Tunnel.
Bongpyeong-dong, where cherry blossoms bloom in April
Walking along the gentle hills of Bongpyeong-dong, the oldest library in Tongyeong, and the Dangsan tree, which is still holding the Dangsan festival, are familiar scenes.
Old and beautiful scenery
It's as comfortable as a neighborhood that everyone would have lived at once, and simple landscapes that would have passed by at least once. At the end of Bongpyeong-dong Alley, there is a beautiful Miseung Mountain, which was loved by hikers early as barley rice and steamed alley.
Neighborhoods, Baths
Bongsugol and sweet desserts 'Cafe Haru Cake', 'Cafe Ibom' and 'Kim Chun-soo's Relics Exhibition Hall' are famous for its 'Jeonhyuklim Art Museum', 'Namhae Spring Day' bookstore and steamed dishes. It is an old village landscape.
Tangshan tree that raises sugar acid compound every year
Art and Culture of Bongpyeong-dong, Jeon Hyuk Lim Museum of Art, Kim Chun-Soo's Artifacts Exhibition Hall, Spring Bookstore
From the Yonghwa crossroad, you can see the exotic appearance of Jeon Hyuk Lim Museum of Art. It is a place where you can see the artworks of the artist Hyuk Lim Lim, who was praised as a color magician. In addition to paintings, there are over 80 works expressed in various unique colors such as ceramics and wood, and the colorful appearance of the museum is overwhelming.
Bongpyeong-dong Village Newspaper, 'Bongsugol Flower Letter'
On the way to the museum, you can see a pretty bookstore decorated with short trees. It is a bookstore in spring.
Jeon Hyuk Lim Museum of Art
The old abandoned house was repaired to create a publishing house and a bookstore. Once a year, a village newspaper called “Bongsugol Flower Letter” is created to share the news of neighbors and the culture of Tongyeong.
Spring bookstore
If you go down the coast from Yonghwa Intersection, you will see Kim Chun-soo's Relics Exhibition Hall. It's a sad building for me to think of Mr. Kim Chun-soo, a flower poet, but it's a precious space where I meet and love things my poet loved and cherished. The poems he meets with his handwriting are sober and his longing for the sea of Tongyeong soaks his heart like a wave.
Interior view of Kim Chun-Soo's Keepsakes Exhibition Hall
Sakura Village and Steamed Alley, Memories of Old Spring
The 17th Bonsugol Flower Outing will be held from April 7 to 8. It is a village event where you can control the vehicle from Yonghwasa Square to Yonghwasa where cherry blossoms bloom and fully enjoy cherry blossom walks in spring. Bongpyeong-dong is the place where Tongyeong people come to see cherry blossoms. Bongsugol, one of the first restaurants in Bongpyeong-dong, is still made with the mother's hand. In addition to Bongsugol, the alley that leads about 10 steamed restaurants such as Yonghwajjim and Dandaemok is a well-known steamed alley.
Bonsgol jjim alley
The monkfish stew of Bongsugol made from fresh fish caught at the early morning fish market is fresh. Deep freezing in the spring, the musks are always soft and delicious. Bongsugol, which has been around for more than 20 years, retains the shape of its old house, so it's nice and comfortable as if you're going to a house.
Tongyeong-style monkfish steamed is soft and cool
Coffee shop Our neighborhood, cafe Hare cake, cafe I taste delicious delicious afternoon
The first coffee shop in Bongpyeong-dong Our neighborhood is a coffee shop that preserves the taste of coffee with its rustic appearance. Like the local love room, it is a space that people like. Café Harecake, which recently opened, makes dessert cakes and cookies from organic flour and French butter. When you open the door, the smell of Madeleine, which you just baked, vibrates, and the sweet cake is loved for its taste and good price. The owner, who finds the aroma and taste that goes well with dessert, started to make bread in Bongpyeong-dong. That's why it's closed on Mondays when I take bread class.
Café Hare Cake's Red Velvet Cake
'Cafe Ibom' is hidden in the alley going down the coast from Yonghwa Intersection. It's not just a place to drink coffee, but you share the culture of Tongyeong people like 'You are my spring and this spring'. An informative class for the locals is held every week and small exhibitions always fill one wall. The owner of the book, who reads the book, finds a wonderful sentence in every corner of the cafe.
Entrance of cafe Ibom
Choose your style and have fun, Kaesong Guesthouse
Walking through the alleys of Bongpyeong-dong, you will find a guesthouse in Kaesong. New guesthouses are created in the alleys leading up to Bongpyeong-dong, but the two guesthouses in Bongpyeong-dong are somehow well suited to this alley.
Comfortable dormitory decorated with wood
Tong Guesthouse is a guest house with a unique sense of beauty. Built from the beginning as a guest house, the wooden interior feels the elegance of the years with beautiful paintings. The independent interior is perfect for travelers who want a relaxing break.
Breakfast served with homemade jam made by the host
'Sakura Angel Guesthouse' is the home of the owner, who loves Tongyeong and acts as a self-proclaimed 'Tingyeong PR volunteer.' The guest house has been renovated to a two-story house, and it is visited by female travelers and families because of the comfort of staying in a 'sister' house. It's been around four years, and once staying, it's an attractive space that's a staple.
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Jeon Hyuk Lim Museum

-Address: 10, Bongsu 1-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Inquiries: 055-645-7349

Kim Chun-Soo Keepsakes Exhibition Hall

-Address: 142-16 Haepyeong 5-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Contact: 055-650-2670


Spring bookstore
-Address: 6-1 Bongsu 1-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Contact: 070-7795-0531

Restaurants near

-Bongsugol: Steamed Agui / 75 Bongsu-ro / 055-645-4215

Cafe Café: Cake / Bongsu-ro 51 / 055-649-9752

-Cafe Ibom: Coffee / 96-6, Donam-ro / 055-649-3170


-Tonguest House: 66 Bongsu 4-gil / 0507-1403-2281


Cherry Blossom Angel Guesthouse: 55 Bongsu-ro / 0507-1433-0345


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