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Mukho Port-Mangsang Beach, East Sea - Donghae, Gangwon, Korea

Walk from Mukho Port to Daejin Port or Mangsang Beach

Mukho Port-Mangsang Beach, East Sea

Donghae, Gangwon, Korea

It is a good time to walk. Wherever you want to walk, the place I chose today is the Sea of Japan Sea Route. Among them, we walk on the sunrise road of Donghae City, where the magnificent seascape and charming sights are combined. The coastal road (ilchulro) hidden inside National Highway 7 passes through Mukho Port, Eodal Port, and Daejin Port. Mukho Lighthouse, Nongoldamgil, Kamakbawi, and many other attractions, simple and small houses and shops are in harmony. When you pass by car, you can see the scenes that you may have missed.

Nongoldamgil and Mukho Lighthouse, famous for filming and drama locations

The route from Mukho Port to Daejin Port or Mangsang Beach belongs to Haeparanggil 34 course. Haeparang-gil is an east coast trail that runs from Busan in the south to Goseong in Gangwon-do in the north. 34 of them depart from Mukho Station in Donghae City and pass through Mukho Lighthouse, Eodal Port, Daejin Port, Mangsang Beach, and Simgok Yakcheon Village to Okgye Market in Gangneung City.

Feel the whole body of the sea with the fishy smell of fresh seafood caught at Mukho Port. Pick your favorite seafood from the fish market and take it to a nearby restaurant for cooking. There are also many restaurants, such as Gomchikuk and grilled fish. After filling the boat, we begin our walking tour in earnest.
The mural of Nongoldamgil
Go up the Nongoldamgil along the alley of Mukho Port Hill. Colorful murals are painted along the narrow alleys of the hillside village. It contains the stories of the people of the sea who lived around Mukho Port. Nongol 1-gil, 2-gil, 3-gil and Lighthouse-Oreum are central. Each alley has the theme of mukho's past, present, future, and mukho of all, and a mixture of time. It is more meaningful because it is a mural that contains stories about the past and present in the neighborhood. As you climb the Nongoldamgil, you will reach Mukho Lighthouse.
The mural of Nongoldamgil
The heavy white circular Mukho Lighthouse is located in the middle of the mountain at an altitude of 67m, and is easily seen from Mukho Port, and the sea view from here is also cool. The Mukho Lighthouse, founded in June 1963, was the main filming location for the movie <Hate Once Again>, and in 2003 a monument to the "Hometown of Movies" was erected. Mukho Lighthouse also appears in the films <Mary Story> and <Blue Alert>. The lighthouse is 12m high and can be seen from inside. As you climb the spiral staircase, you will see a lighthouse observation deck, and you can see the scenery from all sides.
Mukho Lighthouse, the symbol of Mukho Port
There are small parks and cafés with a good view around the lighthouse. The 'Lighthouse Cafe', located just below the Mukho Lighthouse, stops many people's steps with picturesque views. When coming down, let's choose the side of the rock. Mungho lighthouse and adjacent bridge became more famous for the drama <Beautiful Legacy>. Large
'Lighthouse Cafe' where you can relax while enjoying the cool view
Secluded resting place for locals, Adal Beach
A large rock appears as you walk along the sea line lined with sushi and small shops. It is a black rock. It is called a black rock just because a crow has hit a young on this rock. There is a sign that stands in the direction of Jeongdong from Namdaemun in Seoul. Opposite is a large sushi town.
When you walk on the sunrise road, you can see at a glance the black rock
Keep walking north. On the left, large and small shops form one landscape, and on the right, the deep blue sea completes another. It resembles the scenery of the northeast coast of Jeju Island. The rustic beach scenery is nice.
Eodal Port, famous for sea fishing
If you go up a little further from Eodal Port, it is Eodal Beach. It is a famous spot known to locals rather than tourists. It doesn't get too crowded during the peak summer season, so you can enjoy the summer quietly.
Adal Beach, a quiet and relaxing atmosphere
An interesting attraction created by surfers, Daejin Beach
From Adal Beach, head along the coastal road to Daejin Port. The road becomes more secluded. Although new cafes and shops are rarely seen, the sea and old buildings continue for a while.
How to get from Daedal Beach to Daejin Port
It is known that Daejin Port is located in the direction of Jeongdong in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. At the entrance to the long breakwater, there is a large marine parking lot and a Daejin Port Seafood Center. Walking on the breakwater, sea scenery, Daejin Port and village
Daejin Port scenery
Daejin Beach is full of surfers. Surfing classes are being held, providing interesting attractions. Advancing through the waves and struggling It is interesting to see them fly on the waves in an instant, making it difficult to keep an eye on them.
Daejin Beach is crowded with surfers
You can end your walking tour in Daejin Port or go to Nobong Beach and go to Mangsang Beach. Mangsang Beach boasts a large white sandy beach and is perfect for enjoying the relaxation of the sea. Stroll on the wide sandy beach and enjoy a cup of hot coffee in a cafe with a good view in front of the beach. It leaves a strange feeling on the sea walking tour.
Daejin Beach is crowded with surfers
Travel info

Mukho Lighthouse
Address: 289 Haegei-gil, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
Contact: 033-531-3258

Adal Beach
Address: Erdal-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
Contact: 033-533-3011

Daejin Beach
Address: Daejin-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do

1. Nearby restaurants

Grilled specialty store: Grilled fish, grilled clams / 91, Sunrise-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do / 033-533-9289
Revival sushi restaurant: Mulhoe / 93, Sunrise-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do / 033-531-5209

2. Accommodation

Hotel Picasso: 123-6 Cave-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do / 033-533-2500

Benikea Premier Donghae Boyang Hot Spring Convention Hotel: 6285 Donghae-daero, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do / 033-530-0700


New Donghae Tourist Hotel: 1, Pyeongneung-gil, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do / 033-533-9215


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