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Mourning, Secret Garden of Mugwort Island - Goheung-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Flowers and the Sea in Mourning Star Garden

Mourning, Secret Garden of Mugwort Island

Goheung-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

I know someone who has traveled. Do not postpone tomorrow's trip to tomorrow. Met Mourning, a small island in Goheung, Jeonnam. All you need is a fluffy blanket to rest on the last beach, earphones to listen to sweet music, and a couple of books to save. In the spring, mourning wormwood is growing all over the island, and the mourning (艾 島) is called wormwood, which is not love. It is an island of rising love.
Sorrow Island, mourning for me
Is it possible to blow away the traces of daily routines and silly desires like squirrels' wheels, like the dust of the universe?
300 kinds of flowers bloom every season
Then he met mourning like fate. It was probably luckier than fate to find “Sumseom” mourning in days when they could not afford it.
Relaxing island that you can spend alone
The place where you can spend your time alone or alone without anyone's interruption as you wish you didn't want to do anything vigorously. A day of mourning, where you meet beautiful flower gardens against the backdrop of the ocean, moments of healing and emotions rush like waves.
Enjoy the horizon and flowers together
Mourning also retains its unique island culture. Mourning does not have dogs, chickens, or graves. In the alley, you can see only the cats running around.
Superb view of the tea ceremony
Like a stone wall that has long been a focal point, the 14 mourners have been keeping the traditional rules for hundreds of years.
Cats met in mourning
A flowery day spent at Healing Park
Ae Island (艾 島), a small island with a coastline length of 1 km (0.32㎢), is an island belonging to Bongrae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeonnam. The island, which is only 3 minutes by boat from the passenger ship terminal, is a near and distant island, but it is perfect for a healing trip.
Mourning near and far island, only 3 minutes from Narodo
If you look at the ferry terminal, I think Mourning Village will be in your hands. It's close enough to get off as soon as you get on the boat, but the sea breeze that hits it for a while is pleasant and cool. The mourning dock has a drone box filled with gulls. The admission fee of 5,000 won for Healing Park Mugwort Island is used for the island and its residents. Next to the unmanned box, a mourning guide map is kindly drawn. It's only a matter of time to fall in love with the scenery of mourning.
5,000 won is used for islands and residents.
Turn left at the dock and you'll see a steep hill road past the seagull café to the trail. As you climb up the tabac batak, the mountain path is cooler and more serene. The thick bushes, peugeots, meat and buckthorn villages meet in the lush forest of Nandaelim forest are reminiscent of the jungle in the movie.
Dense Nanrim Forest Trail
The 3km Mondang-gil walks while looking at the horizon.
Women's scattered rock that island villagers enjoyed
Climb the mountain trail, 80 meters above sea level, and meet the marine garden in front of you.
Forested and cool mountain trail
Over 300 kinds of flowers bloom from spring to winter, this is the space garden of mourning (star garden, solar garden, moon garden).
A thick tree called grandmother tree
Flower tail, crape myrtle, hibiscus, canna, sulphurous cosmos, chrysanthemum, marigold, zinnia, aster, silver marigold, evening primrose, cockscomb, moonbeam, velvet dong, kye gyuk, hydrangea, matari, double leaf chrysanthemum, melampodium, petunia If you come back to the village after looking around the star garden where 300 kinds of flowers with different names are blooming all year round, the wildflowers on the stone wall are not unusual. If you walk through the stone wall road of hundreds of years of love and walk to the well, you will see the beautiful camellia tree that has lived for 200 or 300 years.
Sunset view from Dongbaek-gil
Go through the two wells where you can feel the memories of the villagers and go up to the lighthouse.
Beautiful sunset lighthouse
It is a place where you can watch the sunset as it is said to be staying overnight because of the sunset. A beautiful night is an extra bonus if you stay overnight on the island. When the darkness falls, you can see the constellations that shine like black jewels.
Sunset from the lighthouse
Story of couple who turned wormwood hill into secret garden
Mourning is a private garden of Jeollanam-do No.1. Kim Sang-hyun, a couple of pharmacist Ko Chae-hoon, who fell in love with mourning, is a space garden, a maritime garden of 80m above sea level.
Star garden, Korea's only marine garden
As a resident, Kim Sang-hyun, who goes to Suksum Garden on weekends and vacations, gets a bright smile on her tanned face. In five scenes of falling in love and mourning, the voice becomes five times brighter.
“If you walk to the lighthouse in the Nanrim Forest, you will hear five interjections of‘ 와! ’. Once on the hill of ecstasy, where the dense forest of forests begins, two times to meet the view point overlooking the archipelago, three times in front of the star garden that begins on the hill, four times in the spring watching the spectacular view of Dongbaekgil. Five times, wow! Every landscape we meet in mourning is a wave of emotion. ”
He says he didn't need ground floor plants to create a space garden. There was a blue sea that went so well with the flowers. Thanks to his wife, who is well-educated as a gardening expert, she only cares about the arrangement of flowers.
Kim Sang-hyun made a beautiful marine garden in Mourning
Mourning can also be reached by boat (roundtrip KRW 2,000) from the passenger ship terminal at Bongrae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeonnam.
Seagull cafe exterior
The trip takes between 1 and 30 minutes to 2 hours, but if you want to take a leisurely stroll, remember the last boat time.
Unmanned Seagull Cafe
If you apply in advance, you can experience the forest with the forest commentator. During vacation, there are various experiences such as catching the beating of the sea, catching crabs, and catching jukumi. The proceeds are all used for the village. Every 20th of the month is a regular holiday for village boats.
Simply decorated stone crab pension
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