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Mountain bearing the moon, ‘King ’s way’, Gyeongju Hamwolsan ’s way - Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Korea

The king's path is spacious enough for carriages and wagons

Mountain bearing the moon, ‘King ’s way’, Gyeongju Hamwolsan ’s way

Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Korea

The road that led to the funeral procession of King Munmu who unified the Three Kingdoms, the way that King Munmu's son, Shinmunwang, went to the father's underwater tomb, and now the descendants of the road cool down the heat and remember history, I trace the old road with my feet.
Deep forest path like a deep man
As it is itself an open-air museum, there are so many ruins and artifacts from the Silla period that Gyeongju is too difficult to count. So, Gyeongju is new every time you go, and it is hard to measure its depth on a day or two or a few days. When the full moon rises, the moonlight travels, and when the stars are bright, the starlight travels, and you can feel the charm of the infinitely high altitude at night.
King's Road to the entrance of Churyeong Tunnel
A new route was recently added to such a race. It is the way of the king connecting Churyeong Tunnel and Girimsa Temple. It is a good forest path with a walking distance of 3.9km from the bottom of Hamwol Mountain. Like a deeply hidden treasure, I haven't yet made myself visible to the world, but it's more cozy and cozy.
Beginning with a small trail
If you go out of downtown Gyeongju and go toward Gampo, there is a Churyeong tunnel at the foot of Mt. Hamwol. There is an access road to the King's Road next to this Churyeong Tunnel. The road does not show me from the beginning. It takes 40-50 minutes to walk through the 2.5km country road along the driveway to reach the entrance of Mochagol, the entrance of the king's road. Like a good person, a good way does not reveal its deep inside from the beginning. It takes a little preparation to meet the deep forest.
Hwang Yong-soo at the entrance of Mochagol
The road from Churyeong Tunnel to Mochagol is not a forest path, but it is quite a quiet path. As you walk, you'll meet Hwang Yong-soo, who is a little crazy. It is water that is good for the body so that the stones in the place where water falls due to its high iron content turn yellow. If you quench your neck with this mineral water, the thirst in the middle of the summer will go away.
Yellowish stone with high iron content in mineral water
Newspaper King Hoguk Haeng-gil's Road to Father's Underwater Tombs
Once a bowl of mineral water is infused, it comes into contact with the mocha bone. Mochagol was called ‘Machagol’ because it was the place where the carriage went. This is where the king's path begins. Then why was this road called this name?
Milestone from Mochagol to Suretjae
King Sinmun is the first son of King Munmu who unified the Three Kingdoms as the 31st king of Silla. It is regarded as the king who stabilized the situation after the reunification of the Three Kingdoms and established a strong supreme kingship. When he inherited the throne from his father, King Munmu, in 681, Silla seemed calm on the surface, but it was a time of struggling with tension after the unification and conflict with the nobles.
A tree that exudes courageous energy
Saying to The Three Kingdoms Journal, “When you come to the near kingdom and you are in the throne with no morals, justice is different from the meaning of the sky. The same. ”
Deep forest that is cool even in midsummer
This is the content of the ritual that the king of the newspaper gave to the ancestors of his ancestral rites. At that time, right after the unification, it was a difficult time to rule the country because of the constant rebellion and the danger of war with the outside. According to The Three Kingdoms Yu, the king of the newspaper went to the sea of the East Sea where his father Moon Moo's underwater mausoleum was located in 682, the year following his crown, and met a dragon to obtain a full-fledged and jade belt. It is said that when the manpasik, a flute made of bamboo, blows, the enemy soldiers retreat and get sick. As such, the peace and well-being of the country was desperate. The Manpasik was probably a story created to strengthen the king's kingship and stabilize the situation.
Deep forest is a heaven for frogs and insects
So this is the way the King of Newspapers goes to the grave of King Munmu, the father of the wagon, and has the power to save the country. It is also the way that King Munmu's funeral procession passed. It was first called Newspaper King Road or Newspaper King's Road, and now it is officially called King's Road. It was based on the speculation that not only the king of newspapers would have gone, but that the various kings had passed this road to the East Sea.
Clear water washes away the heart
Cool forest washes away heat, Yongyeon Falls where dragons ascend
At the entrance, the forest road overflows with wild beauty. The valley where the only aikiman forgets to embroider the road and flows sideways follows the road constantly. Crossing a small valley is dozens of times. As it enters midsummer, the forest grows countless small animals like all kinds of plants, insects, and frogs. Cicada cries in the tall trees, and the valley flows without rippling.
The king's way through a small valley all the time
The way to go is like this. All kinds of trees and plants create a cool shade even in the middle of summer, and it feels like they are in the forest. Even on a sunny day, it is cool to enter this road. The forest bath is free. The road was a path that could be passed by a person at the beginning, but soon it became wide enough to have a wagon and wagon. As you walk, you meet various milestones. Imagine the old road going through the wheelbarrows that the carts have crossed, the bends of the horses dragging the carts on a steep slope, the washroom that the newspaper king has been washing for a while, and the fire sign that prevented cutting trees.
Yongyeon Falls, the dragon ascended
The road reaches its peak at Yongyeon Falls. It is said that this waterfall was created when the king of the newspaper ascended into a dragon when he put a piece of jade waistband obtained with the Manpasik. The waterfall exudes a cool energy even when you go nearby. The great effect of the water flowing from the waterfall is great. Even if you don't have to go into the water, the summer heat is washed away. It is like a chimney, but it is forbidden to get it because it is a sanctuary reserve. Wash your hands and face in cold water, and you will be satisfied. Heal the sadness by staying by the waterfall for a long time.
The rough water stream upstream of Yongyeon Falls
If you go down about 800m from Yongyeon Falls, you will meet Girimsa, an ancient temple that was built before Bulguksa. The tour ends with a tour of the wide grounds of Kirimsa Temple, where the Virozana Buddha is located. You can go back to the way you came from here or take a bus to the city. Since the section is not long, even a round trip is 8 km, so it is suitable as a day course.
The grounds of Kirimsa Temple, which has a deeper history than Bulguksa Temple
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