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Mother! I'm going to see my face this year! Preparedness for Hangawi, delicacy at highway rest area - Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Delicacy Korean beef soup at Munmak Rest Area (Gangneung)

Mother! I'm going to see my face this year! Preparedness for Hangawi, delicacy at highway rest area

Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Geumgangsan Island was said to be after the meal. It is a proverb that needs to be reconsidered once before the national holiday of Chuseok. We prepared for those who left the hometown and lived on the road, as well as those who ran the highway and headed for the hometown. A restaurant on the highway, set off to your hometown with soothing body and mind as a delicacy at a rest area!

When did it start? Enjoying a good meal at a highway rest area, as well as a dessert at a coffee shop. The rest area, which was a place where people take a break from hunger with snacks such as walnut sweets, roasted potatoes, squid, fish cake, and udon, is still evolving. It has settled not only for food but also for clothing stores such as outdoor specialty stores. From the rest stop to shopping, it is an era that is possible. Maybe you can't forget the food you tasted at the rest stop, and you might have to run to the stop. Wouldn't it be that the rest area that connected between reality and the destination like a stepping stone becomes an independent 'island' rather than a stepping stone? In the near future, a trip map to the rest area may be created.

Maybe you can't forget the food you tasted at the rest stop, and you might have to run to the stop. Wouldn't it be that the rest area that connected between reality and the destination like a stepping stone becomes an independent 'island' rather than a stepping stone? In the near future, a trip map to the rest area may be created.
Chilgok Rest Area (Busan) Autonomous Restaurant

Today, we plan to start with a delicious menu that fits the most basic duty of the rest area. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each rest area, starting with the gourmet on the highway and the delicacy of the rest area. The immediate feeling of satiety in your mouth will help you remember the rest area for a long time. I hope you will find it useful for Chuseok, who is approaching your nose. Hyodo going to show his face to his parents this year!

Mushroom Bulgogi Rice Bowl at Gyeongbu Expressway Anseong Rest Area (Busan)
Various and delicious delicacies on the Gyeongbu Expressway
Gyeongbu Expressway, which runs from Seoul to Daejeon and Daegu to Busan, has as many rest stops as it used to be.
Giheung Rest Area, where you can enjoy relaxation, dining and shopping
You can enjoy the pleasure of tasting various local delicacies, so let's find a rest area where you can stop by the destination.
Hyangchon Udon at Giheung Rest Area (Busan)
Among the rest stops located on the Gyeongbu Expressway are Anseong Gukbap at Anseong Rest Area, Mushroom Pa Geumjang Miso Jjigae at Mangyang Rest Area, and Dori Bang Bang at the Geumgang Rest Area.
Anseong Gukbap at Gyeongbu Expressway Anseong Rest Area (Busan)
The type of soup that you can taste quickly is strong in the rest area. Pork cutlet that is suitable for children's taste is also popular.
Mangyang Rest Area (Busan)
There are also many people looking for food with local specialties such as Mushroom Pa Geumjang Miso stew at Mangyang Rest Area and Dori Bang Bang at Geumgang Rest Area.
Geumgang Rest Area, one of the first things to do when you are looking for a beautiful rest area
Doribangbang set meal made with freshwater fish of the Geumgang stem requires a lot of cooking time, so you can reduce the waiting time by ordering in advance by phone.
Dory bangin can also be tasted at the Geumgang Rest Area.

▶ Anseong Rest Area (Seoul): 031-611-5794 / Anseong Custom Soup Rice (7,000 Won)
▶ Anseong Rest Area (Busan): 031-655-0531 / Anseong Gukbap (6,000 won)
▶ Mangyang Rest Area (Busan): 041-557-4000 / Mushroom marinated miso soup (6500 won)
▶ Geumgang Rest Area (Busan): 043-731-2233 / Dori Bang Bang Leesik (10,000 won)
▶ Chilgok Rest Area (Busan): 054-975-2277 / Chilli miso soup (6,500 won)
▶ Gyeongju Rest Area (Busan): 054-748-3195 / Sundubu Jjigae (6000 won)
▶ Eonyang Rest Area (Seoul): 052-263-6153 / Chilli Miso Soybean Paste Ceremony (6500 KRW)

Delicacy at Cheonan Rest Area (Busan) Byeongcheon Sundae Gukbap
Sunset point is a bonus, a delicacy on the west coast highway
A long 341km road from Seoul to Mokpo, Jeonnam along the west coast. It boasts the longest distance after Gyeongbu Expressway. It is fun to follow the beautiful west coast such as Taean Peninsula and Byeonsan Peninsula. You can enjoy the sunset as well as the delicacies on the west coast.
A unique shelter on the West Coast Expressway, Haengdamdo Rest Area
If you cross the West Sea Bridge connecting Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheongnam-do, you will reach Haengdam-do Rest Area. In the rest area, you can enjoy a variety of food as well as shopping. There are many autonomous restaurants where there are regular customers who can choose and taste the food they want. It is a bit burdensome to eat alone, and if you eat together as a nut, you can taste a variety of food at an economical price.
Autonomous restaurant at Haengdamdo Rest Area
In addition, as you run along the path along the stem of the West Sea, you can also taste the delicacies of the characteristics of the West Sea, such as Seosan Eulgul Jeotbaekban (Seosan Rest Area) and Haenaru Rice Bibimbap (7500 won) built with sea breeze. You can taste the salted Eo-ri Gool-jeok throughout the four seasons, except for the midsummer. Unfortunately, the stone grilled oyster rice is hard to taste in the middle of this season, but remember that it is possible from October when the cold wind starts to blow. It is not difficult to enjoy the taste of oyster rice by cooking with raw oysters, not frozen oysters.
Pork cutlet at Hwaseong Rest Area (Seoul)

▶ Hwaseong Rest Area (Mokpo): 031-353-8140 / Yangpunbibibimbap (6000 won)
▶ Haengdamdo Rest Area (Mokpo): 041-358-0700 / Haenaru Rice Bibimbap (7,500 won)
▶ Seosan Rest Area (Seoul · Muan): 041-688-7714, 041-688-8814 / Seosan Eogul Oyster Sauce Baeban (7000 won), Eogul Oyster Sauce (1,500 won)
▶ Daecheon Rest Area (Seoul): 041-931-6801 / Dolsol Gulbab (You can taste it from October to June. You use raw oysters instead of frozen oysters. Thanks to this, you cannot taste oyster rice in hot summer.), Dolsot Bibimbap (7,000 won)

Pork cutlet at Hwaseong Rest Area (Seoul)
Memories of last summer, a delicacy on the Yeongdong Expressway
In the summer vacation season, Yeongdong Expressway, the hottest road, has both Gangwon-do mountainous and coastal delicacies. There are many resting places thanks to the large number of visitors. The point is that you can taste Gangwon-do Korean beef at a reasonable price!
Gangwon-do delicacy Korean beef
One of the first delicacies of the Yeongdong Expressway is the Korean beef rice cake dudeok steak at Hoengseong Rest Area in Gangneung. Many people are looking for Hanustake for 10,000 won. However, there is a fixed amount per day, so it is difficult to taste without going until early lunch. If you haven't tasted Hanustake, let's soothe the sadness with Hanwoo Bulgogi. You can enjoy Korean beef soup at Munmak Rest Area (Gangneung) and Yeoju Rest Area (Incheon). The most popular menu on the highway in 2013 is Deokpyeong Beef Soup Rice at Deokpyeong Rest Area (Incheon). Deokpyeong Rest Area is followed by seafood sundubu jjigae (6000 won) and Anseong Rest Area (Seoul) Anseong Custom Gukbap (formerly Anseong Ok Gukbap, 7,000 won). After all, at the rest area, soup that can be solved with one bowl is popular.
Munmak Rest Area (Gangneung)

▶ Hoengseong Rest Area (Gangneung): 033-342-4231 / Hanwoo Tteok The Duck Steak (10,000 won), Hanwoo Bulgogi Baekban (7,500 won)
▶ Moonmak Rest Area (Gangneung): 033-731-8481 / Hoengseong Korean Beef Rice (7,000 won)
▶ Yeoju Service Area (Incheon): 031-882-2900 / Korean beef soup (7,000 won)
▶ Yeoju Service Area (Gangneung): 031-882-3120 / Yeoju Rice Feast Noodles (4,500 won)
▶ Deokpyeong Rest Area (Incheon): 031-634-9200 / Deokpyeong Beef Soup Rice (6000 won)

Delicacy Korean beef soup at Munmak Rest Area (Gangneung)
And the delicacy on the Central, Namhae, and Tongyeong Daejeon Expressways

On the rest of the highways, except for the Gyeongbu, Seohaean, and Yeongdong Expressways, which we introduced earlier, let's look at the places where the famous spot is added as a delicacy to rest areas. Local delicacies are strong. At Andong Rest Area on the Chuo Expressway, you can taste Andongan mackerel, a specialty of Andong. Salted salt, selected for tasting fish in inland areas, is loved for its unique taste in the 21st century. There are also dishes created by adding two delicacies to the edge of the Seomjin River. The Namhae Expressway Seomjin River Rest Area is prepared with Cheongmaesil re-bibimbap and re-hybrid soup. On the Daejeon Tongyeong Expressway, Ginseng Land Rest Area (Hamnam) and Hamyang Rest Area (Tongyeong), specialties such as Wanggalbitang and Baekyeon Bapsang are also popular menus by Gilson.

▶ Andong Rest Area (Busan) : 054-853-4370 / Andong High Mackerel Class (8,000 won)

▶ Somjin River Rest Area (Busan) : 061-772-7986 / Cheongmaesil Recreation Bibimbap (7000 won), Jaegukguk (6000 won)

▶ Ginseng Land Rest Area (Hanam) : 041-754-9200 / Ginseng Wangbibitang (8000 won), Seolleongtang (6000 won)

▶ Hamyang Rest Area (Tongyeong) : 055-963-9546 / Bae Yeon-bap (7,000 won), Eulken Yisun-tofu (6000 won)

Andong delicacy

As you run on other highways and national highways, you will continue to encounter rest areas. Unlike in the past, these rest areas are not places to pass by. Travelers who have exploded from the “Maika era” in the 1990s have now remembered a delicious rest area and visit there. It is now time to enjoy a good meal at a rest stop according to your taste. If you remember this, it will be a small force for those who are willing to handle the traffic crisis and head home. Wait, Hangawi!

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Ginseng Land Rest Area where you can taste ginseng garlic seolleongtang