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Looking at the mountain stream that is flowing like a wave, Jecheon Cheongpungho Jardak-gil 2-course Jeongbangsa-gil - Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea

Scenery seen from the courtyard of Jeongbangsa Temple

Looking at the mountain stream that is flowing like a wave, Jecheon Cheongpungho Jardak-gil 2-course Jeongbangsa-gil

Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea

It seems that the temple is sitting on the middle of the cliff. When I was standing in the temple courtyard, the sea of the mountain line spread out under the snow fell. The overlapping mountain trunks resemble waves coming from far away. The Cheongpung Lake, held in its arms, is as calm as a sanctuary. The human mind also crossed rage and tranquility, and the scenery and mind resembled it. If you go to Jeongbangsa, you can see the scenery that resembles your heart.

Jardrock road made by mountains and water

Walk through the landscape created by the mountain stream that contains the waves and lakes of Cheongpung Lake. The Cheongpungho Jardak-gil, created by Jecheon-si, refers to a narrow path on the slopes of the foothills. The Jardakgil consists of 7 courses, but each has its own characteristics, making walking fun.
- Course 1 Small Garden Road : 19.7km section from Cheongpung encounter square to Neunggang bridge. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cheongpung Lake.
- Course 2 Jeongbangsa-gil : 1.6km section from Nunggang Bridge to Jeongbangsa Temple. The view from the temple and temple courtyards built on the cliffs is superb.
- Course 3 Ice Goal Eco-gil : 5.4km section from Neunggang Bridge to Ice Valley. It ends in an ice valley with a cold breeze going up the clear valley.
- Course 4 Green Village : 7.3km section from Neunggang Bridge to Sangcheon Folk Village. It is best to walk in the spring when cornus and azalea bloom.
- Course 5 Oksunbong-gil : 5.2km from Sangcheon Folk Village to Oksun Bridge. The scenery of Cheongpung Lake and Oksunbong is worth seeing.
- Course 6 Goegokseong Wall : 9.9km section connecting Oksundaegyo Bridge and Jigok-ri. The scenery of the old town we meet on the way is worth seeing.
- 7 Course Herbal Trail : From Jigok-ri to Yulji-ri Horse Ranch 8.9km.
In addition, there are boats to enjoy the scenery by boat. This is a course that takes you from Okgokdaegyo Bridge (Oksunbong Rest Area) by boat in Jigok-ri, where the 6th course of Jardrock Road ends.

Cheongpungho Jardrock Road
Short steps intense scenery
Cheongpungho Jardrock Road Course 2 Go Jeongbangsagil. From the starting point of Neungganggyo Bridge to Jeongbangsa Temple, you have to continue uphill about 1.6km. However, since it is a paved road, it can be climbed without difficulty.
Neunggang Valley
The valley welcomes travelers at the beginning of the road. The clear water flows under the large rocks and the pine trees rising above the rocks are green.
Rock Road just below Jeongbangsa Temple
After staying for a while in front of the beautiful scenery, we begin to go uphill in earnest. The lush forest shades. The road ends at Jeongbangsa Temple and a beautiful scenery spreads out in front of Jeongbangsa Temple.
If you go up the stairs after passing through the rocks
My heart is delighted by the scenery unfolding under the snow. The mountain stream that flows from far away resembles the sea. It is hard to capture the sea-like scenery at a glance. The sky stretched over the vast landscape created by the mountain trunks and Cheongpung Lake, and the clouds covering the sky were laid low.
Square yarn bell
Only after enjoying the scenery spread out in front of the temple courtyard can the temple be noticed. Founded in 2 years (662) by King Munmu of Silla, Jeongbangsa is a temple that has a history of nearly 1,400 years.
Jeongbangsa cylindrical preservation. In front of the cliff
History is historical, but the place where the temple is located is not unusual. Geumsusan (1016m) It was settled like a swallow nest on the rocky cliff of the ridge that stretched from Sinseonbong to Dohwa-ri toward Cheongpung. Someone wrote about Jeongbangsa and surrounding scenery.
If you go behind Jeongbangsa's cylindrical preservation, water comes out of the rock.
“What is in the middle of the mountain / White clouds stay on the ridge / I can only enjoy myself / I can't dedicate it to you.”
Jeongbangsa Temple
One day ago, someone would stand in the courtyard of Jeongbangsa Temple and watch the landscape created by the mountains and clouds under the snow. Someone would have emerged in front of the beautiful scenery, and he would have been sorry to be unable to share it with him. The mind is still different, and someone's face overlaps with the distant landscape seen from the courtyard of Jeongbangsa Temple.
Jeongbangsa was built on a cliff

The mountain stem is turbulent, and the Cheongpung Lake in its arms is as calm as a refuge. The human mind also crossed rage and tranquility, and the scenery and mind resembled it. If you go to Jeongbangsa where you can see the scenery that resembles your mind, you will think of someone who can share your mind.

The sound of the scenery seems to spread to the mountains down there.
Go up the Nunggang Valley
The way back from Jeongbangsa is convenient because it is a downhill road. When I went up to Jeongbangsa, I stood in front of the crossroads. Another path of ice, the Ice Valley Ecology Road, starts here.
Let's walk the 5.4km Ice Goal Ecological Trail from the milestone to Ice Goal. Estimating the time from the information obtained in the brochure, it would be difficult to reach the end of this road, the ice valley where cold wind blood comes out. I'm going to go and then come back in time.
The log bridge I met on the way to Icygol Ecological Trail
There is no uphill path to walk comfortably. The walk along the valley is cheerful everywhere. The main attractions of the Ice Valley Ecological Road are the stone tower, the bulgedae, and the ice valley. Neunggang Bridge to Stone Tower is 1.4 km. Pass the stone tower to the place where the hermitage was located. It wasn't time to go up to the ice goal and come back, so I decided to return here.
Valley next to Ice Valley Ecological Road
I guess it's been a while since the hermitage disappeared. There are traces of life on her ruins. Did someone make a wish? I can see something left behind. I pray with my heart, 'Mobjasin is flowing away along the flowing water and Manbok is infiltrated into the earth's hundreds of thousands of people who live a tight life.'
Valley water flowing in front of the hermitage
On the way back, the sound of water in a small valley is loud. I sit by the water, wash my hands and wash my face. The valley water is cold in the summer and feels warmer as the day gets colder. I want nature's logic to be effective in the history of the world.
Ice Valley Ecological Road Stone Tower
Travel information

Jeongbangsa Temple
Address: 52, Neunggang-ri, Susan-myeon, Jecheon-gun, Chungbuk
Phone: 043-647-7399
Jecheon Tourist Information Center: 043-641-6731


* Self-driving

Jungang Expressway Namjecheon IC → Geumseong-myeon → Cheongpungho-ro → Turn left at the three-way intersection of Cheongpung Bridge (toward Danyang) → Turn left as soon as you cross the Neunggang Bridge → Neunggang Valley

* public transport

Seoul → Jecheon
-20 times a day (06: 30-21: 00) from Seoul Express Bus Terminal, takes 2 hours and 10 minutes
-Operates 31 times a day (06: 30-21: 00) from East Seoul General Terminal, takes 2 hours
* Take bus No. 953 at Dongyang Securities Bus Stop, about 5 minutes walk from Jecheon Terminal, and get off at Nunggang Bridge (entrance of Jeongbangsa). Bus 953 runs three times a day (05:40, 12:20, 16:20). Inquiries: Jecheon Transportation 043-646-2955

2. Restaurants around

Zelkova Sashimi House: Trout Bibimbyeong, Sogari Maeuntang / 81 Cheongpungho-ro 60-gil, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-647-0089

Geumsusan trout garden: Trout society, Sancheoneo society / 41 Cheongpungho-ro 39-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-652-8833

Cheongpungho Clean Jungwoo: Sirloin, ribs, Gomtang / 1016 Cheongpungho-ro, Geumseong-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-648-9485



Neunggang Song Pension: 1050, Oksunbong-ro, Susan-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-651-0033


Dream Lake Pension: 53-10 Cheongpungho-ro 42-gil, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-648-6380


Blooming Days Pension: 1511 Cheongpungho-ro, Geumseong-myeon, Jecheon-si / 043-642-4600


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