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Let's climb on the sky bridge and become fresh. - Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

The sky bridge that connects Baek-Asan's Madang Rock and Temple Rock

Let's climb on the sky bridge and become fresh.

Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Last winter, a “sky bridge” was built on the Baek-Asan Mountain in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do, connecting the Madang Rock and the Temple Rock. Like the name of the sky bridge, it splits the air between two tall towering rocks at the same time. Before the sky bridge was laid, Baek-Asan was known to hikers for its name, but it was unfamiliar to the public. When the news that a total of 66m of the sky bridge was laid, he went on a tour of both sides. After trekking, I decided to soothe my fatigue at Hwasun Hot Spring, which is located on the ground. I also looked forward to spring news from Namdo and headed for Hwasun.

Baek Asan uses the goose ‘아 (鵝)’ in white ‘baek’. Lit., it is 'White Goose Mountain'. If you look at the white rocky peaks along the ridge, I wonder if there is another mountain that looks like this. If you look at the location of Mt. Baek on the map, it sits gently between Gwangju Mudeungsan (1187m) and Suncheon Jogyesan (884m). Baek Asan, which rises to the northeast of Hwasun and forms a border with Goknam, Jeollanam-do, has a valley deep enough to be selected as a natural fortress of the People's Army during the Korean War. The name of the bridge connecting the Madangbawi Rock and the Temple Rock was also set to “heaven legs” in order to appease the souls of those who had fallen. Let's go to the sky bridge that has both a story and a sight.

Peaks resembling white goose filling ridges

Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch (061-373-8080 ~ 3) and Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest (061-379-3737 ~ 9) are selected as the heads of Baek-Asan. You can also start from Asan Ranch, which is located near the tourist ranch. The two forked roads become one from the ridge line intersection. When you depart from Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest (061-379-3737 ~ 9), the climb is so severe that most hikers go up to the tourist ranch and descend to the natural recreation forest. One more thing, you need to pay an admission fee of 1,000 won to depart from Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest.

The trek started off at the Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch, which was relatively easy to climb, and decided to cross the Madangbawi ~ Sky Bridge. In addition, instead of going up to the top of Baek-Asan Mountain and descending to the Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest, I chose the origin return course that crossed the Sky Bridge and descended to Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch again. The origin return was eager as much as it was driven by a self-driving vehicle, and the main character of this trek to Baek-Asan was “Sky Bridge”.

However, if you are disassembled on the same route you climbed, or if you have a party to help you pick up the vehicle, the course of Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch ~ Madang Rock ~ Sky Bridge ~ Normal ~ Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest is okay. The same goes for those who love trekking or go to the mountain to climb the summit. Conversely, the summit is not so important, and if you just want to walk quietly, it is enough to walk the path the reporter chose.

Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch selected as the starting point for trekking in Baek-Asan

We headed to Baek-Asan Tourist Ranch, which has four seasons sledding facilities, lodging facilities, Korean beef restaurant and reservoir. Sledding guides will guide you through the parking lot. The day has been released, and spring is reaching Namdo, but if you want to, take Eisen. Thanks to the friendly signs, it is easy to find the beginning. Beyond Yeonjiri, a full-scale hike begins. The trees were still bare, but the wind didn't pick up.

Sky bridge from below

2.7km from the tourist farm to the sky bridge and 3.5km to the summit. It's not boring thanks to the pine trees that guard the sides. Most of all, the step is quicker thanks to the sky bridge that reveals the middle. The sky bridge looking up from below is as far away as the distance. How did you think about building a bridge between these soaring rocks? It's not a very high mountain, but the pickling is not easy. It touches the sign indicating that 1.5km is left to Baek-Asan Sky Bridge. Ridge This is the point where the path extends from the Asan Ranch to one path. Mountaineers returning from the mountain after taking a sip of sap. It's okay to take a rest at this time, as there is also a good place to sigh.

How long did you walk? The field of view is wide and a forked road emerges. Just 0.2km to the left reaches the sky bridge and 1km to the right is the summit of Baek-Asan. Even at the end of winter, the rocks may still be ashamed through the green pine trees, revealing white flesh. If you plan to climb to the top of Baek-Asan, you must first go to the top.

Panoramic view from Madangbawi toward the tourist farm
The sky bridge between Madangbawi Rock and Temple Rock

If you turn to the sky bridge, the iron stairs will appear after a while. When you climb the iron stairway that touches the air, it is finally the courtyard rock. Like lying, everywhere is wide open. Ongseong Mountain and Mt. Head to the sky bridge while watching the scenery. During the Korean War, many casualties were found in the site of the partisan at the partisan in the Korean War.

Madang Rock facing the iron stairs

As its name suggests, the spacious courtyard rock has a wonderful scenery and is easy to rest. Those who have snacks at three and five run out of sight. You can see the sky bridge right in front of your nose.

The view is wide open at once

The sky bridge that connects Baek-Asan's Madang Rock to the Temple Rock. The total length of the bridge is 66m and the width of 1.2m is 130 people. You can taste the excitement of walking through the air by making a window with transparent glass in the center of the bridge. As long as the movements of the people crossing the bridge are transmitted, you should avoid running or unreasonably moving. Also, remember that the legs are controlled in bad weather such as snow, rain, and severe wind.

After passing the yard rock, it touches the sky bridge

The scenery from across the sky bridge and from the observation deck immediately following reveals the beauty of Mt. Baek. The sadness of climbing a mountain for the first time disappears. When you go down the bridge, it touches the mountain's rock. Unlike the gentle breeze we just tasted, ice is everywhere. If you are careful about slippery, you will reach the tourist farm along a different path than the one that followed the guide plate. Three hours is enough. The sky bridge, which was not visible when on the bridge, descends, and then reappears. Don't miss Hwasun's specialty and hot springs, if you've been descending safely. Hwasun Hot Spring, first introduced in the Jeollanam-do region, contains sulfur compounds and is excellent in fatigue recovery, skin disease, and other effects.

Sky Bridge at 756m above sea level
Travel information

Hwasun-gun Culture and Tourism Division: 061-379-3514, 061-374-1493



* Self-driving

Honam Expressway → Jangjijang Branch → Gochang Damyang Expressway → Daedeok Junction → Honam Expressway → Okwa IC → National Road 15 (Osan) → Baekasan Tourist Ranch

* public transport

Seoul → Hwasun: Operates twice a day from Central City Terminal (09:00, 15:30), takes 4 hours. You can go via Gwangju.

2. Restaurants around

Evening moon tofu: Black Tofu Bossam / 542, Jigang-ro, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 061-375-8465

Saekdong Tofu: Saekdong Tofu Set Meal / 438, Jigang-ro, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 061-375-5066

Wall paulownia: Barley Bibimbap / 388, Oseong-ro, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun / 061-371-9289


Hwasun Kumho Resort: 510-1, Okri, Buk-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 061-372-8000


Baek-Asan Natural Recreation Forest: 353, Suyang-ro, Buk-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 051-379-3737, 051-379-3738, 051-379-3739


Dogok Family Spa Land: 788 Cheonam-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 061-374-7600

Hwasun Dogok Hot Spring Plaza Hotel: 52, Hotok 2-gil, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun / 061-375-7177

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