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Late spring day, <That winter, the wind blows> Chuncheon Jade Garden - Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

Landmark Tuscan visitor center
May flowers color the flower garden

Late spring day, <That winter, the wind blows> Chuncheon Jade Garden

Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

The drama <That Winter, the Wind Blows> was the background of a snowy winter. In the late spring due to the changing seasons, Jade Garden is more attractive than May's house in May. The affectionate love of the two, Oh-young and Oh-soo, stops the lovers from walking on the young road. Children run around the blooming flower fields. The green forest can be sweet like cotton candy.

Every tragedy dreams of hope
The previous work of writer Hee-kyung Roh was <The World They Live in>. The writer borrows the words of Junyoung (Song Hye-kyo), her lover, Geo, and secretly reflects on her inside.
“Nothing worth saying unless it is hope. Anyone who plays a drama should know that every tragedy the world speaks of is a paradox dreaming of hope. ”
The drama <That Winter, the Wind Blows> attracted attention as the work of artist Hee-Kyung Roh before airing. It is not easy for a writer to get more attention than an actor (of course, it is Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo), but her work always leads the artist's name. That's why her story has a deep echo. The original film is a Japanese drama <I Don't Need Love, Summer>. In Korea, we made a remake as a movie starring Joo-Hyuk Kim and Geun-Young Moon. It is a love story of a man who impersonates her older brother in need of money with an inherited heiress of a conglomerate. There were few opinions that the choice of writer Hee-kyung Roh was unexpected.
Anyway! About the fourth episode, the scene of “The Paradox of All Tragedy Dreams of Hope” appears. This is the 'Cotton Candy Kiss', which became a hot topic throughout the drama. It is the boundary between emotions that the love of two people begins, but cannot be overcome by siblings. It was filmed near the cottage garden in Jade Garden (Arboretum). In addition, many scenes including Oh Young's house were set in the background of Jade Garden. It's just that the winter landscape is different.
Visitor center appearing as Oh Young's house
Jade Garden is an arboretum located in Chuncheon. 2,662 species of plants grow in an area of about 16,3,500㎡. This was the third year since it opened in 2011. It belongs to Chuncheon City in the administrative district, but is also close to Gapyeong-gun. Travel along the North Korean river to go to Jade Garden. Pass Gyeonggang Station in the middle. It is a small rural station. It is the location of the film <Letter> and the drama <Stairway to Heaven>. Right now, the rail bike instead of the train goes to the closed station. Gapyeong Station is a round-trip 7.2km course that takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Go past Ganggyeong Station and turn left at Hatgol Intersection to the foot of Myeongtaesan Mountain. Finally, he climbs towards Jade Garden.
Crystal scenery hanging from the window of Oh Young's room
The sound of scenery that connects your heart
A European-style building greets you on the corner of a steep road. This is a light brown brick house reminiscent of the rural landscape of Tuscany, Italy. This is Jade Garden's visitor center. Souvenir shops and restaurants are located on the first floor, and the second floor is a multi-room. The most hilarious place is the entrance. Jade Garden is a little different, although the entrance to any arboretum is unlikely. It is a filming location for <The Winter, the Wind Blows>. The heroine Oh Young-eun is the heir of the PL group. The visitor center comes to her home. It is the most frequent place throughout the air. That's why no one moves right away. There is no hesitation in taking a commemorative photo in line. The person holding the camera waits in the front yard and the party comes out from the window on the second floor. It is a familiar frame for those who have enjoyed the drama. Ohyoung's room and Ohsu's back.
Go past the restaurant and go up to the second floor of the visitor center. The crystal scenery in the drama hangs on the window. Whenever the wind blows, the feathers shake and make a xylophone sound. It is the most important prop and metaphor in the drama. Oh-young, a blind person, meets the world through sound. I fell asleep when I heard the scenery, and always fell asleep with the window open. Shortly after Oh-young meets Oh-young and before leaving Oh-young, she reconnects the scenery of the window she remodeled and her hand twice. It is a trace of the place where love passed. Osu's self-confessing confession follows, "Is there a reason to have a great reason to live?"
The first garden of the maple road, Italian garden
The view of the arboretum spreads out the window. The Arboretum in May is the most colorful. Fresh green is closer to high tide, and flowers in May bloom more colorfully than in spring. There is a stall selling cotton candy in front of the souvenir shop across the street. Children who go on a family outing stand in love with the sweet taste. Lovers think of drama and bite cotton candy.
When you leave the visitor center, the British Border Garden unfolds. From here, a full-scale arboretum walk begins. At the edge flower bed, perennial flowers bloom from spring to autumn. Tulips are full at this time. For those who watch and find dramas, the flower language is new. A red tulip is a confession of love, a yellow tulip is an unseen love, and a purple tulip is an eternal love.
Flower water gorge in the middle of the tree lane
Cotton candy is sweet!
The road is divided into left and right centered on the border garden again. There are three trails in Jade Garden. This is the starting point. Go straight ahead and head towards the flower water garden. In the flower water, flowers and leaves change color according to the season to form a wavy shape. It is 800 meters to the summit Sky Garden, about 40 minutes away. On the left is the Italian garden. It was decorated with lawns and flower beds centered on the aqueduct. On the roadside, a wisteria tunnel overlooks the flower shade. Ginkgo biloba labyrinth, where ginkgo biloba with soft leaves makes a maze, also passes. It is not a maze that obscures the field of view, but the flower grass spreads finely. This maple road is 900m and takes 50 minutes one way. Head to the picnic garden to the right. It is a good way to walk quietly. Iris Garden has beautiful irises. It is called a forest road, and it takes 60 minutes to 1km.
The three roads open in the meantime, sharing colorful themed gardens. An alpine greenhouse was located between the Naeumneum-gil and the Maple-gil. It is a greenhouse planted with alpine plants living in the Alps, Himalayas, and Mt. Baekdu. In the drama, the scene of the mother's greenhouse was filmed at the Hantaek Botanical Garden in Yongin, but it is good to create an atmosphere in the play. The wooden play house on the back is recommended for families. There is a small valley leading up to the waterfall garden between the tree scent path and the maple tree path. It is perfect for taking a short break from the heat. Children enjoy more than anyone else. It is an aquatic botanical garden before reaching the waterfall garden. It is the widest waterside in the botanical garden and behind it is the cottage garden. There is a kiosk in front of the coin fountain. From the cottage garden to the road through the forest, it is the Rhoden Drone Garden. On that road, I filmed a kiss scene of Oh Young and Oh Soo's cotton candy.
Coin Fountain in front of Cottage Garden
Cottage Garden filming a cotton candy kiss
Cotton candy is a significant material following the crystal landscape. As a child, Ohsu took Ohyoung to a stationery store to buy cotton candy. To bring back that memory, she gives cotton candy to Oh Young. The subtle love between brothers and sisters is replaced by sharing cotton candy instead of kissing. There are many lines like gems in the Myeongdaesa series, <That Winter, the Wind Blows>. But in the most lovely cotton candy scene, there is nothing to say. It simply recalls past memories. At the end of the scene, a short word left by Oh Young concentrates his emotions.
Cotton candy fan for ‘replay’
Love is innocent
The drama had many close-up scenes. So is the cotton candy scene. The surrounding views are not well visible. It is a winter landscape, even if it is faraway. Now, the forest in May is beautiful. The two main characters disappeared, and only the colors resembling the two emotions remained. It is a forest with fresh flowers. Stepping into the Rhoden Drone Garden makes the forest a little deeper. It is a fairly high zone within the arboretum. Native species such as Manbyeongcho, roe deer and ferns are brought up. Deep in the lungs is a refreshing feeling. The air is sweet.
At the summit wedding garden, the scenery similar to that of the cottage garden is redone. This is a light brown single-storey brick building that looks exactly like the visitor center. In the drama <Love Rain>, this is where Hana (yoona) came to her mother's house. It is actually a kiosk. A tree in front of Baeksong stood on the railing. It is a shelter around the slope. The wedding garden was built around white plants. The flowers of the Jopop tree bloomed on the street. The slope behind is Sky Garden and high-rise support. This is the place where the view of Jade Garden comes in at a glance. Gathering under the tree shade, they enjoy May. The green mountains stretch out coolly. Time passes slowly. Calmness in my heart. Oh-young's house is underneath. Was Oh Suwa's love a tragedy or a hope for her? Maybe the wind blew the scenery.
Shady shelter under the foothills, high-rise support
“It is innocent that you deceived me. You were a way to live, and sometimes I was happy. ”
Oh-young forgives Oh-su. The forest in May is so green that it turns tragedy into hope. Life is not fulfilled as hoped, but hope is itself.
] Wildflowers that show off the beauty of May
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* Jade Garden
Address: 111 Seocheon-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
Inquiries: 033-260-8300, www.jadegarden.kr


* Self-driving

Chuncheon Expressway Hwado IC → Gapyeong → Turn right at Hapgol Intersection → 1km along the village road → Jade Garden

* public transport

Gyeongchun Line Sangbong Station → Gulbongsan Station → Jade Garden Shuttle Bus (10: 45-16: 45 every 1 hour, 12:45 minutes only on weekends and holidays)

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Gangchon Makguksu Chicken Ribs: Chicken Ribs / 247-11, Gangchon 1-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-262-4304

Gyeonggang Makguksu: Makguksu / 62-4 Seobaek-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-263-1138

Yurim Chicken Ribs: Chicken Ribs and Makguksu / 7 Anmasan-ro, Chuncheon / 033-253-5489 / 033-244-5119 (New Building)


Elysian Gangchon Resort: 688, Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 033-260-2000 / http://www.elysian.co.kr/golf/gangchon/overview.asp

Gangchon Sky Love Pension: 279 Gangchon-ro, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si / 011-208-2631 / http://www.gcskylove.com/

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