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Jeonnam Sightseeing Loop Bus Tour - Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

“Namdo One Wheel” Tour Bus Tours Jeollanam-do

Jeonnam Sightseeing Loop Bus Tour

Suncheon, Jeonnam, Korea

The Namdo One-Wheel Tour is a popular way to travel all over Jeollanam-do. Unlike the City Tour, which operates only in each city and county area, 'Namdo One Wheel' makes a much more efficient and richer journey by combining adjacent tourist attractions such as Damyang, Gokseong, Boseong, Bolgyo, and Jangheung in one course.

Adjacent places in one course freely

The Namdo One Wheel Bus Tour, which tours various tourist attractions in Jeollanam-do, consists of six routes including the eastern, western and suburbs of Gwangju. It runs every day or every weekend depending on the course. Most of all, you can take a bus to visit the main tourist attractions at once, so you can go around without any hassles.

This is convenient because the tour bus departs from the train station and the bus terminal. If you are a train traveler with a ticket tomorrow, you need to pay more attention. Even in places where the train does not reach, you can travel evenly without using the 'South Island One Wheel'.
Bus tour platform in front of Gwangju Station
Unlike packages and group tours, which all have to move together, Namdo One Wheel is a free tour. There are no leaders, so you can freely visit every tourist spot and ride the bus until the scheduled time. The tour fee is 9,900 won per person, regardless of course. Admission to the tourist spots and food expenses are paid separately.
The latest bus ride will take place
4 courses in Gwangju
Gwangju 4 courses in Damyang and Gokseong are perfect for this time of year. Departs from Gwangju and travels to Damyang in the morning and Gokseong in the afternoon. In Damyang, you can have a relaxing time walking along the cool bamboo fields and green metasequoia road, and you can experience the rail bike and steam locomotive when you arrive at Gokseong Train Village. Beautifully decorated in the old Gokseong Station railroad, the rose garden is a nice walk.
Damyang Soswaewon, the first settlement in Gwangju suburbs 4 courses
The four-course tour bus departs at 9:20 and 9:35 from You Square (Gwangcheon Terminal) and Gwangju Station, respectively. The latest buses are spacious and comfortable. Thanks to the large windows, the view outside the window is cool. Before the departure, the driver will hand out the name badge of Namdo and introduce the day schedule. Expectations for travel are full of people's faces sitting alone or in pairs.
Afternoon day spends in Gokseong Train Village
10 am, Damyang bamboo field full of green

Would the bus have left Gwangju Station for about 30 minutes? We arrived at Damyang Soswaewon, one of the representative gardens in the middle of Joseon. Yang San-bo, a disciple of Jo Kwang-jo, lived in nature after his teacher was exiled. The house built on the valley where the clear water flows resembles the elegant Seonbi. On one side, explanations of cultural commentators are in full swing. It's time to get together as we're counting the meaning of Soswaewon in the gap.

Soswaewon Garden, along a lush green valley
Shortly after getting on the bus, I reached the Korean House of Literature. Green trees surrounded by folding screens under the blue sky, and the scene with the sperm in front of the pond, are broken into a few temples.
Korean Literature Museum with lyrics and literature
Inside the house, there are a variety of lyrics and literature, including Song Soon's The Noodle House and Jeong Chul's Song Kang House.
Tourists on a bus tour to the Korean House of Literature

The bamboo forest road arrives at the famous Juknokwon. It's lunch time. If it's Damyang, don't you think tteokgalbi? Many restaurants offer rice cake ribs around Juknokwon. Chopsticks have no time to rest on the taste of Tteokgalbi that melts in your mouth. How about overeating in Damyang? Juknokwon won't be enough to take out the boat.
In order to avoid the midday sun and to take a walk after dinner, everyone dives through the large forest. It is also cool to see bamboo that stretches high in the sky. The wind blowing through the forest is sweet and cool. While wandering through the forest with the blowing wind, the daily life of the gray color is filled with fresh green.

Juknokwon, a representative tourist attraction of Damyang

The final schedule in Damyang is Metasequoia Garosu-gil. Alongside the 24 national road, 2,000 trees of metasequoia are lined up along the streets of Dalian. The metasequoias that grow to about 30m in height form a green tunnel. There is a middle bench and coffee beans to take a slow break.

Metasequoia Garosu-gil, a summer walk
2:00 pm, Gokseong train village full of roses

It takes about 40 minutes from Damyang to Gokseong. Take a nap for a while on the bus. Gokseong Dorimsa, the word of Hwaeomsa, is a small temple located at the foot of Dongak Mountain. I want to be so pretty, I have a beautiful scene. Even though the scale is small, the relics are large. Torimsa Temple is enshrined in Gwanbultang (Treasure No. 1341) designated as a cultural asset and the wooden Amitabha Three Buddhas (Type No. 271).

Pretty Revelation, Gokseong Dorimsa

The road to Dorimsa gives another time of healing for the city people. A stream of clear, clean water runs along the way. Many people spread out tents and mats along the valley and enjoy weekend outings. There are still traces of the ancient poets who admired the beauty here. Next to them, children are excited about the water slide. I press the heart that wants to join the play and get back on the bus.

Children playing in the rock where their ancestors carved poetry

The final journey of the tour is Gokseong Train Village. Train Village is a landmark of Gokseong, which has been renovated from the abandoned railway and port station as a tourist destination. It is one of 50 beautiful places to visit in Korea, cited by CNN. Once inside the Gokseong station, a fairy-tale landscape unimagined outside unfolds before your eyes. Did Alice in a strange country feel like this? In this place, both adults and children return to concentricity.

Rose park where various varieties of roses bloom

It takes more than an hour to look around the cutely decorated train village. Fortunately, the time given is many. The rose park promenade in the train village is like a baby angel's garden. A hum comes out as you walk through the flowers blooming. The rail bike, which pedals directly with two feet along the old railway, is fun, and the steam locomotive that runs with a chunky sound is nostalgic.

Rail bike along the old railway

Now it's time to go home. Traffic congestion and tired driving along with weekend outings are both common. Buried in a soft seat, I arrived home while I was in my dream country. Next time, let's take a look at the course of Namdo.

Experience the nostalgic steam locomotive
Travel info

Jeollanam-do Sightseeing Loop Bus
Eastern 1-1 course: Suncheon, Bulkyo, Jangheung / Closed on Mondays
Eastern 1-2 course: Suncheon, Jangheung, Boseong / Closed on Mondays
Eastern Course 2: Suncheon, Yeosu, Gwangyang / Weekend Service
Western Region 3 Courses: Yeongam, Jangheung, Haenam, Jindo, Mokpo / Weekends
Gwangju suburbs 4 courses: Damyang, Gokseong / Closed on Mondays
Gwangju Area 5 course: Naju, Haenam, Gangjin, Jangheung / Weekend service
Bus stop: Gwangju Station, Songjeong Station, Suncheon Station, Mokpo Station, Gwangju You Square, Suncheon Terminal, Mokpo Terminal
Contact: 062-360-8502

1. Nearby restaurants

Seoseok Jung: Hansiksik / 12 Seoljuk-ro 404beon-gil, Buk-gu, Gwangju / 062-263-0077


Deokdongwon: Natural Hansang / 70, Deokdong-gil, Songgwang-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeonnam / 061-755-0009


Hurst: Mineohoe, Gulbi Meals / 112 Pyeonghwa-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeonnam / 061-285-4888

2. Accommodation

Buckingham: 51, Sangmu Beonyeong-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju / 062-383-0931

Nobless Hotel: 12, Jangsunbaegi-gil 2-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeonnam, 061-722-7730

New Evergreen Motel: 59, Hadangnambu-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeonnam / 061-285-1991

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