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I'm not lonely anymore, Dokdo, South Korea - South Korea Gyeongbuk Ulleungdo

Dokdo at sunset

I'm not lonely anymore, Dokdo, South Korea

South Korea Gyeongbuk Ulleungdo

I visited Dokdo, our land that I would like to visit someday. Even on Ulleungdo, which is located about three hours from Gangneung, Ibaekri is the most easterly island on the Korean Peninsula. The appearance of keeping a seat in the middle of the sea is daunting and vague. Even if you go to the front of your nose, you can't keep your eyes on them, so you can only look at them like an unrequited love. Once you set foot on Dokdo, the sky has helped you, so let's go meet it with gratitude.

Ibaekri along the waterway to the southeast of Ulleungdo
A lonely island, the home of birds
No matter who says it's your land
Dokdo is our land

Islands on the way to Dokdo

The song that comes to mind first when you say “Dokdo” like the first love that comes to mind on the first snowy day. I don't remember trying to memorize, but seeing humming naturally, we seem to be quite friendly. Dokdo is considered to be the youngest island because it is far away and serves as a gate for the East Sea on the Korean Peninsula, but cannot erase the feeling of “small rock island”. Looking at the situation, Dokdo, which rose 2.5 million to 4.6 million years ago, is the older brother than Ulleungdo and Jeju Island, which was born 1.2 million years ago.

Seodo, Dongdo, and Dokdo, with 90 islands around
Even in Ulleungdo, Baek-ri, good to know Dokdo

Because of its small size, and because of its distant location, it seems like it is receiving attention from the nation or during the “Dokdo dispute”, but in fact, there is a “Dokdo's room” in each chest. Each person may have different sizes, but it is an automatic option to catch up with any political reason for those born and raised on this land. The rocky island formed by hardening of lava rising from 2000m below sea level millions of years ago is not a good place for people to stay, but under the sea he harbors is a golden fishing ground and abundant underground resources. The abundant seafood that can be eaten right now, and the future energy that will be useful after the current energy, such as coal and oil, is exhausted. The face and mind are pretty, and they are also smart, and the desire to make the wife of another person who looks great is also similar.

The people who visited Dokdo are shooting 'authentication shots'

I would like to investigate from aquatic products caught in Dokdo to every corner of the sea, but only 30 minutes are given to those seeking Dokdo. It is not long to stay in Dokdo, which was designated as a natural reserve in 1999 (registered as a natural monument in 1982).

The people who visited Dokdo are shooting 'authentication shots'

In order to go to Dokdo Island, it is in order to find it from Ulleungdo. Passenger ships to Gangneung, Gangneung, Mukho and Pohang, Gyeongbuk travel to Ulleungdo. It usually takes around 3 hours to go from Ulleungdo to Ulleungdo and from Ulleungdo to Dokdo as little as one hour to as many as two hours. After running from Ulleungdo to Dokdo and staying at Dokdo for a while, it takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes to get on the cruise to Dokdo. The speed varies by boat, so be sure to check the time required when heading to Dokdo.

The Dokdo Guard's guard post is unfortunate, but access is restricted.

And one more thing, if you're planning a trip to Dokdo (probably only once in your life), a weather check is a must. Although the island travels, Dokdo is particularly affected by the weather. It is better to check the weather forecast in advance to secure a boat. Also, remember that after the peak season, ships to Dokdo do not operate every day. I arrived in Ulleungdo, but if the weather is good, I recommend going from Dokdo. It's an island climate that doesn't know when and how to change, so if you have a good day while on Ulleungdo, head to Dokdo that day. Of course, there are enthusiasts who visit Ulleungdo a number of times, but most travelers are mostly by age regardless of age. It is better to make preparations so that you can go to meet Dokdo without missing it, as you have visited Ulleungdo Island.

The vast ocean is full of various rocks

Ships from Ulleungdo to Dokdo depart from Jeodong Port and Ulleung New Port (Sadong Port). Ships arriving from Ulleungdo to Ulleungdo enter Jeodong Port, Dodong Port, and Ulleung New Port. If you entered Jeodong Port, you can get a boat to Dokdo from the Jeodong Port Passenger Terminal. Sea Flower, Dokdo Sarang, and Dolphin also operate at Ulleung New Port. The charge is the same as 45,000 won, but the time required is different, so be sure to check. It is here that it took almost 5 hours to meet Dokdo. One more thing, even in November, the ship heading for Dokdo is the best. When it gets cold, the ship to Dokdo stops operating and then heads to Dokdo again next spring.

The vast ocean is full of various rocks
Along the way that General Silla Isa
I ran to Dokdo about two hours. Dokdo is not an island, but consists of Dongdo and Seodo and 89 surrounding islands. The boat docks at the Dongdo dock. There is a shelter for fishermen on the steeper west island. Fortunately, today's ship docks safely at the Dongdo dock. When the weather is rough due to the waves, even if you try to go to Dokdo, you will not be able to dock and come around. Finally, we set foot on Dokdo, the easternmost part of Korea. Nice to meet you, Dokdo.
Dokdo Isabu-gil, which is immediately accessible from the Dongdo Pier
Thanks to its natural monument, it is possible to walk only a part of the East Pier. In 512, “Isabu-gil,” named after General Isabu, who absorbed Usan-guk (now Ulleungdo and Dokdo), an independent army into Silla territory, welcomes people. I don't know how much time it takes to see the scenery drawn by fan rock, whetstone rock, candlestick rock, etc. My heart jumps with my feet on the floor of a few square feet allowed to walk.
Dongdo from the ship to Dokdo
Just because they came to Dokdo, the people who were reminded of it a lot have no time to take pictures. It is a scene that does not go well with “獨 島,” a lonely island. People who have migrated to Ulleungdo from the southern coast of Jeolla-do called 'Dolseom' as 'Dokseom' to become 'Dokdo'.
Dokdo is starting to set out
I don't look lonely at this moment, but I feel a little bit lonely when I think of a scene where I am defending the vast sea alone. Still, I don't have much time to stay, so I move diligently again. Unfortunately, the space where Dokdo Guards stay is restricted.
Dokdo is starting to set out
You can't miss the view of the sea evenly picking up the green and blue colors. After a brief meeting with Dokdo, where 꿋꿋 is located in the vast ocean, a horn sounds to inform you of the time to return. Time to go back now. The road to Ulleungdo, leaving Dokdo Guard's offense behind, reveals Dokdo's side profile.
Cover stone to mark the end of the east of Korea
Describe the location of Dokdo An Yong Bok-gil, named after the fisherman An Yong Bok, who made the Japanese shogunate admit that Dokdo was Chosun land during the Joseon Dynasty. What do we have to do to protect this land, which is settled through the vast sea alone?
Dokdo Guard
Travel information

▶ Dokdo Passenger Ship Flight Timetable

Ships from Ulleungdo to Dokdo depart from Jeodong Port and Ulleung New Port (Sadong Port). Ship times vary from day to day, so be sure to check in advance. Some ships return to the origin in three hours, such as 'seaflower', and sometimes four hours and 30 minutes, like 'dokdo love lake'. The charge is the same as 45,000 won, but the time required is different, so be sure to check it. In winter, ships to Dokdo do not operate.

* Ulleung New Port (Sadong Port)

Sea Flower, Sea Flower 2 (070-8675-9191, 070-8675-9192, 070-8675-9193), Dolphin Lake (054-791-8111, 054-791-8112), Dokdo Love Lake (054-791 -9901, 054-791-9902, 054-791-9903) operate irregularly (07:20, 08:00, 12:50, 14:00). It takes 3 to 4 hours and 30 minutes and costs 45,000 won. Sadong Port

* Jeodong Port

Seastar 1 and Seastar 3 operate irregularly at 13:50 and 14:45. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes, the rate is 45,000 won in general, 49,000 won in honors. The regular flight ended on November 17th. Winter Flight is expecting a weekend. For inquiry, Seaspoville ( www.seaspovill.co.kr ) And Ulleung Jeodong Terminal (054-791-9330).

※ The above information was created in November 2013, and may change later, so be sure to check it before you travel.
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