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Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival - Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

Mountain Trout Ice Fishing Boat Scenery

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival

Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

There are two ways to enjoy winter. One is to find a warm indoor fun to avoid the cold, and the other is to experience the best of winter with the whole body. The latter example is Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival. At Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival, ice fishing, ice sledding, ice football, ice bicycle, skating, and other winter games were gathered. All the fun in winter can be enjoyed. Even if it is not explained with the title of “World Four Winter Festival” and “7 Wonders of World Winter,” it has become a representative winter festival in Korea. The reason why more than 1 million people visit the Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival each year is 'being fun and fun'.

Enjoy Mountain Trout Festival and Flowers of Mountain Trout Festival!
The beauty of Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival is the fishing of perch. Many people have been waiting for a year because they have not forgotten this taste. Are you worried about the cold? Don't be afraid. I'm rumored to be cold, and I've been looking for Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival for 4 years. The time I wait for an errant mackerel on an ice sheet to ask for my fishing rod is as exciting as waiting for a lover in my love life. The lover may soon appear, or may not appear forever that day. But waiting time is expected to inflate. If you hear the sound of 'caught' here and there, you may be in a hurry.
Hundreds of emotions pass through ice fishing. Then, the trembling trembling through the fishing rod, and the joy of picking up wild trout seems to be lacking compared to winning the lottery. There is no room for the interruption of the cold and the time of expectation and pleasure repeated. The minds of those who lie down on the ice floor and look at only small ice holes are understood only by those who have ever tried fishing.
A child who likes to catch wild trout
Parents with small children are more inclined to expect children's expectations, 'When will my mom and dad catch mountain trout?' But where is fishing going? If your children are waiting, but you can't fish mountain trout, use the infant ice fishing. The infant's special ice fishing beneath the bridge is only available for preschoolers. One guardian is allowed per child. The volunteer also explains how to fish for the child. It operates for one hour once and can catch up to one bird per person. There are few anglers and there are a lot of mountain trout, so most of them are raised one by one. A young child may catch a wild trout caught by mom and dad. Infant ice fishing runs twice a day from Friday to Sunday. The fee is free.
Infant fishing spot for preschoolers
If you can't help yourself, try more aggressively. The most obvious way to put a wild trout in my hand in a short time is to experience the hand-held trout. Wear shorts in short sleeves and jump directly into the cold water where mountain trout plays. You can get wild trout at once without waiting as boring as fishing. Instead, good luck can only be obtained by those who have the courage to cope with the cold. There is also a children's corner.
Challenge of courageous people, Sancheon bare hands
Surprisingly, many people participate to create a true scenery. Those who dive into the cold water, and those who watch it, have a lot of fun.
Children's Mountain Trout Bare Hands Experience Center
If you caught a wild fish, it's time to taste the wild fish. There is a pottery and meeting center near the fishing grounds. You can eat wild trout in a large grill and eat it freshly. It's more valuable because it's a dish of ham that I caught. The cost of grilling wild trout or sashimi is 2,000 won per fish. Even if you haven't caught the wild trout, you can try the wild trout at the various food venues around the festival. San-cheoneo sashimi, Sancheon-ebi bibimbap, and grilled fish from the San-eup Festival. Sancheon Fish Restaurant, located upstream of Baumori Bridge, offers a variety of dishes using Sancheoneo Udon, Sancheoneo Gas, and Sancheoneo Fish Cake. You can also find snacks such as mountain trout shaped breads and sausages with wild trout.
Hot Sancheon Bread
'If you want to taste more special mountain trout dishes, go to Daecheong Maru', a restaurant located in Hwacheon-eup. There is a unique menu called Mountain Trout Boiled Stone Rice. There are plenty of wild salmon in hot stone rice. I'm worried about the fish, but if you try it, it doesn't taste fishy at all. This is one of the specialties that can be tasted only during the Mountain Trout Festival.
Recreational Stone Pot with Wild Trout
From Sancheon fish coffee museum to astronomical projection room, there are many new experiences
The Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival is another advantage of fishing and fishing. In the heart of the festival, Earl Bear Castle enjoys ice sculptures, ice tunnels and ice slides.
Sledding on the Tube
In the future, there is a large ice sledding range. From wooden single-man sledges to multi-seater family ice sleds and bikes on ice, you can experience a wide range of experiences.
Slippery Football on Ice
There's also plenty to see and do, including sledding on a tube, bobsled down a long tub-shaped track, ice football, curling and ice hockey on an ice sheet.
Bike ride on ice
This doesn't just mean ice-related play. Last year, he ran the astronomical projection room from the Landscaping Astronomical Observatory, which opened in Hwacheon. They also see constellations in space made of air domes and observe sunspots through astronomical telescopes. There is also a wooden experience center where you can play with the tree.
Enjoy astronomical experience at the Mountain Trout Festival
Don't miss the fun outside the festival. If you go to Multipurpose Plaza in Hwacheon-eup, Sancheon Fish Coffee Museum, Indoor Ice Sculpture Square, and Sancheon Fish Cinema are well located.
Sancheoneo Coffee Museum opened in December
The Sancheon Fish Coffee Museum opened in December last year. Various collections of coffee are on display. There is also a cafe space on one side for tasting. It is good to take a break to cool down.
Sancheoneo Coffee Museum opened in December
The way to the indoor ice sculpture square is like entering a frozen warehouse. The Frozen Kingdom is full of ice. Various pieces of ice are on display including turtle ship, statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, Sungnyemun Gate, Taj Mahal, Vatican Cathedral and Venus. The sculptures are made by sculptors of the ice lantern festival in Harbin, China.
Korea's largest indoor ice sculpture square
The Coffee Museum and the Ice Sculpture Square are adjacent to the leading street and are open until 9 pm during the Mountain Trout Festival.
Another highlight of the Mountain Trout Festival,
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Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival

Address: 137, Sancheoneo-gil, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

Contact: 1688-3005


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Daecheong Maru: Dolsotbap, Mountain Trout Boyangdolsotbap / 8, Jungang-ro 5-gil, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun / 033-442-1290

Old bone restaurant: Oedo-ri-tang, Dongtae-jigae / 13-3, Jungang-ro 4-gil, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun / 033-441-5565
Fish Meat: Hanwoo Bulgogi / 23, Jungang-ro 7-gil, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun / 033-441-9252


Paro Hanok Pension: 167 Pyeonghwa-ro, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun / 033-441-1488


Aquatic Resort: 578 Woncheon-ri, Hanam-myeon, Hwacheon-gun / 033-441-3880


Hwacheon Wood Experience Center Housing Hall: 5289-11, Yeongseo-ro, Hanam-myeon, Hwacheon-gun / 033-441-9928

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