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How to fully enjoy the bright spring of Chuncheon! Skywalk during the day and Lake Starlight Festival at night - Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

Peaceful Uiam Lake scenery in springtime

How to fully enjoy the bright spring of Chuncheon! Skywalk during the day and Lake Starlight Festival at night

Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

If you solve the name Chuncheon in Korean, it becomes 'spring me'. It means 'the city where spring comes'. As its name suggests, the lake in Chuncheon, where spring comes, is beautiful, so it is bright. May, full of freshness, shines even more in Chuncheon. You can walk two feet along the calm lake, or you can ride a two-wheel bike. The path through the green, the whole body is full of freshness.
Enjoy the beautiful and thrilling scenery, Skywalk
To fully enjoy the spring of Chuncheon, first walk along the lake shore. There is a bicycle trail and promenade around Chuncheon's representative lake, Uiam Lake. The road runs along the edge of Uiam Lake or over the lake. The scenery that blends the mountains and the lakes has created a new sight on this attractive road. This is the Skywalk Floating Observatory (Haneulgil), which opened last summer. Skywalk is installed in the Uiam Lake circulation bike course between Kim Yu-jeongmuninbi and Songam Sports Town. There are many people who ride bicycles as well as people who visit this place on a walking course.
Water walkway entrance to Skywalk
Skywalk can be entered from the former Gyeongchun-ro area where Kim Yu-jeong Moon is located and from Songam Sports Town, but it is closer to enter from the former Gyeongchun-ro area. When you go along the old Gyeongchun-ro toward Uiam Dam, you will see a restaurant called 'Daw sirloin'. Skywalk is close from here. However, it is recommended to park in Songam Sports Town if you are traveling by car, not by bicycle, because the parking lot is not properly equipped in the old Gyeongchun-ro area. If you park on the side of Songam Sports Town's Iam Ice Park, you can take a leisurely stroll around the water trails and skywalks.
Water walkway leading to skywalk
When you park your car at Uiam Ice Park, you can see the building of the 'Mul-gil' Secretariat where you can experience canoeing. If you have time, you can enjoy canoeing here. This is a course where you can feel the idyllic lake scenery up close. Swim on a lake in a wooden canoe. Fall into a different scenery than what you see on the promenade. Even if you can't enjoy the canoeing experience yourself, just watching the canoes floating around the lake is satisfactory.
Uiam Lake Waterway where you can enjoy canoeing
As you walk along the shore of the lake from the waterwheel office to the fishing ground, you will see the entrance to the water deck. The lake is on one side of the promenade and trees on the other side are cool.
Skywalk made 12m above the water
When you walk for 10-15 minutes along the water trails, you can see the skywalk towering above the water. It was made 12m above the water. You must take off your shoes at the entrance. If you wear socks, just go in. If you are barefoot, you should wear rubber boots.
Take off your shoes when entering Skywalk
After passing the 4m wide and 10m long passage, a circular observation deck with a diameter of 10m appears. Both the aisle and the observation deck are made of tempered glass. The lake can be seen through the glass. Cool but dizzy. It doesn't seem like much, but there are a lot of people who hesitate in front of the passage. It is true that three steps of laminated glass are stacked and a special film is placed between them, so it is safe to take steps to guide the guide that it is safe.
Picturesque scenery with lake and mountain in Skywalk
Uiam Lake spreads under your feet. The lake is calm, but the heart of the people walking on the skywalk is shaking. If you're scared, don't keep your eyes on your feet, but walk away, looking at the scenery. My heart is calmed by the beautiful scenery of Samaksan Mountain and Uiam Lake.
Picturesque scenery with lake and mountain in Skywalk
Uiam Lake night, shining with light and starlight, Lake Starlight Festival
There is another walking course not to be missed around Uiam Lake. It is a road that leads from the waterside promenade of Gongjicheon Uiam Park to Chuncheon MBC and then to KT & G Sangsangmadang Chuncheon. Chuncheon is a popular destination and one of the most beautiful walking trails in Chuncheon.
There are benches to rest on the waterfront promenade of Gongjicheon
The walkway along the waterside in Uiam Park is also the 'Golden Scale Theme Street', which was created with the theme of the novel Golden Scale. In the middle of the promenade, sculptures related to artists other than the middle are installed. There are benches all over the place, so it's a good place for duck boats to relax while admiring the floating lake. People often spread their mats and rest in Uiam Park on one side of the promenade. You can easily find a bicycle rental shop near Gongjicheon, so you can ride a bicycle.
Water trail from Gongjicheon to Chuncheon MBC
A water trail was established from the existing Gongjicheon Trail to the Chuncheon MBC. You can go to KT & G Sangsangmadang Chuncheon along the way. KT & G Sangsang Madang Chuncheon was remodeled and opened in the spring of 2014. It retained the existing brick structure designed by architect Kim Su-geun, who is considered as a master of modern architecture in Korea. A butterfly-shaped building goes well with Uiamho. It has a wide lawn, so children can stop playing. You can use various facilities such as cafes, exhibition halls, and performance halls with outdoor terraces.
Water trail from Gongjicheon to Chuncheon MBC
In the middle of the water trail leading from Gongjicheon to KT & G Sangsangmadang Chuncheon, there is a stairway to Chuncheon MBC. When you go up the stairs, you will see the observation deck. It is a picturesque landscape set against a lake.
Cool scenery unfolds when you climb the Chuncheon MBC Observation Deck
There is also a convenience store with a terrace on the observation deck. Take a brief drink at a convenience store and relax on the terrace. Expensive cafe This is a famous restaurant that offers the best views without envy. You can enjoy the panoramic cool scenery during the day and the brilliant lights at night.
Cool scenery unfolds when you climb the Chuncheon MBC Observation Deck
From May 1st, the Lake Starlight Festival, where LED lights light up brilliantly, began. The entire Chuncheon MBC building shines brilliantly. There are many things to see from LED lights that flow like rain to character lights that children will love. In the evening, performances are held at the outdoor plaza in Chuncheon MBC.
Chuncheon MBC and Gongjicheon area where the Lake Starlight Festival is in progress
Until last year, you could only enjoy the lighting show in the Chuncheon MBC area, but this year, the area has expanded to Gongjicheon. In Gongjicheon, you can meet publicity lights, cartoon characters ‘Cloud Bread’, and heart-shaped tunnels that announce festivals in Gangwon Province. Lego lights to commemorate the opening of Legoland in Chuncheon in 2017 also appeared. It radiates a different charm than the daytime promenade full of freshness.
Chuncheon MBC and Gongjicheon area where the Lake Starlight Festival is in progress
The Lake Starlight Festival continues until the end of this year. It starts every day from 7:30 pm and lights up until 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends and holidays. In case of rain, it is not operated for safety reasons.
Chuncheon MBC and Gongjicheon area where the Lake Starlight Festival is in progress
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Chuncheon Uiam Lake Skywalk
Address: 486 Chiljeon-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon (parked in Songam Sports Town by car)
Contact: 033-250-3089

Lake Starlight Festival
Address: 54, Waterside Park-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon (Chuncheon MBC)
Inquiries: 033-259-1215, 033-250-4312

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