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How about a spring library date? Seoul Library & Seoul Plaza - Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

World Library, 4th floor, Seoul Library

How about a spring library date? Seoul Library & Seoul Plaza

Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

The library has changed. Let's leave the hard space you're looking for to read, borrow, or study. Here, there is a smart and stylish library with plenty of books, DVDs and equipment for design work filled in a spacious space. The main character is the Seoul Library, which entered the old city hall in Seoul.

Do you remember the square in front of the city hall that was swayed by the red wave in 2002? At the time when the people who made the World Cup semifinals myth were hot, the Seoul Plaza was reborn as a communication space for citizens in the 'City Hall Front Yard'. Since 2004, it has been named 'Seoul Plaza' through the competition, and it has become an open space where citizens naturally come and go through various transformations such as exhibitions and skating rinks every season.

Born in 1926, he remembers the modern history of Korea
Today's destination is the Seoul Library, with Seoul Plaza as its front yard. The reason I first introduced the Seoul Plaza is because of the relationship between the Seoul Plaza and the Seoul Library and their “needle and thread”. Just looking at what was called “City Hall (front) Plaza” before getting the name of Seoul Plaza, you can read that he was part of the city hall rather than an independent space now. If you look at Dongseon, the Seoul Plaza continues as soon as you come out of the main entrance of the Seoul Library.
The past of the Seoul Library, the former office building in Seoul
Let's take a look around Seoul Plaza for a moment. Deoksugung Daehan Gate can be seen across the pedestrian crossing between the building forests. A stone wall path with a rumor of breaking up with a loved one continues. It is a beautiful road no matter how you look at it.
The present of the Seoul Library, the former Seoul City Hall
If you look around, go to Seoul Library. The building's exterior that reveals the time he has embraced attracts attention. The Seoul Library, which has been remodeled for four years, opened in 2012 as a representative library in Seoul with over 200,000 books. Until then, it was the Seoul City Hall.
2nd floor with digital and general data rooms
The building, built in 1926, was the office of the Gyeongseong Ministry during the Japanese colonial period, and was used as the office building of Seoul after liberation. For more than 80 years, his identity, which has clearly seen the modern and contemporary history of South Korea in the same place in the center of Seoul, is a cultural property (Registered Cultural Property No. 52). The new office building in Seoul took place right behind the old office building (Seoul Library). Jung-gu, to which he belongs, is still the center of Seoul.
Book cafe on the 2nd floor

This is the address of Seoul Library, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul. When you come out of Exit 5 of City Hall Station on Subway Lines 1 and 2, you can see them immediately. If you still look at the Seoul library building, it seems to tell you the history he had from the Japanese occupation period to the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. In any era, the closed space, which boasted a high threshold that the common people could not dare to enter, entered the 21st century and became an open space and library that anyone could carry. There are many things to talk about by itself.

Digital data room on the second floor
Read, borrow and enjoy books and culture, a comprehensive cultural space

It is an open space for anyone, but you need to make a membership card to borrow books. If you have an ID card in Seoul or have a job in Seoul, the Seoul Library website ( lib.seoul.go.kr After joining), you can create a membership card by bringing your ID card or student ID card. If you make a membership card, you can borrow up to 3 books, 3 DVDs (movie and animation only), 5 Braille materials, and 5 e-books. The loan period is 2 weeks for books, 1 week for DVDs and e-books, and 30 days for braille materials. Both membership issuance and loans are free.

The wall connecting the first and second floors

After entering the main entrance of the Seoul Library and passing the stairs, it is the second floor where the central information desk is located. The book cafes 'Booksai' and 'Digital Archive' are together, and 'General Archive 2' is located in a different space. In the digital library, you can view video and audio materials, the Internet, and digital electronic newspapers. Movie and animation DVD viewing and rental are available. In addition, there is a “smart office” space where you can work on Photoshop and illustrations, so many workers come to visit. Computers are all reserved. You can use it for a fixed period of time at a reserved place. The book cafe ‘Book Sai’ is a place where you can relax more comfortably. It is good to cool your head with a magazine placed on a bookshelf.

Children's Materials Corner
Now, let's go to 'General Archive 2', which has a collection of technical science, art, language, literature, and historical geography published in the last two years. The space continues in 'General Archive 1' on the first floor. The wall going from the first floor to the second floor is about 5m high. There are children's materials at the bottom and exhibits at the top. It is a book world. Among these many books, it is desirable to worry about which one to read first.
Periodical room on the first floor
In 'General Archive 1', you can access books in the fields of philosophy, religion, social science, and natural science. The children's corner also continued in the same space, taking care of the mothers visiting the library with the children. There is also a space to read books.
Disability Resources for the Visually Impaired

Opposite to the general data room 1 is the Planning Exhibition Room and the Disabled Data Room. It was the place where the SCN broadcasting and communication rooms were located during the Seoul City Hall. The exhibition books in the exhibition hall can only be viewed and cannot be borrowed. You can borrow a book in Braille from the Disabled People's Library. Braille and visual materials for the visually impaired are available. It is directly connected to the back gate of the Seoul Library on the ground floor. All spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors are available from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Seoul Library Back Gate

Let's go up to the third floor. There are Seoul Archives equipped with Seoul and government publications, and the Seoul Archives Center where you can view Seoul's archives. All are only available for indoor viewing, and cannot be borrowed. It is interesting to see the history of Seoul City Hall at a glance. In addition, the Mayor's office, the reception room, and the planning room during the old government building were restored to draw attention. At that time, the atmosphere was conveyed. On the 4th floor, you can check the materials provided by the embassies and cultural centers of each country and foreign periodicals. Loans are not possible.

Planning situation room during the old office building of the 3rd floor restoration section of the Seoul Library

It is often thought that a library is a place you need to hurry to study or to borrow books you want to read. However, it is time to forget about the old library in a stiff and cool space. Even if you don't have to read or borrow a book, the Seoul Library is a great place to rest. Couples who have different tastes for movies can pick up their favorite movies from the digital library where DVDs can be viewed at any time. If you are thinking about where to go on weekends with your child, go to the Seoul Library. It will be the best place to go on a date with a book in the center of Seoul, waiting for spring.

Mayor's office in the old office building of the 3rd floor of the Seoul Library
How to use TIP Seoul Library

Anyone can use the Seoul Library regardless of where they live. However, if you want to borrow books and DVDs, you need to create a membership card. Seoul Library website ( lib.seoul.go.kr ) After signing up for membership, you can create a membership card by bringing your ID card in Seoul. Up to three books per person can be borrowed for two weeks. It can be extended for 7 days only once. DVDs can be rented for up to 7 days at a time, up to 3 points for movies and animations. If you have already borrowed, you can borrow by priority if you make a reservation. E-books can be borrowed for up to five books per week. Opening times vary from room to room, so it is a good idea to check. If the book you want to read is not in the library, you can meet by requesting a book. Up to 5 books per month per person. Children, adolescents and adults are also available. Closed on Mondays and public holidays. Inquiries 02-120, library applications 02-2133-0212.

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Subway Line 1, 2 City Hall Station Exit 5 2-minute walk

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