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Historic trip across the ages, Tongyeong Hansando & Chubongdo - Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Saengyi Island in Ipjeongpo Village, Chubongdo

Historic trip across the ages, Tongyeong Hansando & Chubongdo

Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Four seasons to see and eat Tongyeong. Perhaps the first thing that makes this Tongyeong trip even more special is his gem-like islands. The islands, which are scattered all the way to the far seas, including Hansan Island, Yongho Island, Bijin Island, Jangsa Island, Yeonhwa Island, Yeokdo Island, and Retail Road, embrace Tongyeong in the name of the tea ceremony. Hansando, which is only 30 minutes from Tongyeong, has the advantage of distance and the trail of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. Today, I decided to look back to Chubong Island, which connects Hansan and Yondo Bridge, for a more special trip to Hansan. 'Hansando' would be a different journey for those who only thought of 'General Yi Sun-sin' and 'Jeseungdang'.

Cars are essential to tour Hansan and Chubongdo. From Tongyeong Coast Passenger Terminal, ships depart for Hansando every hour from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Shipment is on-site, so it's a good idea to know your ship time and move diligently. Round trip fares cost 11,000 won for adults, 10,000 won for teenagers and 5500 won for children. The journey takes about 30 minutes. Medium-sized cars cost 28,800 won and vans cost 36,000 won. Vehicle shipping fee separately.

Usually, the trip to Hansan Island ends with a visit to the Seongdang marina and a tour of the ruins of Lee Chungmugong. Not many people visit the Hansan Great Monument, which is 20 minutes away by car. But those who have run toward Chubongdo will know. It's too bad to have only traveled to Hansan Island after seeing the seungseongdang.

Today's trip to Hansando is a course where you return to Cheongbongdo after returning to Cheongdang marina, Chubong bridge, Chuwon village, captive camp, Yegok village, Hansando land end village, Bongam Mongdol beach, Hansan Grand Memorial Monument, Jeseungdang, and Jeseungdang dock. First, we will return to Cheongbongdo Island and then return to Hansan Island to see the Hansan Grand Monument Monument and the Seongdangdang.

The Era of the June 25th War… Chubongdo, a prisoner camp
Chubongdo Island, a little unfamiliar name, is a neighboring island to the southwest of Hansan Island. With the addition of Chubong Bridge in 2007, it was possible to travel to Hansando and Yeondo Bridge. The name Chubong-do is named after the first letters of Chuwon and Bong-am, the largest of his four villages. Get off at the Cheongdang marina and turn right. Turn left to get on the driveway. If you run along the outskirts of the island, you will encounter the salt flats of Daegopo Village. The first tidal flat in Hansando was the salt flat that General Yi Sun-shin baked salt for military supplies during the Imjin War. Now it is divided into Daego and Sogo. It looks more elegant thanks to the cloudy weather.
Yeomjeon Tidal Flat in Daegopo Village
How long did it run? Facing a picturesque island. At the point where the island is well visible, there is a signboard describing the beautiful island. The sign says, 'This is the village of Ipjeongpo, and the flower bonus has floated down here because the poor young filial young man who cried for his mother's funeral was not crying.' The name 'Saengyi Island' comes from the dialect of 'Bonus'. Again, it looks like a flower bonus.
Route from Ipjeongpo Village to Yegok Village
Crossing Chubong Bridge after leaving Haesong towering over Saint Isle. Finally it is Chubongdo. Chuwon and Yegok villages of Chubongdo were where the concentration camps were located during the Korean War. As the nearby Geoje concentration camp reached saturation, more than 10,000 communist prisoners were contained in prison camps in Chubong-do where the location was good.
Saengyi Island in Ipjeongpo Village
As the camp was established, villagers were forced to relocate to nearby villages and were not able to return home until after the ceasefire agreement.
Prison camps were established around the Yegok and Chuwon villages.
When you enter the Yegok village, there is a notice board next to the building of 'Yeok Fishing Village Experience Village'.
Timmy's Remaining Traces And Notices
Most of the prison camps have disappeared, but there are traces of those days around the closed Chubong branch and in the middle of the Yegok village.
Prison camps were established around the Yegok and Chuwon villages.
This land, which is different from the imprint of the imjin war on the neighboring Hansando, is scattered everywhere.
Yesok Village from the Chubong Prison Camp
If you continue running along the road after passing the Yegok village, you will reach the Gokyongpo village where the mural of 'Hansando Land End Village' is painted.
Hansando Lands End Village decorated with interesting murals
It is literally the end of Hansando. Several guest houses and funny murals greet the travelers who have come a long way.
There are several guest houses.
We have to go back to the end of the land of Hansando. We go to Bongam Mongdol Beach, which lasts for about 1km, and goes to Hansan Road. We rest for a moment with the sound of the waves filling the small Bongam Mongdol Beach.
Bongam Mongdol Beach, famous for its black Mongdol
Chung Mu-gong Yi, and the record of Hansan Daejeon… Hansando, Imjin War
Hansando is inseparable from General Yi Sun-sin. The Chungmugong, who made a decisive effort to end the imjin war, which made the entire Korean peninsula wormwood field, wrote two-thirds of the Lanzhou diary here at Tongyeong Hansan Island.
Road to the Hansan Great Monument
Furthermore, the name 'Tongyeong', which bears Hansan Island, is also derived. This was because it was called “Tongyeong” for the first time in the 1593 (26th year of the ancestors) after the Hansan Great War, and the establishment of Chungcheong, Jeolla, and Gyeongsang third-degree control spirits.
Monument to the Hansan Memorial, commemorating the victory
On the way back to Hansan Road, we first stopped at the Hansan Great Monument and decided to head for the Seongdangdang. There is no way to connect the Cheesangdang and the Hansan Great Monument, so you have to go back for a long time.
View from the Hansan Great Monument
The Monument to the Hansan Countermeasure was literally set up to commemorate General Han Sun-sin of Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin. In 1979, the late President Park Chung-hee wrote the title “閑 山 大捷 記念 碑,” written by writer eun-sang Lee and his calligrapher Kim Bong-geun.
Monument to the first priest of Hansando, which is a ruins of Lee Chung Mugong
The magnificence of the 20-meter-tall stele, built on the base of the turtle line, seems to show the greatness of the Hansan battalion, one of the three great batters of the Imjin War.
Door to the priest's hall
Let's take a look at Hansan Daejeon. In 1592 (25th year of the ancestors), about 70 ships docked at the endurance of narrow waterway between Tongyeong and Geoje. Admiral Yi Sun-sin attacked the Korean soldiers as if they were running away and induces them to come off the Hansan coast. When the chasing troops come off the coast of Hansan Island, Chung Mu Gong orders a counterattack. The tactic used at this time is the famous ‘학익진’. As the name suggests, Hak is a tactic of attacking the enemy with a winged wing and requires a high level of skill and training. The result is a big win. With the victory of the Hansan Daejeon, the Korean Navy captures the maritime rights of the South Seas.
Hansando Jeseungdang
Chung Mu-gong Yi Sun-sin saves the people and the country moaned by the Imjin War. Je Seung-dang (History No. 113) was established in 1593 the next year after the victory of Hansan and was the main body of Samdo Sugun until the loss of Won Kyun in 1597. Since 1739 (Yongjo 15 years), the landscaping of the control company was reconstructed, and it was renovated and renovated. Within the grounds are the Cheongdang-dang, the Chungmu-sa, the general of Yi Sun-shin, the Yoohe-bee set up by the controller's landscaping, the Hansan-jeong where Chung-mu-gong shot his bow, and the Suru that looked for enemy sympathy.
Turtle Lighthouse and Hansan Great Monument

After looking around the shrine, he gets on the ground. It is welcomed by <Hansando> by Chungmugong. What did he think while looking at the sea without words? Instead of being grateful for the number of poems he wrote.

Hanshan Island in the moon bright night
Sit alone on the base and kick beside a big knife
In the car wrestling deep
Where does Il Sung-Ho boil others?

Watching the enemy's sympathy
TIP. Tongyeong ↔ Hansan Island

Departure from Tongyeong Passenger Terminal (1666-0960, 055-645-3717) every hour from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Increased peak season. Please note that there are changes in the boat depending on the weather and the number of passengers. Departures from Tongyeong Port from Hansan Island run every hour from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm every day. 30 minutes. Round trip fares Adults 11,000 won, Teenagers 10,000 won, Children 5500 won. Car shipping fee is extra, round trip small car 2,400 won, medium car 28,800 won, van 36,000 won. Internet booking is possible on the island you want to visit.


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