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Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam, Korea - Gyeongsangnam-do Goseong Dinosaur World Expo, Dinosaur Tour No. 1 in Korea

Tyrannosaurus made from recycling Soju bottles

Gyeongsangnam-do Goseong Dinosaur World Expo, Dinosaur Tour No. 1 in Korea

Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam, Korea

'Dinosaur Country' will be held in Gyeongsangnam-do Goseong for 12 days from June 12 to '2016 Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo'. The expo, which celebrated the 4th time, was held under the theme of `` Dinosaurs, opening the future with a light of hope, '' so the nightly remodeling has more attractions than the previous event. Let's go to Goseong to find dinosaurs who were owners of this land 100 million years ago.
Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Seymosus… '. These are the names you've heard once. If those names are difficult, you may want to think of a comic cartoon, Baby Dinosaur Dooly. As a child, we once met 'they'. Dinosaurs have been the host of the earth for about 160 million years. How exciting would it be if you could meet the dinosaurs you met in a movie or a book?
Why did Gyeongnam Goseong become a dinosaur country?
I wonder in this passage. How did Gyeongnam Goseong become a 'dinosaur country'? It starts off at the coast of Deokmyeong-ri, Hai-myeon, known as Sangamam County Park. In 1982, the first dinosaur footprint was found here. In the course of the investigation, a fossil dinosaur egg came out. Deokmyung-ri Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Mountain, where dinosaur footprints were found in groups, was selected as a Natural Monument (411). Where is it? In 1999, fossil dinosaur footprints were found near Goseong IC in Maam-myeon during the construction of Daejeon Tongyeong Expressway.
View of Danghangpo, President of 2016 Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo
As many as 5,000 footprints are scattered all over Goseong. Of course, the possibility of further excavation cannot be excluded. This is why Goseong is nicknamed 'dinosaur country'. Perhaps Goseong was the center of the Korean Peninsula in the dinosaur age. Thanks to the overflowing traces of dinosaurs, Gyeongnam Goseong is considered to be the fossil producing region of the world's three largest dinosaur footprints, along with Colorado, USA and the west coast of Argentina.
Dinosaur Expo Main Dinosaur Garden
The world-famous 'Dinosaur Country' Goseong started the 'Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo' for the first time in 2006. It was to make it easier and more fun to inform the public about this space of great academic value. The expo, held every three to four years, celebrates four times this year. From the birth of the earth to the dinosaurs' global environment and the life of dinosaurs, there are many programs that can be enjoyed and learned by young children.
Tyrannosaurus model means tyrant lizard
Danghangpo ~ Donghaemyeon ~ Sangsangam, Dinosaur Footprints
Now, let's go on a dinosaur trip around Goseong Dinosaur World Expo. Goseong's representative dinosaur destination can be classified into two places. Danghangpo area, where the dinosaur expo main stage is located, and foot rock area where dinosaur footprints were first discovered. Of course, there are dinosaur fossils scattered all over the place, but if you travel around these two places, you can dive into the traces of dinosaurs that used to play in Goseong.
Real dinosaur footprint fossil at the site of Danghangpo Expo
However, Danghangpo and Sangmyeon are about an hour away by self-driving, so you can travel effectively if you squeeze the line.
Protection angle to protect him
It takes about 20 minutes from Goseong IC to Danghangpo, the main stage of the expo. If you go to Danghangpo tourist spot and search for 'Parking Lot 1', 'Dinosaur's Gate' or 'Danghangpo Auto Camping Ground', it's fast. When you enter the dinosaur's door, you will be greeted by a dinosaur fountain. One of the most famous dinosaurs is the tyrannosaurus. The dinosaur garden stretched out behind it is literally full of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Site
'Seymosus' means 'earthquake lizard', which is named as earthquake that sounds like an earthquake whenever it moves. It's also fun to guess the names of dinosaurs, such as the Plateausaurus, which means a flat lizard, and the Triceratops, which means a face with three horns.
Barionix at the Theme Hall
Go through the dinosaur garden and go to the Digital Dinosaur Experience Center. You can have a dinosaur-like experience. If you take a closer look at the dinosaur character building, the botanical garden, and the Korean Peninsula Dinosaur Footprint Fossil, you will naturally learn about dinosaurs.
Genuine fossilized Mamenkisaurus from Sichuan, China
If you go out, you can eat at the festival. There are many restaurants where you can taste various foods.
A theme museum recreating the era of dinosaurs
After passing the water experience center, take the escalator to the main building and the Dinotopia building. You can also see the dinosaur bones here at the theme hall. Directing the dinosaur age, you can see the dinosaurs moving as visitors pass by.
Children's Digital Experience Center
Night opens during the event, dinosaurs never sleep
The feature of this dinosaur expo is night opening. Open until 10 pm daily during the event. Visitors at night can enjoy a colorful dinosaur country, such as large dinosaur lanterns, luminaries, and night performances.
Gyeongnam Goseong World Dinosaur Expo
The main building, the hologram movie hall, the Korean Peninsula Fossil Museum, and the Dino Aquarium are available for night viewing.
Light Tunnel Created for Night Opening
Remember special shows and parades throughout the event. Every day at 11, 14 and 19:30, a parade takes place in front of the dinosaur fountain. The same fountain runs every day at 20:30, 21:30, twice a day. At 20 o'clock and 21 o'clock, a media facade shows the audience's spring night in front of the dinosaur character hall.
2016 Gyeongnam Goseong World Dinosaur Expo Night Event
If you find the Danghangpo where the dinosaur expo spreads, you can also visit the dinosaur footprints left in the small old school building. It will take about 30 minutes along Route 77, which has been selected as 'Beautiful Road in Korea'. You should see the roadside signs. It's not easy to find on the way, but it's fun to see the footprints of dinosaurs that might have played on this land someday. The owner of a giant footprint over 30cm is estimated to be a giant sauropod that ranges from 110 to 120m.
Event venue shining with colored lights by night opening
It is regrettable to leave out the foot rock where dinosaur tracks were first discovered in Goseong. It takes about 40 minutes from Goseong IC. Satisfy the footprints of dinosaurs along the trail from Goseong Dinosaur Museum to the Festival Village.
Event venue shining with colored lights by night opening
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